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 ARCHIVE: The Sidhe

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: The Sidhe   ARCHIVE: The Sidhe EmptySun Oct 10, 2010 10:25 am

By Dreamsend Jan 31 2009 -

I began to remember that I am of the Fae, or the Sidhe/the Gentry. This may not be appropriate for this part of the forum... but the problem is that I feel the connection to the stars the strongest, and the pull to the moon and whatnot, and I cannot reconcile all these things. I know that I am a child of the stars first, and the label for whatever it is that I became came to be "fae" or "Sidhe". I feel their dark voices (the fae I refer to, more often referred to as Sidhe, were of both the "dark" and the "light" ... the fae world is "grey" as I understand it, and so am I.... but their voices in as much as I determine, come from beings that are to be considered "dark" and somewhat "unsavory" even. Not a bad thing, not at all, but in comparison to our world and the thigns that we value very much.... different and a little threatening. I wouldn't ask anyone unfamiliar with them to just drop by for a visit, that's for sure o_O) asking me where I've gone to, why I've gone for so long... I've started to catch guardian-looking beings sitting a top high places as I walk alone, watching me pass in the night. They have long wing-like energies on their backs, and male presence, and vaguely non-human facial features, and wispy robes, and seemed poised to attack, but not a threat to me, to other things around me. I began to feel like I abandoned my people to a horrible fate, I understand the "where" of the voice, myself thinking "It's my fault, it's all my fault," before sobbing but I do not yet understand the "why."

I remember that my mother (maybe... that's how she seemed in the memories or images I have) struck me a blow, humilating me.. that she was cruel but kind at the same time...

I received some confirmation of the thoughts I was having (I didn't know if it was jsut me or what) through a sensitive who said that she talked to the fae... and said that they had said to tell me "whither wander you, dear lady? you are so far from home! Hear our voices and know that we cherish you infinitely," which made me cry to read ;;;;.

I believe that the people I remember may have been originally from other worlds or star systems, actually. I don't know how many beings that applies to, I have the suspicion it is quite more than is thought.

I know that the time grows closer to reconnect to those first incarnations and the memories that they hold. It feels that way because I grow more tired... exhausted and ready to give up.

By Ishtahar Jan 31 2009 -

I am not surprised by what you say. In fact Az and I have been expecting the fae to drop by sometime soon. I know all about their 'unsavoury' side but that is one of the things that has always attracted me to them. The hollow hills are resounding again.

By Azaz'el Jan 31 2009 -

The Hollow Hills are resounding to the noise of singing and the return to battle. It makes me so very glad that they are returning and are willing to stand up and be noticed once more. The Universe has need of them...... and the others...


By Riley Jan 31 2009 -

I've come into contact with a fae "house" on the astral, and ethric plane. The two female ones that LOVE to hang out around me is Teina and Jinel (sisters), and they never seem to stop talking when they find something interesting, and show up in seconds when they hear their name. The "house" name is teh same as the one that leads the house, her name is Lady Manane, whom I've also come into contact with, and recently discovered I knew her a very long time ago. They call me a "great", because in a past life I made a large positive impact on their life (still figuring that out).

And what about those guardians? I'm curious if they have like a light blue skin and very elongated bodies.

By Dreamsend Feb 1 2009 -

YES. The singing... is more prominent, more than it was for me before. Both louder (more forceful, more purposeful) and softer (more harmonious, not jarring) and more voices there .... I don't feel like I know what that means but it may well be as you say...

As for the guardians I spy sometimes, I can't tell much about them other than what I already described. =\

-- Angela

By Ishtahar Feb 1 2009 -

Of course... I am officially an idiot. The music has been driving me insane because I keep thinking it is my neighbour and I have been geting annoyes, especially at 2 and 3 am. But of course it isn't him.... then there are the voices too... I didn;t understand, now I do.... I mean I still don't understand what they are saying but at least I understand where they are coming from.

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ARCHIVE: The Sidhe
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