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 ARCHIVE: A short vision

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ARCHIVE: A short vision Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: A short vision   ARCHIVE: A short vision EmptySun Nov 14, 2010 2:43 pm

By Dreamsend Feb 6 2009 -

I was waiting for a train at night and staring off into the sky and the trees. I saw an image of a winged being with blond hair, a bright sword and a long white robe rushing in the air to meet a foe. The foe is hard to describe in words... it was merely a blob of sorts, hard and dark and impenetrable. The winged being parried against it with its sword and they were locked... he could not cut through it and the blob thing couldn't push him back either. They were the first to meet, there were more coming on each side, more winged warriors and more dark creatures.

I was trying to think of the enemy when I saw this image. Don't know if it will resonate with anyone here or not but I thought it wouldn't hurt to share.

It was coupled with another shorter vision. Circular stone-looking (gray) gateways embedded in the earth sliding open to reveal darkness.

-- A

By Ishtahar Feb 6 2009 -

Welcome to my world. Knowing that the gateways are opening and the darkness is coming again is only the first step towards working out what the hell we can do about it.

By Azaz'el Feb 6 2009 -

The Gateways are opening........ and inmany ways it will become very confusing........ as they are opening to the realms of the Shadow, but some are also opening to the old enemy....... knowing which is which will be the tricky part.


By Shemyaza Feb 8 2009 -

Thank you for that Dreamsend, that is so how I feel at the moment. Battling something that is almost impossible to beat.

And knowing that I need others to help me get there.

Talk about resonate, yep, HELP....................................!

By Dreamsend Feb 8 2009 -

I'll try to remember to post the images I see. It happens *all.the.time.* But I am so used to keeping the things I see and feel to myself that I hadn't really thought "oh, I have a place now to post these thoughts for other people and myself."

I've never seen an image quite like that, though, simply because most of the things I see seem to happen in the definite future or the definite past and this (the battle scene) seemed to be transposed onto the sky before me.

-- Angela

By Laeus [user changed name from NamelessAngel - ARCHIVE] Feb 26 2009 -

OH MY GOSh sorry that vision recount almost made me cry. i have seen the EXACT same thing... scary

By Azaz'el Feb 26 2009 -

One thing that you might find helpful, NamelessAngel, whilst you are developing your abilities is to keep a record of your dreams and visions in a journal, so that you can check details later on that may be helpful to your own path, or to the path all of us here are walking.

I am a strong believer in journalling.


By Ouza Apr 6 2009 -

Gateways, I'm sorry to say open in all directions and to all of the mirror worlds that coexist along with ours in this Universe/Muti-verse that we live in. But the Key to it all is Harmony or Harmonics if we all are just willing to see and hear it! Gateways come in different sizes and shapes, and often appear to be other things hidden from view just so obvious that it creates the illusion of solidity or invisibility! Be aware, not scared and always always trust those who have walked the walk and talked the talk!

Love always,

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ARCHIVE: A short vision
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