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 ARCHIVE: Strange Parallels, an anime that seems very truthful

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Strange Parallels, an anime that seems very truthful   Mon Mar 21, 2011 1:22 pm

By Razi'el 15 Aug 2009 -

hey all!

just saying hi, letting everyone know i'm not dead (but of course you know that, LOL), and to drop a hint about a show that i found on youtube.

remember some of those posts myself and a few others have made about those strange little critters crawling about? well... this show has a lot of odd parallels, and if anything, it's at least a cool way to pass the time.


it's called Mushi-Shi, and it features a main character who seems rather supernatural... he's a sort of medicine man who deals with afflictions cause by these creatures very few people can see, obviously called Mushi.

if anything, just give it a glance. it's a good show regardless. peace!

By Ishtahar 15 Aug 2009 -

It;s quite... intense isn't it. the music is beautiful... ephemeral. smile.gif

By Dreamsend 16 Aug 2009 -

Will check that out next time I can sit down for a sec. I <3 anime

y Razi'el 16 Aug 2009 -

hee hee, thanks guys!!~

it's really quite fascinating... they do all sorts of strange things ^^

By Ishtahar 16 Aug 2009 -

Dont we all tongue.gif

By Azaz'el 16 Aug 2009 -

I just had a quick scan for now.... and it seems very interesting!!! Will devote more time to it later on and watch properly. Thanks for letting us know about this Raz,


By Ellysium 17 Aug 2009 -

My boyfriend has that anime. We watched a disk of it and then kindof forgot about it. I liked it though.
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ARCHIVE: Strange Parallels, an anime that seems very truthful
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