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 ARCHIVE: Greetings

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Greetings   ARCHIVE: Greetings EmptyThu May 06, 2010 12:01 pm

From Araqiel 8 Jan 2008

Heya I recently joined.

The nick seems to be somewhat of a name that rings true for me or rather my angelic/shadow higher self - please no magical invocation/exvocation I/he/her tends to be uncontrolled and violent and not sure if the way I/he/her react has effects on people/higher self or so. ph34r.gif

Not entirely shure why however following post rang a bell and the name Shemyaza popped up from the inner voice.

QUOTE (Ishtara)

"You will come here, you must because you will need to know, as well all need to know.

When I connected with the Source and ascended, you could no longer maintain your own connection. You thought that I had polluted the connection and that the Source had closed to you all because of me. You were wrong. The connection was not closed because it was polluted, it closed to you only because it changed. Because the key was no longer simply Shadow essence, it had become the mingled energy of Shadow and Human.

If you had been prepared then to work with humanity as all those who Fell wanted, the Source would have opened to you again. But you would not consider that course.

I am begging you, please consider it now.

We need to find and regain the connection once more. We will need it desperately in the days to come. You cannot do it alone, I cannot do it alone.

I have been misguided for a long long time as to the answer, how we could regain the connection but now I am clear. It needs an union. Shadow and Human must work together. The rift between us must be healed."

In so far here I am, if anyone found something non human in my essence and remebers something pm me for the time being I'm not too sure about anything at all, not even what it is with me.

There is even the possibility that I come from a different quantum bubble aka universe or an older universe that doesn't exist anymore - ah well too much weirdness for this human brain.

in so far a nice warm welcome from me

From Azaz'el 9 Jan 2008


welcome to the forum, it is always a pleasure when someone new is drawn to this site and finds something they can connect to. Have no fears regarding invocations, something like that is not considered here and to be honest I doubt that side of your nature be able to be controlled by anyone else.

As you may know from reading threads in this forum or on the website, or more specifically from your higher/inner self, Shemyaza (or Semyaza - there are a few diferent ways to spell the same name) is one of the leaders of the Grigori (Watchers) who fell and were destroyed by other Shadow back in the early days of Shadow/Angelic society. So as he draws closer to being reborn physically, facing his awakening, his memory and name are beginning to resurface in he hearts and minds of all those who once knew of him. Many still see his light and beauty in their memories and remember his sacrifice.

Please feel free to join in any of the discussions here in the forum or start new ones. All of us here are still searching for answers and trying to understand our memories, our duties and the way back to the Source so that we can once again hopefully become united with our family and Kin. We can all help each other in remembering and guiding.



From Ishtahar 10 Jan 2008

Welcome to the forum Araqiel. I think we all recognise that best within, the uncontrolled and uncontrollable being that is just wiating to burst through. There is no chance of anyone trying to force you into doing anything you are unfomfortable with or trying to manipulate you through the the forum or psychicly...that would just be rude.

I think we also all feel the sense of confusion and now quite knowing who we are and where we are from. There is a sense of something unworldliness.

From Lael 11 Jan 2008

Well met, Araqiel. May this place and the lovely people who breathe life into it help you find what you seek. =)

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ARCHIVE: Greetings
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