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 ARCHIVE: hello there

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: hello there   ARCHIVE: hello there EmptyTue Jun 08, 2010 12:14 am

By Razi'el Mar 15 2009 -

hey there... my name's Minnigan (at least, until i remember my true name) and i think i may well be one of the Shadow, as described here. i don't have any memories of my past lives, merely a vague idea of what i used to do, and what i look like now. i hope to find a lot of advice and answers here, so i can maybe learn more about who and what i really am. until then, i guess i'm kind of a new person searching themselves. laugh.gif

My best regards to you all,

By Lael Mar 15 2009 -

Hey. smile.gif

Talk to us. We will talk to you. That way, here's to hoping, we'll all learn something. This is a friendly place, we're not a big crowd but we're growing, in many different ways. ;-) I'm glad to see another one join us. I hope you'll find here what you're looking for. The Members section is closed off from the general public. You might feel most comfortable posting there. Or just jump in anywhere and share your thoughts. Very much looking forward to that.

Peace. smile.gif

By Riley Mar 15 2009 -

Welcome Very Happy I hope you enjoy your stay, I know I certainly am. Very Happy

By Seraphyna Mar 15 2009 -

Welcome smile.gif Don't worry, we don't bite....hard wink.gif

By Lael Mar 15 2009 -

We don't bite at all, we swallow 'em whole so there's no trace left. biggrin.gif ;-)

By Azaz'el Mar 15 2009 -

Ah, such an unruly lot, with all this talk of biting and swallowing whole. Personally I prefer the ripping limb from limb!!! tongue.gif

Greetings Minnigan and welcome to the forum, I really do hope that you enjoy your time here. Browse through the sections, read the posts, reply to any that you feel you want to, but most of all, never be afraid to ask questions. This forum is a home for any and all Kin and here we don't sit in judgement. No one has all the answers, we're all here to walk this path and hopefully fit together some of the pieces of the jigsaw and make sense of the fragments of memories.

To be here, in this form, means that something has happened to cause our incarnation in a Human shell. That alone can be traumatic enough to cope with when memories of what we were filter through. But hopefully as more and more Kin awaken and the Shadow and Fallen and all the various allies and friends unite, we can find a way to do all that we need to do and the path back Home.

Any problems with the forum, just give any of the Moderators a shout, or pm Ishtahar or I directly.



By Ishtahar Mar 15 2009 -

I bite... but only for fun.

Welcome Minnigan.


By Razi'el Mar 15 2009 -

thank you all so much for this warm welcome! i'm glad it'll be fun here. and thanks for your well wishes, hopefully this'll give me some more information as to who and what i was.

By Angelyn Apr 5 2009 -

Welcome to the group, we're glad you found us.

By Ouza Apr 5 2009 -

Welcome home, honey...

Always, a Safe Harbor Here!!!

Love always,

Ouza smile.gif
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ARCHIVE: hello there
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