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 ARCHIVE: Greetings

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Greetings   ARCHIVE: Greetings EmptyThu Jun 10, 2010 12:53 pm

By Lethias Jun 11 2009

Greetings to all of you who may be reading this: I am Lethias.

I am a red dragon Otherkin and I've been awake for about 5 years now. If any of you know of Razi'el; I'm the dragon he's mentioned a few times.

Razi'el's been talking to me about this place for some time and I finally descided to accept his invite and join in here and see the place he's always buzzing about.

So, without further ado: Hello to you all, and this is a pretty nice place you have here.

By Razi'el Jun 11 2009 -

*hugs his big dragon happily* why hello there, my love ^^ i'm glad you decided to join us here~<3

By Lethias Jun 11 2009 -

Hehe ^^ you really did manage to get the first post in ^^ *hugs back.* Well I had to see what all the excitement was all about =)

By Ouza Jun 11 2009 -

If, I can be so bold as to say that, I know that everyone here is proud to have you with us as part of the team!

Especially me! Like you ... I'll be watching and contributing when I can!


By Ishtahar Jun 11 2009 -

Hey there Lethias. Sounds like you have had an exciting life or two. Nice to meet you. Looking forward to getting to know you. As a hot blooded Welsh Woman I can hardly be expected to resist the alure of the Red Dragon now can I wink.gif


By Azaz'el Jun 11 2009 -

Greetings and Welcome Lethias,

it's always good to have a new member aboard, and I think you could be our first red dragon. I hope you will enjoy our online community..... we may be small, but we all talk far too much and find that we have a lot that we can share and have in common.

If you ever have any problems, just give one of the Moderators a shout or Ish and I as Admin. We'll do what we can to help. And never be afraid to ask questions, we will do our best to find someone to offer and answer.

Feel free to jump in and join in any of the threads or start new ones.... and have fun!



By Ellysium Jun 12 2009 -

Hi! Welcome to the forum - from another dragon smile.gif

By Ouza Jun 12 2009 -

It's nice to have family ... isn't it!

Ouza wink.gif

By Scratch Jun 12 2009 -

Welcome, Lethias.

I have a warm place in my heart for dragons, especially after getting bitched out by a red on my second trance-journey. A massive flock of birds spiral up into a cloud like an upside-down tornado, and the dragon flew out of the opening they made. Suddenly I was a gold-feathered bird, probably the size of a small raptor. I could have fit easily in the pupil of his eye, which I was flying even with. It was an amazing, overwhelming experience, and I was babbling thought-questions all over the place, until he snapped, "Look, the first thing you need to do is stop questioning every thing you see here!" Might as well have called me "white-girl."

Hadn't thought of that in a while, and it still makes me smile. Hope you enjoy it here. We do our best to keep each other sane, or insane, depending on your perspective.

Is there such thing as too much talking in a spot like this? Let's find out. wink.gif

By Ishtahar Jun 12 2009 -

Absolutely not... talk yourself into a coma guys.... well not literally, not unless you want to

By Azaz'el Jun 12 2009 -

Oh no, do I have to be the appointed first aider too? That's all we need, a bunch of Kin in a coma from talking too much.

And all I wanted was some simple conversation!


By Lethias Jun 14 2009 -

Thank you all very much for your kind words and greetings ^^

I must say so far I think this place is very cool. I'll be sure to contribute in any way I can. Though so far I've not yet really remembered anything I get little pushes and feelings that help guide me. I hope I can put that to use here to help others ^^

By Laeus Jun 14 2009 -

hmmm your name is pretty XD reminds me of a tree i met once, what a nice fellow he was, very young though. was kind enough to give me a sea shell as a gift. a sea shell in the middle of some woods...how peculier ¬.¬ what nice nature spirits that forest had...must make mental note to go back some day. anyway, im Laeus, im crazy and tend to have many random ramblings. nice to see the forum expanding with all kin types...

i thought i knew a dragon once. . . but that is a story for another day.

By Riley Jun 14 2009 -

My apologies for the late welcome. ^^; Hey there, welcome to the board. Whenever I read your name I get a floating feeling, or an image of flying.
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ARCHIVE: Greetings
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