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 ARCHIVE: What is your hobby from the past?, Silly but true...^^

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ARCHIVE: What is your hobby from the past?, Silly but true...^^ Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: What is your hobby from the past?, Silly but true...^^   ARCHIVE: What is your hobby from the past?, Silly but true...^^ EmptySun Oct 10, 2010 9:44 am

By Laviah Aug 1 2008 -

Ok ok,
I wanna know what everyone here does as perhaps a hobby they know came from a past life. Like me for instance, I dance in a way that resembles belly-dancing. So please dont laugh! Actually, everyone Ive known tries to dance like me when I dance like that. They just dont know how I do it! But then the bad part about it is the guys start looking at me in a strange way.... blink.gif

[shivers] haha, I even have Arab music vids on my youtube! This one I really like, and its funny! And it cute too. Well to me...but hopefully you might understand the situation.


So whats ur hobby from the past?

Ps; Where did I get that hobby from? Cause I remember bits and pieces of me dancing like that in Ancient Egypt. Ever since I could remember Ive always been able to dance like that with no help, in this life time. ^-^

By Faddewr Aug 1 2008 -

Martial Arts.

Various lifetimes, it's become part of my identity.

By Ishtahar Aug 2 2008 -

That's an interesting question. Like Fadd I know I have done Martial Arts in the past. This life I have never been able to do martial arts because of physical disability and yet when my son recently started Karate I instinctively knew all the moves, even how to do the kicks, except I was annoyed that some of the things the masters were teaching were 'wrong'.

And I sew, I do embroidery and cross stitch. Again it is something I just picked up and could 'do' right from the start

Oh and the re enactment of course. I could use a sword the mintue I picked one up and all the history came very easy to me.

I have loads of hobbies but I think those are probably the ones I have brought with me from before I think


By Dreamsend Aug 3 2008 -

martial arts here, too. Chinese martial arts to be precise (t'ai chi, ba gua, etc.)

Sometimes reenactment things in general. Cloaks and medieval garb feel vey "natural" to me, moreso than modern clothing. I do a lot of walking and sitting outside.

It is strange to say so, but magic and the occult. I feel like I'm "picking up" where I left off sometimes. The same with learning. That's why I love to learn new things about the world so much, I think.

By Azaz'el Aug 3 2008 -

Martial arts isn't one of mine! Like Ish, I can and have picked up a sword and known how to use it instinctively and intuitivley, and from that I did train in fencing for a while, but it was too 'neat' and polite for me!!

Teaching, writing, drawing and working with the land are ones that link me to the past. And, like Dreamsend, magic........... I have spent 20 years walking the spiritual path I currently walk and for much of that it was been a case of remembering how to do the work, rather than learning it for the first time.


By Shemyaza Jan 26 2009 -

Hi there, I see that this is a little bit of an old thread, but for my two pence worth,

Re-enactments used to be one of my favourites, especially sword play and morning staff and quarterstaff. Another that came naturally was my archery, it has taken a little backstage at the moment due to work commitments, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, traditional longbow only, none of this modern recurve or compound. I still hold some of the club records.

Esoteric studies are always with me as well as searching in the past.


By Ishtahar Jan 30 2009 -

Cool, I have done a lot of re enactment... mostly Iron Age but also Medeival. Knowing the universe;s sense of humour we have probably drunk mead side by side many times

By Shemyaza Feb 2 2009 -

The thought had crossed my mind.......Heres to sharing a flagon or in my case a drinking horn or mead together in the future

By Ishtahar Feb 2 2009 -

Give me the horn any day hun..... blink.gif

Actually I have two at the moment... a big one and a little one so....... wink.gif

By Shemyaza Feb 3 2009 -

Well........there is an offer I would never refuse smile.gif

I have better stock up on the good stuff to fill our recepticles......

By Azaz'el Feb 3 2009 -

Whilst you two deal with your horn, I'll stick to my chocolate I think.

Plenty for everyone else too.....


By Ishtahar Feb 3 2009 -

I like chocolate too..... mmmm melted chocolate..,. mead.... two horns... why does that seem soo familiar.

Even more so with only one horn wink.gif

By Shemyaza Feb 4 2009 -

A chocolate horn filled with mead
You never know where that may lead

A wink and a grin and so much sin

Ah to be fallen, is so much more fun...... I will leave guilt for others......wheres the party wink.gif

By Ishtahar Feb 4 2009 -

You bring the mead, I'll bring the horn (or maybe the other way around) and it can be wherever we want it to be.... if you are going to invite Az you had better bring chocolate and cake too

Meh, sin... outdated notion of an archaic form of popular control by the imposition of a manufactured morality.

By Shemyaza Feb 4 2009 -

Sin maybe an outdated notion, but all the more fun is the enjoyment when the masses tell you that you shouldn't. I have a born again christian in my office, and I have endless hours of fun in baiting him.

Well, he did start it and I think he is learning there is no way that he is going to 'save' my soul. I do not think he will be offering again. biggrin.gif

My horn and I are on our way.................... Where am I going..........

Oh well, guess I figure that one out when I get there cool.gif

By Ishtahar Feb 4 2009 -

Good idea... that way we won't have to share with Az wink.gif... not that I'm greedy you understand ... well not with everything blink.gif

By Sari'el Feb 4 2009 -

Same thing as with Az and Ish, I like swords. Such a perfect weapon:), and the use comes naturally. Also I feel I might have once taught about the use of herbs and plants, and still enjoy psychedelic traveling now and then, by various means (which is easily achieved living in the Netherlands).

By Saeriel Feb 14 2009 -

Ah.. here is something I can contribute to...

Martial arts.. I have been drawn since i was a child but never learned. I had a couple friends (people I had dreamed of) try to teach me some but they grew angry when I bested them twice each without knowing what I was doing.. I have not learned for a reason i choose to keep to myself....

Sword play .. I adore the blade. Most of my dreams have a sword in my hand or at my side. I have always wanted to learn but again, the same reason as above I have not learned.. not yet.. I do not know if I can continue to deny the call.

Horseback riding.. what I would give for my own horse to ride anytime I choose. To be free would be my greatest dream.

Writing .. as much a part of me as my nightmares...

and there we are.. I hope that is good enough.

By Ishtahar Feb 17 2009 -

Why do you hope that it is good enough? Good enough for who? No one judges here if it's good enough for you it's good enouigh. smile.gif

By Laeus Feb 25 2009 -

AH! my poor inocent eyes, with your talk of horns lol. mine is archery.. only done it a few times but i was good, i love it. also i love kitchen witch like things, folk magick. small spells etc. that the housewife would have done in day to day life

By Lael Feb 25 2009 -

Piano music. >.> Very personal.

Creating something out of nothing.

By Ishtahar Feb 25 2009 -

singing too Lael.... don't forget that smile.gif

I sing too.... all the time

By Lael Feb 25 2009 -

Well, yes. smile.gif There is that. Although I do a lot more of it now than I ever did before. I enjoy it nonetheless, as you undoubtedly know from having been subjected to it recently. tongue.gif

By Laeus Mar 1 2009 -

I SING TOO! although badly i still sing.... in the shower, whilst doing chores, walking to and back from school, while im shopping...all the time biggrin.gif

By Azaz'el Mar 1 2009 -

Don't worry ab out how good or bad you sing........... just sing and allow your soul to express itself. I sing like breaking glass, but it never stops me!!

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ARCHIVE: What is your hobby from the past?, Silly but true...^^
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