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 Problems with posts

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PostSubject: Problems with posts   Problems with posts EmptySun May 20, 2012 1:44 pm

Just a quick but important reminder to all members that if anyone has an issue with any post made by a member, the steps needed to resolve this are simple.

1. Send a pm to one of the Staff - the Head Moderator, the Moderators or the Admin. Alternatively click on the report button on the top right hand of the post window..... this will send a message to the Staff reporting an issue to be investigated. Once we have looked at the post we will contact you.

2. Do not begin a flame war either on the forum or via private messages. If you don't like what you see, read or have sent to you, contact the Staff. Do not reply, just forward the message to us.

3. As much as any issue may make you feel angry or upset, the next step is to wait until the Staff have had the chance to investigate. Any steps taken to prove a point or get your message across will be seen as harassment and make you as guilty of breaking the rules as the original member.

4. If you feel the issue is very private then contact me, as Admin and Owner of the site, personally, and I will investigate then discuss my findings with Ish and Ash if appropriate and I have your consent.

The rules are simple. Follow them.


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Problems with posts
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