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 ARCHIVE: Hell, A Poem

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Hell, A Poem   ARCHIVE: Hell, A Poem EmptyMon Mar 21, 2011 12:06 pm

By Angelyn 30 Jan 2009 -

hear their cries.
black as the smoke that burns their bodies.
grasping clasping talons tearing at me. through me. from me.
falling again, or fallen all along?
deceit. as easy as a smile. a smile. as fake as what I pretend to be.
clawing. rending open from within. this creeping dark. sinuating through my veins.
spilling into this stained soul.
what is this?
fear. freedom. oblivion.
dreaming, but such dreams these.
choking, the stench that permeates the air.
a thousand corpses line the rows.
decayed. rotted. bulging eyes, that somehow see me. knowing. feeling. laughing.
quiet tears. frenzied prayers. maniacal laughter ringing through this gallery of souls.
a cacophony of grief and madness.
empty. alone, save the dead.
am I? alone... or dead? perhaps both.
searing. the desperation brands my very being.
screams. piercing like daggers. do I bleed? oh yes.
sparkling. glimmering rubies, born trickling from my eyes.
this one I knew. so very long ago. from another life? no. another death.
I feel not life. so what is it I hear?
oh. the sobs of that other one. her.
innocent. trusting. betrayed. the one that went away.
dissociated. escaped the pain. leaving only me. abandoned. defenseless.
a sacrifice to a profane actuality.
leave. you're too late now.
I tried. so hard. endless waiting. through a million lives, the span of stars.
you're but a ghost.
murdered. mutilated. scattered to the four winds. swept to the seas of eternity.
lost to me now forever.
go at once.
this dark is not for you. your only crime was vulnerability.
but mine. mine are as endless as existence.
pain. felt as ecstasy, simply due to existence.
numb for so long. frozen somewhere in between.
a dreaming death and the world.
putrefaction personified. this place of perverse pleasures.
encouraging the most malevolent desires.
reprobates all.
deserving of this persecution. this pestilence.
I envy you you're escape. that's yet I know, still incomplete.
a spark.
an essence as unsubstantial as wisps of hope.
a piece remains. bound and suffocating.
drowning in the cloying glory of red waterfalls.
a bloodied ember. fading.
opening blinded eyes I see. hell is of our own creation.

By Ouza 27 Mar 2009 -

Says it all! To a Tee! And Tea makes ... Three!

My love always and Eternally,
My Angelyn

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ARCHIVE: Hell, A Poem
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