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 ARCHIVE: A battle...

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: A battle...   ARCHIVE: A battle... EmptySun Oct 10, 2010 10:11 am

By Night_Flower Sep 4 2009 -

I would like to share with all of you some of my memories regarding a fight ...
I am standing in a very familiar castle, it's like I knew everybody and and everything there, I am surrounded by many people dressed in white, while a man with long black hair keeps reading me this list of names, I remember some of them...something like Phyton and Leviathan...I know I wanted to get out of there, to go outside, the energy was changing and it was making me dizzy, but that man said "You have to know this, there is not much time left, be patience" ...after that, the doors opened and everybody was running and I couldn't move. Nothing surrounding me was bright anymore, this black cloud was above us and people kept dying...

Now everytime I "go back' there, I see the battle continuing and it keeps getting worse, everything that I felt I knew there is changed..

So if someone knows what happened there, I'd be glad to find out...

By Eshtar Sep 4 2009 -

There are times I see something highly simmilar. Yet I am not sure if its the past but whats to come. But I know I see simmilar alot.
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ARCHIVE: A battle...
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