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 ARCHIVE: Where are we all from?

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ARCHIVE: Where are we all from? Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Where are we all from?   ARCHIVE: Where are we all from? EmptyThu Mar 24, 2011 8:00 pm

By Rasiak 12 Oct 2009 -

Hello again...I was wondering where we are all currently located?

Of course, I understand that some of you might want to keep this information secret for whatever reason and I fully respect that.

I may as well start the thread off...

I'm at the horribly useless age of seventeen and from Devon, England.

I also really hope that my recent posting isn't seen as trolling...I'm just trying to take an active role in things tongue.gif

By Lael 12 Oct 2009 -

Trolling? tongue.gif Come now...

Though I seem to recall we've had a thread like this before, or maybe we just ended up talking about it somewhere... no matter, there's never too much activity around here, so, might as well.

I'm in Poland and I've lived here all twenty seven years of my life. Seventeen is not as useless as you might think. ;-) There are always things you can do, regardless of age, you know.


By Scratch 12 Oct 2009 -

::chuckles:: I remember feeling that way at 17. Unfortunately, 28 isn't that much more helpful, although somehow I feel much younger now than as a world-weary teenager. I'm in Seattle, WA, USA.

By Rasiak 12 Oct 2009 -

I feel like the baby of the forum now. I can't even begin to imagine where I'll be at twenty eight! This is how disorganised my life is. Hehe.

Also...Lael, that's very interesting indeed. You see, my grandparents on my mothers side were Polish Jews who fled to England to escape Nazi persecution. I believe that "Rasiak" is also of Polish origin, is it not?

Perhaps that goes some way to explaining why you feel familiar?


By Azaz'el 12 Oct 2009 -

We have had a discussion about this at some point I'm sure Lael....... as for never too much activity.... the forum is what its members make it.

I live in the North East of England at present.

As for age, Rasiak, you'll eventually find that there is no age when life becomes easier, better or makes more sense....... most of us just end up pretending we know what we're doing!


By Lael 12 Oct 2009 -

QUOTE (Rasiak @ Oct 12 2009, 09:57 PM)
"Also...Lael, that's very interesting indeed. You see, my grandparents on my mothers side were Polish Jews who fled to England to escape Nazi persecution. I believe that "Rasiak" is also of Polish origin, is it not?

Perhaps that goes some way to explaining why you feel familiar?


Yep, although it doesn't mean anything, it could be a family name.

That's not why you felt familiar, though. I recognized your username as being possibly of Polish origin, but that's just that. I'm not 'from here', if that makes sense... I was born here, I live here, but I don't belong here - or anywhere, for that matter. I might have been born elsewhere at any other time and I'd probably be saying the same thing. I'm a strange person. smile.gif (aren't we all, hm.) The concept of home country or town or mother tongue or somesuch are quite alien to me. If you'll pardon the use of a cliche to illustrate with an example: home is where the heart is (ie., where I feel good or 'right', as in the right place at the time), and I'll use whatever language lends itself best to what I want to communicate. Most of the time, I think in English.

Thread hijack, yay. xD Begging your pardon. I'll hand it back now. ;-)

The feeling of familiarity came from that intangible something that comes through, among other things, someone's words - what and how they speak/write. It's not one single thing - the aura or the sound - it's a combination of them all, an impression, that fleeting thing that surfaces when I'm not paying attention and only makes sense as an afterthought: oh. I've met you, or someone very much like you, before. It's something like a pattern, a fingerprint of energy, of the soul, if you will.

*throws hands up in the air* All right, all right, really giving it back now. biggrin.gif

By Dreamsend 13 Oct 2009 -

I'm currently in Maryland, USA. In January I'll be moving to Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Someday, maybe there can be a SotF meetup at an undisclosed location XD I would love to meet in person

By Razi'el 13 Oct 2009 -

heheh, well, i'm willing to contribute!

I'm currently verging on 21 years old, and i'm living in Brantford, Ontario. and 17.... well, that really isn't much more than a blink of an eye in the grand scheme of things tongue.gif

through all the countless lives, though, one can't help but wonder just how old we REALLY are. a few millenia maybe? more? less? oooh, so much fun to wonder! XD


By Scratch 13 Oct 2009 -

Good question Raz. Sometimes it seems no end to how far my memory goes, or maybe I'm just afraid to let it.

I'd be down for some kind of Shadow Convention, especially if it were in Hawaii! Best of luck with the move Dreamsend, and I'm terribly jealous. Although, for the first time in my life I feel like I'm where I need to be. I can relate to that feeling Lael, although I felt more like a displaced person, living where I was born and raised. Seeing Puget Sound for the first time was when I started feeling like I have a home.

One of the tragedies of life, Rasiak, is how we spend our youth wanting to be older, and the rest of our lives wishing we were younger. Don't worry, and just trust yourself to figure it out as you go. I never would have pictured myself, where and how I stand now, back then, but that's because I wildly underestimated myself.

By Seraphyna 13 Oct 2009 -

I'm 23, and from NY, USA...though hopefully that'll change soon and I'll be moving to PA.

By Azaz'el 14 Oct 2009 -

The Shadow Convention sounds like a really good idea to me.......... I'm already planning a small gathering for 21st December 2012 here in the UK ......... maybe if should be opened up to all!!!! tongue.gif

Time to start saving for the fare!!! cool.gif


By Eidolon 15 Oct 2009 -

I always hate it when people ask me my age. Some days I'm 18 some days im 28. I actually had to sit down with my mom last year because we had an argument over how old I was lol. I will actually be 30 this year (I think, if not it's 29).

I live in the good ole south. I must admit that I was born in a state that officially rebelled from the union first and the first shot of the American civil war was fired from a place I can see from my bedroom window.

I live in the state of South Carolina here in the US. Nice to meet everyone and hope to see you guys around.

By Ishtahar 16 Oct 2009 -

I;'m rediculously old.. very nearly 45 but I still feel 17... on a good day.. on a bad one I'm only 12.

I'm in South Wales

By Scratch 16 Oct 2009 -

::laughs:: So at heart, you're almost the youngest one here! Hardly ridiculous... us young 'uns need someone to put us in our place!

By Azaz'el 17 Oct 2009 -

On a really bad day, Ish is..... timeless!!!!!



By Ouza 17 Oct 2009 -

Boy do I hate to burst all of your bubbles but low and behold I'm 62 going on 63 this coming May 28th. Woooffff!!!!

Now I could go into a big spiel about all the whys and wherefores of life and it's true meaning but I ain't going to do that! All I know for sure is this, I am still here and still looking for a way out for us all! And oh by the way I live in Kansas often called the Land of Oz! Don't expect me to know more because I've found out that I even know less as the years draw to a close the older, I get! {Disregard that old fart of a man behind the curtain, Oz has spoken!}

My credo so to speak which, is on my desk right here in front of my very eyes right now is the following:

First you forget names, then you forget faces. Next you forget to pull your zipper up and finally, you forget to pull it down.~ George Burns

So let it be written, so let it be done! <-- My little homage to Yul Brenner in Moses, always liked him... for some reason and a whole lot of chocolate... on the side!

The only original things that I have kept originally all these years is my Green Eyes!


By Rasiak 18 Oct 2009 -

Wow! I've always imagined you all to be around my age. I guess it's because I normally interact with teenagers hehe.

It almost makes me feel safe, knowing that you guys have probably gone through this before and have the experience of knowing what it's like...I reckon we've all frequently felt alone at time, eh?

Ahh right, Ish. You're pretty close to me then. And as for the convention idea, I agree...It would be good to meet with some of you in real life. smile.gif


By Ishtahar 19 Oct 2009 -

Oh yes, we've all felt alone, very alone. Sometimes it is an overwhelming feeling but it is good to know there are others feeling it too... in that way we are not so very alone.

A convention sounds fun... although I wonder if the earth is ready for us.. let's avoid 2012 just in case smile.gif

By Azaz'el 19 Oct 2009 -

The Earth wasn't ready for us the first time around.... to this time.... hmmmm... maybe the whole end of the world thing will actually be caused by us all meeting!!! wink.gif


By Rasiak 20 Oct 2009 -

Oh...If that was the case...I would feel awfully bad! Hehe.

By Ishtahar 21 Oct 2009 -

Yeah right !! smile.gif

By Azaz'el 21 Oct 2009 -

But at least it would give us a reason to party like there's no tomorrow..........

...... on second thoughts, when did we ever need that reason, Ish?


By Ishtahar 22 Oct 2009 -

True.... well I'm around for Samhuinn so anyone who wants to pop in is more than welcome. I have pumpkins and lots and lots of chocolate I might even warm you up with some ginger wine smile.gif

By Lilian Dreamwalker 4 Jan 2010 -

hm... well I've noticed that the thread kind of died but I'm going to post anyway I'm in southwest England and 19 tomorrow, I’ll give you a clue I live near Stonehenge x3 anyone thinking about going to summer solstice this year?
I love that there are older people, it makes me happy to know that its not just us teenagers that think about Angels, demons and Magick.
A convention sounds awesome. x3 takes lotsa planning though.

By Azaz'el 4 Jan 2010 -

Ah, I've been to Stonehenge many times now and many years ago managed to walk through the monument one evening with just a few close friends and Fallen Ones........ hope you can still remember that night Ish. That weekend was the beginning of an Awakening.

I'm actually looking into coming down for the Summer Solstice this year, so maybe a mini gathering can take place!!! wink.gif

Thanks for mentioning us 'older' ones....... feel bloody ancient now! LOL

As for the convention, I'm still having the party at Avebury on 21st December 2012 .... so far there will be Ish and I there. If the world is goin to end, which I don't believe it will, then I can't think of a better place than being in the Red Lion pub, in the middle of Avebury. I have already died there once, so may as well do it again!


By Lilian Dreamwalker 4 Jan 2010 -

lol, you’re not that old <3
Stonehenge is fantastic but after you go to Stonehenge you must visit Salisbury Catherdrel. It’s an amazing testament to gothic architecture. Love just going and sitting on the bench's outside of the building.

By Azaz'el 4 Jan 2010 -

Salisbury cathedral is wonderful, a real testament to gothic architecture.

You should try Durham Cathedral. I am probably biased with living near it, but it is an amazing gothic building too, very powerful.


By Lilian Dreamwalker 4 Jan 2010 -

I've never been up Newcastle Sunderland way. Hopefully one day when I finally learn to drive i'll be able to travel the UK. n..n Road trip. Just had a look at the website the pictures look amasing.

By Razi'el 6 Jan 2010 -

ahhhh, stonehenge... i've always wanted to visit and walk through the ruins, but alas, i have a money problem. the moths are starting to go on strike from having to fly out of my wallet so much.

interesting bit of info (not sure how many of you all know if this is even true or not), but i remember reading somewhere that they originally found skeletons on the site, and via carbon dating and examining the positions of the bodies, all of them apparently died facing moonrise on the same day. weird eh?


By Ishtahar 6 Jan 2010 -

Yes I remember that night Az, how could i possibly forget smile.gif

A get together would be soooo good. Maybe we could make a tentative date for the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge and just see who turns up. It would be good to see the place again. Maybe we could all pile in cars and take in supper at the Red Lion... Avebury is not that far and I have to admit that I think the stones there are more powerful than Stonehenge. The henge seems to have closed down a lot even since I have been going there.

Well... the idea's out there smile.gif

By Scratch 6 Jan 2010 -

Lilian, I got to do exactly what you suggested when I visited England, and you're right. Plus, I also got to walk around Old Sarum, and Woodhenge.

If I have the means, I would love to go back and meet those of you on the other side of the Atlantic.

By Lilian Dreamwalker 6 Jan 2010 -

I've yet to visit Avebury and well it is just up the road, but alas can’t drive. I have been organising a trip to Glastonbury with some friends though and I really can’t wait, even though there is no train station ohmy.gif

Old sarum, Oh yes makes a very good walk.

Yes they did, well they found what they call 'The Amesbury Archer' we had a man come into our high school with some of the artifacts and he managed to drop a dagger and break it 0..o it was slightly entertaining at the time.

By Ouza 8 Jan 2010 -

Now you guys have really gone and done it! I'm so homesick right now just seeing the countrysides of England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland that all I see is Green... a Beautiful Green that softens the heart to no end! You guys are so blessed, sure beats Kansas Tornadoes and Ice by a long shot!

We Who Are About to Die ... Salute You!

Ouza <3 to U all

By Lilian Dreamwalker 8 Jan 2010 -

<3 right now it is covered in ice and snow. I hope that one day you'll be able to see England

By Ouza 8 Jan 2010 -

I would dearly love to, I do have families there in the United Kingdom you know?<---all of you!

But Old Age is catching up to me and my health is in the way and I am certainly hindered from going at all!

Just a reminder... If at all possible never ever grow old, stay as young as you can and never ever stop imagining and believing in yourself because you, are the stuff that stars and dreams are made of! It's like ~ When you wish upon a star and your dreams will come true ~!

Again, welcome home!

Ouza <3

By Azaz'el 8 Jan 2010 -

Yes, the entire UK is covered in snow and ice right now, the worst weather for apparently 30 years.

In my part of the frozen north we've had a white christmas, a white new year, and a white January so far, with night temperatures now down to -14.5 degress C. Not seen anything green for over a month now!!

As for growing old.......... I don't intend to. My body ages but my spirit is still young. Well, younger than the Source at least!!!!



By Ouza 9 Jan 2010 -

I don't know from Celsius but we have to run the water, at night so that the pipes wouldn't freeze over plus the electricity went out for 2 and a half hours from 2am to 4:30am. Snow and Ice on the Ground with-30deg to -45deg Wind chill Factors and woke up both these last 2 mornings with +2deg F and a -5deg F the morning before. Me thinks someone didn't pay their Gas or Electric Bill upstairs! Almost kind of makes you think that someone is definitely mad and a half at us for some reason or me thinks somethings changing... Go Figure !!!

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!!!!!!
Ouza <3

By Ishtahar 27 Jan 2010 -

Well... you're all welcome to come and stay with me (not at the same time or some of you will be sleeping in the garden shed. I have had open house for many years and have never regretted it. Welsh hospitality is famous and I don't get to exercise it half often enough.

By Ouza 27 Jan 2010 -

Tempting..... very Tempting who would refuse a Welsh Beauty such, as yourself! But I'm stuck here and left guarding something! Glad to see and hear you are back in the forum your presence has been most sorely missed !!!

~ J. R. R. Tolkien:
His house was perfect, whether you liked food, or sleep, or work, or story-telling, or singing, or just sitting and thinking, best, or a pleasant mixture of them all.

Ouza <3

By Azaz'el 31 Jan 2010 -

Ish, perhaps its time to begin the infamous Battle again.....

will it be the welsh cakes or the singin hinnies that win?


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PostSubject: Re: ARCHIVE: Where are we all from?   ARCHIVE: Where are we all from? EmptyThu Mar 24, 2011 8:32 pm

This is the last of the posts from the old forum.

Also, it was funny, but as I was reading over this one, I thought "I would be down to travel to England for that party!" then read Az's comment about "maybe all of us meeting would..." LOL

I think I will start to save up though, with the idea in mind that I will see you all December 21 2012.

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ARCHIVE: Where are we all from? Empty
PostSubject: Re: ARCHIVE: Where are we all from?   ARCHIVE: Where are we all from? EmptyThu Mar 24, 2011 10:54 pm

Ash, what can I say but a very big THANK YOU for all of your efforts in transferring the posts from the old forum into this one. It was a task that I certainly wasn't looking forward to, and in the end didn't have to as you jumped in and saved the day. I just hope all the members appreciate all the work involved in you doing this.

As for the party next year........ I still plan on being there and raising a glass of single malt to the end of the world or the start of a new world. Either way, it will be time to party and honour the rebirth of light and the return of the Shadow!

If you can make it, Ash, it will be fantastic to see you there..... Ish and I will save you a seat!! xx


Hope fades into the world of night
Through Shadows falling out of memory and time...
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ARCHIVE: Where are we all from? Empty
PostSubject: Re: ARCHIVE: Where are we all from?   ARCHIVE: Where are we all from? Empty

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ARCHIVE: Where are we all from?
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