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 ARCHIVE: Greetings!

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Greetings!   ARCHIVE: Greetings! EmptyThu May 06, 2010 12:14 pm

From Seraphyna 18 Feb 2008

I'm Seraphyna, Sera if you like. I'm angelic..fallen to be exact. If anyone would like to read what of my past-life story I am aware of, I'm more than happy to share...it's just far too much to type at the moment. I'm also a pagan witch....so greetings all, I look forward to chatting and learning with you all smile.gif

From Azaz'el 18 Feb 2008

Greetings Seraphyna

welcome to the forum. As Fallen you're in good company! wink.gif

I hope you will feel welcome to join in any of the discussions taking place or to start a new thread.

I for one would be interested in hearing about your past life and any memories you have... can you remember if you were one of the fallen Grigori or one of the fallen with the Morning Star?

Thanks for joining us, I shall look forward to hearing more from you.



From Seraphyna 22 Feb 2008

You assume all angel- and demon-kin belong to the christian/jewish conception of these beings...you're sorely mistaken I'm afraid. Not all people believe in such things. I'm pagan, I don't personally believe in the Grigori, Morningstar, etc. So the answer to your question would be neither. Feel free to read my post of my past life in the memories forum.

From Araqiel 22 Feb 2008

Greetings Seraphyna, welcome here.

With Lucifer, Morning star, being additionally heeded as Venus, Aphrodite, Shukra eventually also Ishtar and some others I think there is no need to soley rely on the christian pantheon which is imho one of the rather disinformative when it comes to older beings.

From Azaz'el 22 Feb 2008


thanks you for your reply, but please don't assume to know what I believe. I merely use the names and language that are easiest to categorise the many and varying concepts of Shadow and Kin. I will read your memories, and I thank you for sharing them.

I think that as you read through the different threads and discussions here in the forum, and perhaps the additional information recently added to the website, you will learn more about the Shadow and Grigori that this forum is based upon. You will see that the Grigori, that all Shadow and Kin are far older than any concept regarding Christianity or other such revealed religions. So I hope you will soon realise that any links with them is merely the fact they have used our heritage and our legends. I, for one, also consider myself pagan, having followed my spiritual path for 20 years now.


you are right in what you say but it can be very easy to read some names and come to the conclusion that they are associated with only one tradition. But we're all here to try and help get the truth accross of who and what we are.


From Araqiel 23 Feb 2008]

QUOTE (Azaz'el @ Feb 22 2008, 09:44 PM)

you are right in what you say but it can be very easy to read some names and come to the conclusion that they are associated with only one tradition. But we're all here to try and help get the truth accross of who and what we are."

Indeed it is but in a way other incarnated and awaken shadows and I feel that different pantheons coexist as equal in a way multiple heavens.

Rather it is more like Platon's analogy of the cave with heaven being a the central picture and then it is projected through a colourful lense that twists the original picture and thus a different pantheon is created - well energy flow wise that is.

From Ishtahar 4 Mar 2008

An interesting concept. For me there is no element of godhead in the Grigori or the Shadow. God is energy and nothing more, the Grigori and Shadow were a civilisation of beings which were far more advanced than humanity but by no means gods, they were people too, just different.

I am also pagan and have been for many many years. Not only that but I am rabidly anti christian although I appreciate that this intolerance is not something to be proud of and something of a lesson to be learned. I would have nothing to do with this if there were any suggestion that we were playing with Christian theology so be conforted in that.

As for heaven and hell, I do not believe they exist, at least not in the Christian sense. An Otherworld where the soul rest between incarnations is certainly an option in my opinion but not eternal bliss or eternal damnation....too much polarity too little balance.

Ok I am doing my usual thing of thinking as I type instead of before I type so I shall stop now before I get TOO confusing.

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ARCHIVE: Greetings!
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