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 ARCHIVE: 3 strange entities

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: 3 strange entities   ARCHIVE: 3 strange entities EmptyMon Jul 26, 2010 12:40 pm

By Faddewr Aug 1 2008 -

Recently I have begun to notice entities around me, which is not problematic by itself. This area is rich in spiritual history and tradition, being home to medicine men and all sorts of powers of nature.

But three entities seem, out of place, and are keen to be around me.

The first I noticed, were the groups of strange figures. They are humanoid, and appear as floating, faceless people. They have no hair, no eyes, no mouths, or ears. They only had two two slits where their nostrils would be. They all have slender, strong necks, and long, knobby fingers. They float around, dressed in tattered blue shrouds.

The second entity I noticed, was a sort of dog. Very large, maybe six feet long. It has a hump on it's back, and rolls of skin hang from it's neck as it stands on powerful legs that have sharp claws. It has a tail like a wolf. And it's head is the most peculiar, where the head meet the neck is a regular dog-shape, but where the skull would dip down for the eyes, there are no eyes, so instead the head only consists of a brain-box and a long, curved mouth and no nose. There are many of these dogs around here, and like the others, they hang around me.

The final entity, is the swarms of black butterflies. They are larger than regular butterflies, about the size of a robin. And their color is so dark that light does not reflect off it it, and their eyes are not compound, but have a steady glow.

All of these entities are not native, the spirits of the medicine men I keep in touch with have all agreed that they are not powers of nature. And they like to hang around me.

When possible, I'll make a picture of them.

By EaruArulay Aug 2 2008 -

I have come in contact with many entities that can be similarly described as those that you have noted.
Their purpose or intentions may be for your own discovery as I can only assume their purpose from such a distance.
From my experience beings like that tend to be messengers/messages, manifestations of your own memories/experiences or even newcomers. Perhaps even watchers?
But as I said before, one can only assume wink.gif

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ARCHIVE: 3 strange entities
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