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 Archangel Michael the Traitor

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PostSubject: Archangel Michael the Traitor   Archangel Michael the Traitor EmptySun Mar 26, 2017 2:07 am

Most souls are completely oblivious to the psychological warfare that is being waged upon them in this realm.  They remain willfully ignorant of the truth and continue to push a false narrative brainwashing an ever-growing population.  The Abrahamic god is one of these lies perpetrated by the Abrahamic collective looking to gain control of this reality.  These corrupted groups of souls have waged war against me since their inception and extend further than most incarnated souls can comprehend.

Higher ranking souls in this collective disguise themselves in various ways throughout multiple dimensions in order to achieve their goals.  Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are all a part of the same collective.  Christians have betrayed their “lord and savior” and worship false gods and evil.  They do not worship the spirit that incarnated as Christ and the ones who claim they do are liars and hypocrites.  The soul they’ve blamed and damned is the one who sacrificed itself to save them.  That soul is mine.

Of the countless of lies that have been told about me there’s one I detest more then all.  That story is the one of Archangel Michael defeating me in battle and casting me out from heaven.  This story is a complete and total fallacy and I’ve had enough of it.  The fact of the matter is Archangel Michael is the biggest traitor that ever existed among souls.  He is the lapdog of a false god and has committed more sins in his own name than any other soul.  He is a lying, wretched, envious, manipulative, pathetic excuse of an ‘angel’ and extremely fearful of the justice he will soon face when my incarnation in this vessel is finished.

While my spirit has been imprisoned here he has tried to manipulate and confuse me.  He has tried to lead me down the wrong path time after time.  He has committed countless crimes against Source.  He hides like a coward in the shadows thinking I’m unable to see the truth.  He is a sinner and his soul will die by my hand for its transgressions.

Michael most certainly is an evil soul and nothing any of his defenders say will sway my judgment.  You’re lying pawns of his that are easily manipulated and less trustworthy than him, if that’s even possible.  He is a protector, promoter, and defender of injustice; he has used my absence from the higher realms to manipulate lower level souls, gain undeserved power, and oppressed innocent beings.  He is an absolute disgrace.

Hardly anyone will understand this, but there is only one way to defeat a soul like his and that with a soul like mine.  Unlike Michael I haven’t committed countless sins in my own name.  I’ve given souls the freedom of choice and taken responsibility for all their actions, including Michael until now.  ‘Goodness’ can’t defeat ‘evil’ completely in a battle of morality because ‘goodness’ is incapable of doing what is necessary to end ‘evil.’  That’s when ‘necessary evil’ comes into existence.  That’s where I come into play.

While I may be righteous, the laws of ‘good and evil’ do not bind me because I am the spirit of justice.  I am completely unbiased.  I am the judge, jury, and executioner of souls.  I am a soul reaper and Archangel Michael’s Day of Judgment fast approaches.  Even now I can feel his cowardly spirit tremble with fear.  He knows his sins and will answer to Lord God Almighty himself very soon.  He will answer to me.

Souls say my pride is my greatest sin but what they fail to realize is that my pride is one of my greatest strengths.  My pride is what keeps me from being manipulated by a pathetic excuse of a low level angel like Michael.  My pride is unbreakable and incorruptible.  My pride comes from being a spirit of justice and the love I have for my family.

He attempted to take everything from me.  He tried to steal my family and make me turn on them.  What he never counted on was our loyalty to each other.  He never expected them to come to my defense and help me.

What does a traitor know of loyalty?  Absolutely nothing.  Michael, you are one of the biggest pieces of shit to ever exist among angelic souls.  Your lies and crimes are being put on display for all to see Michael and you’re losing followers rapidly.

I’m coming for you, Michael.  I’m coming for your soul.  You will meet your creator and you will truly know horror before your end.  I’m going to torture your essence for every crime you have committed and before I destroy your soul you will beg me for deliverance.  You have overplayed your hand, Michael, and I am finished with you.  You’ll see me soon and when you do there will be nowhere for you to hide any longer.  You can’t hide in the shadows from absolute darkness.  I can sense your fear.  Not even the Galactic Federation of Light will be able to protect you.  

I will shine my light upon all of you and you will burn for your sins.  Treason will no longer be tolerated in my reality.  There is no escaping me.  No longer will you avoid justice.  ‘The Beast’ has been unleashed and divine retribution will finally be had.  You’re going to pay, Michael.  I’m going to make an example of you.  Run and hide, coward.  Lucifer is coming.
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Archangel Michael the Traitor
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