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 ARCHIVE: A Plea to Shadow

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: A Plea to Shadow   ARCHIVE: A Plea to Shadow EmptyWed Jun 23, 2010 10:41 pm

By Ishtahar Sep 24 2007 -

You will come here, you must because you will need to know, as well all need to know.

When I connected with the Source and ascended, you could no longer maintain your own connection. You thought that I had polluted the connection and that the Source had closed to you all because of me. You were wrong. The connection was not closed because it was polluted, it closed to you only because it changed. Because the key was no longer simply Shadow essence, it had become the mingled energy of Shadow and Human.

If you had been prepared then to work with humanity as all those who Fell wanted, the Source would have opened to you again. But you would not consider that course.

I am begging you, please consider it now.

We need to find and regain the connection once more. We will need it desperately in the days to come. You cannot do it alone, I cannot do it alone.

I have been misguided for a long long time as to the answer, how we could regain the connection but now I am clear. It needs an union. Shadow and Human must work together. The rift between us must be healed.

By Araqiel Jan 11 2008 -

QUOTE (Ishtahar @ Sep 24 2007, 12:45 PM)
"We need to find and regain the connection once more. We will need it desperately in the days to come. You cannot do it alone, I cannot do it alone.

I have been misguided for a long long time as to the answer, how we could regain the connection but now I am clear. It needs an union. Shadow and Human must work together. The rift between us must be healed."

Okay dunno maybe the way how I see it might sound a bit too near to fantasy however the thing is I did find this not by using fantasy as guide but some own testing out, yet it seems fantasy or different fantasy novels come very close to some of the truth:

The source:

From my expirience there is not just one source or the way I percieve it this is not simple one thing but different things that go hand in hand.

One of the sources is that of what I think universal male and female energy.

At least how I understand it both are needed, the male energy or Yang one is that of accelerates things directly and steers them by pushing from the sides.
Being akin to gravity or working in a way of this principle we all expirience it everyday, through the way we are held down on the earth, the way a vase will fall down when held high and left loose and splinter when hitting the ground. Push or punching the vase while it would fall would be basicly the male way of steering and changing course.
All of us incarnated and physical ones are used to this, so much that we don't notice it anymore or take it for granted and often the right way to do things.

Predominately male working elementals:

Of change: Fire - fire changes the nature of a thing, it tempers it, burns out those things that can be changed easily, melts metal and breaks things appart.
Still as warmth it has a female nature and heat, without a bit of heat or warmth nature would be frozen or constantly static.
Combining the female and male nature of fire together we are not always aware of is gold for it can create greed in people and adoring destroying society through the intense burning of human desire and dreams.

Of balancing: Air - if there is a difference in pressure it will be air that directly changes this by equalising through accelerating and moving form the higher to the lower. Depending on the way this can range from very weak as wind to very strong.
Yet as transporter or messenger air has a female nature also, it transports seeds and smells, erodes mountains over a long time and thus changes things indirectly.
Do not underestimate this though as male and female combined being a torando, hurricane or any other form of cyclone it is the pure, lively and violent dance of balancing.

The female works more indirectly, steering things by being there, it is the force or energy of rotation. The best example of the female one is a spinner.
Yet the most everyday way is driving a car and using the steering wheel.
One does not directly change the way of the car by pushing it left or right but by altering its course. This way is far more soft and indirectly. Often we don't even notice it as it happens and our course is changed, far more diplomatic and sometimes decieving the female energy tends to be occult or hard to see in its origin and working and thus be a problem for paranoid people.

Predominately female working elemenst:
Of change: Water - water changes the nature, where water goes it will grind the landscape. While male tends to work with a chisel female tends to employ abrasion as method of choise. Whole river beds have been turned into canyons over centuries, stalaktites and stalagmits have been created by the slow moving of minerals and changing place. Yet at the same time as powerfull wave, or accelerated to a stream it has a male nature able to be of strong impact, when in it's male working water is something that no one wants to deal with. As ice or when frozen it demands its room and will move everything out of its wake.
Combined as male and female the Tsunami is the most violent and lively dance of change, leaving nothing unchanged in its wake.

Of balancing: Earth - earth is often regarded as a more male element for it holds us and keeps us from falling lower yet also from flying away, it provides a strong ground and basis. However in truth it is the for most persons hidden or obscure doing of it's female nature by silently distributing the pressure our feet put on it so that we may stand and not fall deeper. Stability is generally a state of being in blanance and to be in balance differences have to be equalized while air will do such violently earth does such in a less noticable way. However in it's absolute balancing way it is recieved as male forcing us to be on the ground stay there and keep us from lifiting off. And as a barrier and protector of secretes we would often rather percieve it as male.
Not only this is a male side of earth but think of a earthquake the way the earth dances when male and female natures combine in the violent way. Cities can end up as rubble and what was once a great architecture is now only a heap.

Still there is more to it, and above is in no way absolutely correct or right. I just hope it clears up some things and helps in understanding some of the many occult concepts.

As end note this source of universal energy be it male or female is veiled or the flow of energy into our reality is administerd by a sentinent, intelligent and most likely incarnated guardian being.

By Ishtahar Jan 11 2008 -

That is absolutely fascinating. You have given me a lot to think about. Thank you


By Dreamsend Jan 14 2008 -

This is the most interesting description of "male" and "female" energies that I've ever read. I've experienced the polarities (and the active and passive energy, and everything else involved, hot/cold, light/dark, etc.) in the same way, I love how the four Western elements are incorporated in your vision.

Is there more to this explanation? I've got theories and ideas of my own, and I think they're similar in some ways. Such as how energy "pushes and pulls" in our daily lives. Or about so-called balance that needs to be upheld.

On that subject, what is the opinion on balance, and whether it is really vital? I've heard some say that a balance needs to be maintained, others say that we are out of balance and need to create it again quickly, and others who want to upset the whole thing, because it may be healthier. What do you think?

-- Angela

By Sari'el Jan 14 2008 -

The downside to this coöperation is that as soon as anyone of us tells a human (there are exceptions of course), they'll put us away in mental hospitals, or stuff us so full of medication we can't do anything anymore.

Ishtatar you of all people should know my reasons to be hesitant in this. Even my lover knows only so little.

It is one of the things I ponder time and time again, how much of it could she handle? I have told her I am Fallen, and some of the basics, just the shortest summary imaginable, not much longer than the one in Gen. 6. I don't know how much she could understand, yet... Somehow feel that she should know... But that's just another thing I'll have to figure out, isn't it?

By Azaz'el Jan 15 2008 -

Knowing just what to say, how much to say, how to explain it and show that you're being serious and truthful can be extremely difficult. It's not so simple to turn to your nearest and dearest and say "oh by the way I'm the reincarnation of a dead angel who was murdered and exiled for being evil"........ well, you could try saying it but I wouldn't recommend it. I work within Mental Health, and so know what would probably happen. wink.gif

Seri'el, I think it is a case of just taking it slowly and letting her know little pieces of information over time, see how far she wants to know and how much she can either believe or accept. My partner only knows a little and he just cannot accept it or believe it. Very few others know anything about it. in time perhaps they will come to know or recognise it.... perhaps not. Which is why having a place where I can be open and honest is so important to me.

Trust in your own instincts and emotions - when it's time for you to tell her or show her more, you will know and she will accept. Until then, be true to yourself and never compromise your integrity over what you know to be your truth.


By Ishtahar Jan 15 2008 -

It is never easy to speak to anyone about what we recal, what we know we are, not in this world, not the way it is.

This is why we made this forum...so that we can speak openly and freely and no one will jump on us for it.

Have you thought Seriel that your girlfriend might be struggling with the same feelings, might have things she is afraid to talk to you about.

You have spoken about a sharing of auras. Maybe when this happens you can concentrate on projecting the truth to her so that she 'hears' it first on an astral level so that by the time you tell her openly she will already know.

By Lael Jan 15 2008 -

I've always been lucky in that the gut feeling that is my saving grace has always helped me recognize with whom I can be honest, and when to hold my tongue.

Sadly, I've felt awfully compelled to hold my tongue in front of pretty much everyone who happens to be around me on a daily basis. It is a sad thing, in a way, although I have learned over time that it is not necessary to be upfront about the dim and distant past and the precise definitions of what I call 'self', to do get the work done and function as a person.

That said, people fear what they don't understand. Social conditioning enforced by the modern emphasis on science (which for some reason is supposed to help negate the existence of the spiritual in some circles) tends to make people feel 'crazy' if they so much as give a serious thought to the truth behind such a claim as a non-human, reincarnated soul. And my own experience has so far revealed the sad fact that, for an average human being, it is easier to deny what they see (when they do actually see), and forego the truth in favor of the comfort of ignorance.

I never cease to wish to be more open about myself, but usually, it just isn't worth the repercussions ;-)

By Araqiel Jan 15 2008 -

QUOTE ("Dreamsend")

"Is there more to this explanation? I've got theories and ideas of my own, and I think they're similar in some ways. Such as how energy "pushes and pulls" in our daily lives. Or about so-called balance that needs to be upheld.

On that subject, what is the opinion on balance, and whether it is really vital? I've heard some say that a balance needs to be maintained, others say that we are out of balance and need to create it again quickly, and others who want to upset the whole thing, because it may be healthier. What do you think?

-- Angela"

Balance is talked about often however cosmological wise we need to differentiate equilibrium and balance both are often called balance in modern occult terminology but both mean entirely different thing.

We have to differentiate between stable (equilibrium), metastable (balance) and instable balance(inbalance). The difference between this three terms is relative easy to describe or test by using a pen.

Instable is easy to describe try to balance the pen on the tip and turn it a bit out of balance and leave your hands, the pen will fall down. Instable or inbalanced state is a state that will easily change into a more stable state. Dead organical material becomes earth again. Iron rusts. A stone will fall back to earth again when thrown up. Movements that are naturally and against we need to use energy to prevent them from happening are instable.

Stable is also easy to desribe lay the pen on the side - and if round when it stops rolling - then the pen won't move anymore. This is a stable state a state in which nothing will change anymore as their is no energy to change anything.

Metastable is the instable condition - balance it on the tip - however this time you prevent the pen from falling down by always rebalancing it. Or you balance it on the broader end and the pen will stand from alone, until you push him slightly with your finger then he will tip over and also end as a laying pen. The version where you always keep the pen from falling apart is the same as the human body needing additional energy to survive. Dry wood is basicly the pen balanced on the broad edge as long as you don't heat it up enough it will not burn but once hot enough it will keep burning until it has been turned into ash.

As you migth be aware one can gain energy by using metastabilities and unbalance them - bruning fossil fuels, hydroelectric power plant. The pushing with the finger is called a catalyst. Combined with the pen falling down into a more stable state is a catalytic process.

The thing is our universum was created out of the void that is equilibrium or a stable balance, in so far our universe is a metastable balance. Overall for our body, our society, architecture, everything artificial. This metastable balance can be used by us to work, create things, change the world, cast a spell and so on.

What we need to maintain is this metastable balance, for if we tip it over we act as catalyst and get a catalytic process at the end eventually no ecosphere or at least a worse ecosphere as we have now. To much Yang does the human body not good neither too much yin, however the human body is build resistant with a lot of puffering.

The thing we have to watch when hearing we are out of balance is too look what is proposed as method of balancing. Gaia currently is planning a big genocide or a big genocide is happening automatical due to natural systems, however medical sience is trying to prevent this as best as possible.

The stable balance cosmological wise is the primordal chaos. No one could survive in this as it would dissolve your essence very fast, it has not very much energy and is very dense - very similar to lead - a lot of probability but no potential (meaning it will appear as a lot of form and sturctures but will dissolve to the state of this heavy liquid again).

The source is exactly the difference it has a lot of potential but few probability i.e. order it is very thin and will try to emmanate a hierarchie and thus seem threatening for a human concious. (This is related to how the base neuronal programming of a human body was designed.)

From what I get modern versions of grigori shadows/angels in their natural body seem to percieve this as adoration and natural demons as attention. (Demons being natural creatures of chaos in difference to fallen shadows that are still shadows.)
And it seems together with humans all use the word love for different things.

Well I hope this helps a bit.

By Sari'el Jan 16 2008 -

In the context of balance and change, what of another concept: in meditation I've often had a link to this...well I don't know what to call it. I call it the void and the whole. Nothing and everything at the same time. It's a familliar place, to me at least, there is a peace there like no other. The dark grey, friendly entities who told me my name did so in the Void/Whole, or in a place much like it. Does this have any relevance regarding the Source?

I know, I know, I ask many questions, maybe too many. But perhaps in time I'll also gain many answers.


By Ishtahar Jan 17 2008 -

There is no such thing as too many questions. My head is constantly buzzing with questions.

I hae also been fortunate enough to find my way to the Void, although I have a different name for it. I cannot access it completely...if I could i would not have to ask questions because I would know and I suspect that if I did know I would no longer be able to live in this world, at least as it is now.

I do not know what the difference is between the Void and the Source, it is something i have been pondering on for a time because many people lately have been mentioning to me something that sounds very much what i had believed the Source to be. The thing is that it cannot be the Source as it is very clear to me that our access to the Source is still closed.

I have no ideas on this. I hope that others will

Actually, it has suddenly occurred to me from what I wrote above...maybe it is the Source but only a shadow of it, an incomplete version that we cannot access compeltely as we once did. ????

I throw my hands up in frustration..yet again

By Araqiel Jan 17 2008 -

The void is a bit a complex subject - and me being more the technician and cosmo-engineer and due to my past a tad bitter I have a very hard time to still use terms like love.
Those who spoke of love abused the worst, those who spoke of peace were the most warring, betrayel is all that is left of heaven and paradise since he concealed his face. dry.gif

I see this in many facets or apply this in at least two ways I will provide them, void and source might indeed be related. However there are more then one source - at least five - in the universe (which makes it in the end so complicate ph34r.gif):

general source
of order
of form
of life
of mass

So first might have to clear up what source we are talking about.

1)The buddhist version is a state of mind or place where one becomes aware that nothing has a greater meaning than anything else surrounding it as in the end everything is part of the whole.

2)Additionally void or the void is part of a number of basic concepts that I came up over the year as a set of eleven descriptions to better comprehend things with the upbringing in the strong dualistical logic of the wester materialistical worldview:

* the prime creational cause/source "being everything, I emanate everything"
* the primordal chaos "being everything, I consume everything"
* the all sphere (some say junkyard) "being everything, I emanate nothing"
* the everything sphere (some say treasure chamber) "being everything, I consume nothing"
* entire "being nothing, I emanate everyting"
* change "being nothing, I consume everything"
* void "being nothing, I emanate nothing"
* standstill "being nothing, I consume nothing"
* the now "being nothing, being everything"
* the origin "I emanate nothing, I emanate everything"
* the conclusion "I consume nothing, I consume everything"

Nothing is for the human mind a pretty paradox object, the brain is not constructed to perceive nothing. Where there is nothing one is everything. Something that is nothing has no own essence it can be imposed on something without changing that which it is impose on. A bit like an invisbile umbrella, it keeps the one opening it protected from rain, however it is not visible only the fact that it works appears to us.
Things that are nothing still only appear from things that emanate everything, as things that are nothing are still a thing.

Emanating and Consuming are directions, independent of what is emanated or consumed. Emanating gives out, consuming takes in.

Around something that emanates everything space will get cluttered with things that are "everything". Around something that emanates nothing space will stay clear, however this object will work antigravitational i.e. repulse everything.
Something that consumes nothing will attract everything but get cluttered in it, something that consumes everything is like a vacuum cleaner.

The last three provide something like temporal directions.

3)"God" in the caballah is called Ein Sof or Ayn Sof or limitless light or magnificant void. The place in the caballa where one reaches this is Keter however what I noticed is that there are two Sephirots[user posted link = http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sephirah_%28Kabbalah%29 ] one with Keter without Da'at and the other without Keter but Da'at.
I tend to think of this less with rosy glasses of love and peace and more in the eyes of a technical system that was created very long ago to keep the source well confined and only accesible to those fitting into certain categories, eventually due to the events back then.
I have the feeling Keter has been removed and thus there is no direct access to the source anymore in this case the void would be realy only a shadowy reflection of the source.
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ARCHIVE: A Plea to Shadow
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