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 ARCHIVE: Clear Vision

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Clear Vision   ARCHIVE: Clear Vision EmptySun Oct 10, 2010 10:53 am

By Azaz'el May 30 2009 -

I would like to ask a question for all those acended ones, starseeds and starchildren who may be reading this and observing.

As one of the Fallen that has now been released from the bondage of death placed upon me many millennia ago, you will realise that my charge is to step forward and unite the Fallen again, to find my brothers, our partners and children and approach the ranks of Shadow for Unification.

Part of our punishment at the time of our murder was that our future physical incarnation would be in human form. I know that many Kin have now returned also in human form. So, are you able to understand where the human Kin are? Can you see them? Can you see the Fallen that are now awakening? Can you see the final 2 who will square the circle?

My time is short now and I need to turn to those who perhaps suffer less form the constraints of the Human shell. I need to find my brothers. I need to find the star where the twin to my soul is to be found. Can you help?


By Faddewr May 31 2009 -

What you read is the product of a disordered mind.

Our bonds are eternal because of change. When you lose a shoe, you feel it forever until you are reunited with the shoe. The same with everything.

But what about things we aren't entirely aware of? We know they're there, and if we can reach out in ways we can't explain we can feel them.

Finding this twin of yours could be similar to the process of clairvoyance, but perhaps more abstract. Like the "Force" from the famous universe from George Lucas, or the power of "ka" from Stephen King's Universes (more prevalent in the Dark Tower series), there are dependent on a sense that is both obvious and esoteric: feeling.

If you feel your twin, then reach out to them.

The more you feel, the more you will discover.

By Riley May 31 2009 -

Faddewr, as much as I agree with Az needing to feel for his twin, know that what makes that possible could be closed to Az.

Az, as my shadow would say, the best way to find something is to stop looking. Your twin will come when it's time. But I don't feel that your twin is no further than right next to you, and that the twin him/herself has been trying to get a hold of YOU. I think you need to be more aware of things that could be out of the ordinary, particularly music I think.

Why do you say it's almost your time to die?

By Azaz'el May 31 2009 -

Thanks for your thoughts guys. The 'twin' I mentioned as you can gather isn't actually a twin, more of an equal and opposite to my soul, one who knows me inside out and fits my soul like a glove.......... and vice versa. I have tried for many long years now to create the link that would allow us to reconnect, I have tried to feel for that soul, to seek it out, to link and follow that energy and emotion.

You are right in the assumption Riley that all I need to do to link to this other being is closed to me. It has been closed to me for a very long time and I am at a loss as to what I can do next, hence the call for help from those who perhaps are able to see a little clearer than I can right now.

As for it being my time to die ........ I face a death, that is true....... a death bigger than I have ever faced so far in this incarnation. Yet I have no idea what form this death will take or how it will manifest....... or even when. All I do know is that it is rushing towards me like a storm and I was directed many years ago to have achieved a number of things before this death arrived. Finding this soul was one of them.

We all face many types of death in each life, and each one is an initiation into a new way of living, of understanding and thinking and being. I am pleased that this one is finally coming to me, I have lived with its ghost for a long time. But I'm not too proud to ask for a little help when the chips are down and I have no answers.

Any ideas too Dreamsend?



By Dreamsend Jun 1 2009 -

::thinks:: Well, as far as seeing the Fallen and Kin and where they're located.... I've never really tried looking.

So, I'll see if there is anything that I see.

Dream's End

By Razi'el Jun 1 2009 -

Az, i don't mean to sound rude here, but maybe... maybe the fact that you can't reach this soul is BECAUSE you're trying so hard? andywho, there's a couple ideas i have that may help...

here's something i learned a long while ago; too much thought when you're trying to do something just gums up the works, like resisting temptations. thinking only slows you down, sometimes you have to simply DO it, ignoring every single thought you have, whether it be confidence or doubt. (like Yoda said in Star Wars. "do or do not. there is no try.")

i don't know how much that will help, if at all. but i do have another idea... you say this soul is the other half of you? your polar opposite? well... then there must be something of you in this person. like a yin-yang, both halves have a piece of the other inside them. so maybe you can focus on those bits of each other you have in you to get past the barrier? i don't know if that will work, i'm just kind of spitballing ideas.

i'll see if there's anything i can do to try to help... who knows? and i didn't mean to come off as preachy there, if i did, that's the last ting i want to be considered. but maybe that will help.

good luck, much love,

By Scratch Jun 2 2009 -

QUOTE (Azaz'el @ May 30 2009, 11:49 PM)
"Can you see the final 2 who will square the circle?"

Oh God, help us all. If I'm right, at least one of them is in denial. Part of me really hopes I'm wrong. The logical, rational part of my mind has always wanted to be insane instead of right, because right would mean so much devastation, and power.

Should the circle really be squared? That figure of speech has so much symbology for me and a dear friend. Perhaps a cone would be better?

Things are moving faster and faster, until all that remains are the quick and the dead. That is how it's always been, but it is still different now, at this end of an age before another begins.

You won't die Azaz, any more or less than I did when I thought I might; thrice. But things are beginning their haywire, for real.

By Ishtahar Jun 2 2009 -

You're not wrong Scratch, unfortunately. We can only wait and hope.

By Dreamsend Jun 3 2009 -

I think you are right in looking to the stars, but it's not those here on earth that will be able to help you the most, but those off-world. I will PM you with that information.

I was able to see many, many colored lights (what my mind interpreted as all the different types of beings in the world, human, kin and there are many many others too). I couldn't tell how many of them were Fallen necessarily and there were far too many for me to quantify and deliver the information in written word (thus the need to contact those off-world). The other half to you, as far as I could see, is still bound.


By Riley Jun 3 2009 -

Az, there is a zen saying that "If you meet a Buddha, kill him.". Think on that koan, use your intuition to solve it, as logic will only fail to. (And don't look it up on the net, I want to see if you can get it yourself)

By Azaz'el Jun 3 2009 -

MAny thanks once again for all of your help and suggestions, and I realise that I have probably now taken up enough of your time.

Dreamsend, thanks for the pm, I need to think on it for a few days but I will reply.

Riley, killing the buddha in that way is the only course of action, as to not do that would be to allow the ego to take control and sweep you off the path to enlightenment.

Scratch, it wouldn't surprise me if one was in denial, it is something that I have suspected for a while now. As for squaring the circle........ whilst it is just an expression, it also symbolically represents the concept of time and space in this reality right now. It is here, now, that they need to be, to exist.

Raz, you never preached and I can't see you starting it at this late stage in your life. As for do or do not, that time has now come.

I will echo the call at the summer solstice..... perhaps those of you who have ears that can hear in that way may like to listen and even join in the beginning of the Song of the Fallen.


By Ellysium Jun 6 2009 -

Pardon my ignorance, but who/what is this final two that will square the circle? And what is this circle that needs to be squared? I don't really understand this analogy.

By Azaz'el Jun 6 2009 -

Sorry Ellysium, I should have been more clear in my orignial post.

The final two represents two different sides to the issue .... if I confuse you here, just shout out.

Firstly there are the two others that made the four who started ... and led... the issues that brought about the fall of the Shadow. So that was Ishtahar, Semyaza, Dani'el and I. So, having made the link spiritually with Ish many years ago, I was asking about the linking to both Sem and Dan. Then there are the two remaining Races that need to be brought into the circle to bring about the ascension of all Kin, not just Shadow or Humanity. And finally, in any ritual circle we used, there are the four cardinal points, the four elements. Two are here, we need the other two.

As for the expression of squaring the circle, it is a general saying, as well as having the meaning of being present here in time as well as in space. Or in other words, standing in the circle of time here and now, rooted and incarnated and awakened now, with links to the past lives, so that unification can begin and maybe, just maybe, ascension for us all. The image of a circle spiralling around a square is often used in magical traditions to represent this concept......... although we could say that we are trying to cube the sphere too!!!! cool.gif

Hope that makes some form of sense!!


By Ellysium Jun 6 2009 -

Thanks, Az, that does make some more sense now.

Unfortunately I don't have anything to add that will be of much help. But I wish you the best of luck.

By Dreamsend Jun 7 2009 -

I had wondered what that meant too unsure.gif

I don't know about the other two meanings, but as far as this goes:
"Then there are the two remaining Races that need to be brought into the circle to bring about the ascension of all Kin, not just Shadow or Humanity."

I'd say one of them is probably Faery (who are trying really hard to connect with the rest of us, and I think they sense that it is time to help with the future). And the other... I don't know but I would guess Dragon and/or Vampyre?


By Ouza Jun 7 2009 -

Dear Az,

Have you checked the Summerlands and if so, I think you should do it again this time with only a little more of an open heart with Hope, Faith and mixed with a little bit of TLC... He's waiting there for you, always has and, always will be!


p.s. he is the hidden one, so use your tonal that you both agreed on in the spirit world !!!

Always given in the spirit of love!

p.s. The Call - Regina Spektor - Prince Caspian, If I wasn't alreaady happily married, I'd be in love all over again it speaks both sad and happy at the same time, beautiful choice of memories!

By Azaz'el Jun 7 2009 -

Thanks for the suggestion Ouza, I have checked the Summerlands as far as its possible for me to check. Even though I am Shadow, there are still Wards placed across some sections so that those still incarnate cannot gain entry. So not all of it has been checked by me, but there have been enough searching who can gain access.

As for keeping an open heart, it's something I always have where this is concerned....... an open heart and an open soul and something that I hope will be healed one day, as it has been ripped and torn many times.

My final hope is that they will all hear the song that I offer on the summr solstice... that is all I have left.


By Ellysium Jun 7 2009 -

*offers Az a hug* sounds like you need it..

By Azaz'el Jun 7 2009 -

Thank you for the hug, I do need it right now. I'm tired, and I am almost at the end of my journey. I don't yet know what will be at the end of the road or even if there will be a new road for me to begin walking down, but it is very close. There are times I wonder if I have the strength to face it. But like us all, I have no choice. All I do know is that if I am still standing by the harvest moon, I will not be the same person I am now.


By Ouza Jun 8 2009 -

I'm going to be extremely bold here and I hope that you believe and accept it with all of your heart and Soul!

He/She and the others, have heard your call and await your song as you now and for ever more have earned the rights of passage to all the levels that are of the Summerlands! Use it in the proper moment in time to find your true love and self!

You can trust this as a promise from an old friend!

Given in the spirit of love always and forever more


Trust ... in him !!! The pain is gone !!!

By Scratch Jun 8 2009 -

QUOTE (Azaz'el @ Jun 7 2009, 11:16 PM)
Thank you for the hug, I do need it right now. I'm tired, and I am almost at the end of my journey. I don't yet know what will be at the end of the road or even if there will be a new road for me to begin walking down, but it is very close. There are times I wonder if I have the strength to face it. But like us all, I have no choice. All I do know is that if I am still standing by the harvest moon, I will not be the same person I am now.

There's so much in these words, I could feel them coming up off the screen. What beautiful expression of resignation and acceptance.

I know first-hand how the possibility of imminent death can feel; many here, including you, helped me through it once. I even wrote a letter to my family, and pinned it to my bulletin board so they could find it while clearing out my apartment, if something did happen. But I'm still standing, not the same as I was then, and glad of it. That "dry run" taught me so much about what I value, death, life, and why it is so very important to do everything with grace. I wholeheartedly believe and hope the same will be for you.

I don't know if anything on this side knows what the other is like (even ghosts are here because they didn't go there). One of the first, and most bitter, indications of my transformation was a sudden, unbending insistence, which broached no argument: I will not die. I have no idea what all that entails, but have a hunch (and desperate hope) I am not alone with it. I've died many deaths in 28 years alone, and we all have died countlessly across centuries and millennia, but we are still here.

Courage and grace, my friend. Strength will come with those.

By Dreamsend Jun 26 2009 -

How is that turning out =(?

-- A

By Azaz'el Jun 27 2009 -

It's turning out to be ..... interesting!

There is the urban myth than an old chinese curse goes something like "may you be born in interesting times." I don't know if this is true, but I do use the word interesting i that sense.

I have posted in other threads about what happened at the Solstice. That event in itself has taught me much and made me face the events I have been waiting to happen for over 2 decades now. There are a couple of weeks left before the conclusion of this particular stage ... and whilst I know I will still be standing, I also know I will have faced yet another important death in this life, and will never be the same again.

As for finding the others, well, there have been a few results apparently and I'm just waiting to see who is drawn to this site or to me personally. This I expect to keep happning over the coming weeks so I'll be able to look back and judge how successful it was by the Autumn.

Regarding the two I seek to square the circle....... there is no sign as yet. In many ways I now do what I need to ..... I have let go of them and my hopes for them. If it is right for them to return, then they will......... but I now doubt they will in this life. It is hard to let go of a hope and a dream, but I must move on and face the fact that this life is meant to be without them. They are there in spirit, perhaps, and that will have to do. It hurts, but time is running away from us and I can not wait for much longer for them to awaken or even be reborn.

The cards have been dealt.... we play with the hand we have been given.


By Scratch Jun 27 2009 -

QUOTE (Azaz'el @ Jun 27 2009, 10:14 PM)
"In many ways I now do what I need to ..... I have let go of them and my hopes for them. If it is right for them to return, then they will........."

That's about all anyone can do. We're not our brothers' keepers.
I don't know if I know what two you mean, but that description resounded the first time I read it, with something I've been following. I think they're there, but cut off from themselves and each other. If you don't mind, I'd like to hear how that idea came to you.

::chuckles:: Interesting times indeed. That is a curse, or at least a mixed blessing. I've never felt this alive before, though.
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