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 ARCHIVE: walk-ins, just by show of hands

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ARCHIVE: walk-ins, just by show of hands Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: walk-ins, just by show of hands   ARCHIVE: walk-ins, just by show of hands EmptySun Oct 17, 2010 4:32 pm

By Raven Wight Jan 1 2009 -

Just by show of hands, for curiosity sake, how many of you got your own body. It's quite frustrating not being directly incarnated ... I think ... I've never really been so, it may just be a guess that being alone n your body is more comfortable. by the way, does anyone have any advice for further dissolving the will of a host? I mean it's not like I could ever fully merge... in any case I just wanted to bring up the topic of walk-ins, I've had this body since it was six, and see if anyone has any insight or personal experience with such things.

By Riley Jan 1 2009 -

Well, it's not so pleasant being forcibly put into incarnation either, fwi >_>

And where did morals go? I hear about astral entities just taking a body and pushing the host out of range of control. :\

I don't have experience in Walk-ins (maybe some, but i don't remember them), but I do have a soul piece running around. I can get a remarkable amount of info, but nothing location wise. I'm curious how I'll manage to pull myself together (pardon pun). I'd like to be whole, but if the separate soul piece wants a life of his own I wont mind about that (and I'm 90% sure he wants to live on his own).

As for Walk-Ins, I'm not exactly supportive about that in any case unless the host is fully aware of what's going on and fully agree's in his own will (plus some unforseen things). I'm only friends with one walk-in, because he's talked to his host when she was able to understand.

I'm still a bit unacepting (i like that word far better than skeptic) about the walk-in theory. Possibly because I haven't had one or witnessed it. I've had constructs attempt to control me, but nothing like entering.

By Seraphyna Jan 2 2009 -

I have my own body...I was born into it as its "soul" so to speak. I didn't choose to incarnate as a human being either.

By Azaz'el Jan 2 2009 -

I'm with you on this one Seraphyna. I didn't choose to be born, or even o be born into a Human shell. But after my murder and exile and our loss of the direct link to the Source, all of our Kin had no choice but to begin incarnating in human form. So, after the bonds that kept me in Exile frayed and broke, my Soul was thrown back into time and I was incarnate into this Human Shell.

I know that this form is too small for me. And too limiting.

As for Walk-Ins, I have to say that I only have one experience of someone claiming to be one. In the end she turned out to be petty, greedy, arrogant and craved power and attention. I became her enemy when I found out certain facts relating to her, and when I didn't agree to all she said, trouble began. So ultimately, I doubt she even was a walk-in, more just a troubled Human soul trying to be something she could never be.

So Walk-ins are something that I try to keep an open mind about, but have not yet heard a convincing reason as to why they 'are', other than to keep the body going when the soul has been destroyed.

Perhaps you'd like to start a new thread, Raven Wight, so that you can share with us what the truth path and purpose of Walk-ins are. I would love to find out the truth and erase the turmoil caused in my understanding by this troubled person I mentioned. What is the truth? smile.gif


By Raven Wight Jan 3 2009 -

Thank you for your understanding, and I am sorry to hear about your previous negative experience. For me this was something of a desperate act. and as much as it was consensual at the time, I'm kinda stuck and partially merged with my host. I understand what you mean about morals, but please believe that it seemed th best thing for both parties. perhaps my use of the word dissolve was poor, I meant more 'integrate' as in attempting to gain more control, with the hope of regaining some semblance of my old self. for the most part you are right about walk-ins, it tends to be something of a parasitic spirit that chooses to do so (in my opinion). I ma only say in my defense that my nature - as I understand it - is such that I do not so much have a corporeal existence, and as such am required to merge with the form of what is already present - see my post about shifting in the balancers thread - to do this with an already occupied body - or spirit for that matter - is not something that is new for me, nor is the indignation it usually causes, I can only hope that my purpose here will justify the necessity, and that you not hold too negative an impression of me for my nature.

By Riley Jan 3 2009 -

I try my best not to. As long as no harm comes to either side and nothing is lost, then I'm fine with it.

By Azaz'el Jan 3 2009 -

Thanks Raven Wight, that really does make a lot more sense to me and helps me to understand your nature a great deal more.

I certainly don't think any of us could hold a negative impression of you for being the type of Kin you are. We can all be judged by our Kin type, and many of us have been. This is not a forum where we judge or feel negativity in such a way. The only possible reason why anyone would view any other member in a negative way is if that member brought trouble and negativity to the forum itself. This is a neutral home, a place where all Kin can come to rest, to heal, to share and to understand. All Kin are welcome. I, more than many, could easily have reason to not want some Kin to be here..... I refer of course to the judgement that was placed upon me and my brothers by the Shadow, our own Kin. But we forgive, if not forget, and seek to move forward and reunite.

What we do here, as you have seen, is ask questions!!! We're all nosey, and so if there's something we don't understand, we ask. And I shared my experience of a walk-in so that you would perhaps understand my reasons for questioning, as the only walk-in I had a chance to talk to recently was a fraud.

Don't forget, it also works the other way too....... so never be afraid to ask me or any of us a question if you're not sure about anything. biggrin.gif


By Riley Jan 4 2009 -

Crap D: When I look at my older pics, and see my face and stuff, my intuition goes "That's not my body", and I'm thinking "wtf? I've been in this body for as long as I can remember" And I tried to scan the pictures energy wise (because pics contains energies), and the energy given from the pic tells me the mind and body is not mine. Whenever I just look at the picture, I can feel, just under the layer of my thoughts is the mind of this so called body that's not mine D:

It's kinda scaring me, and now I question if I've been a walk-in and not knowing it. The problem is, I don't remember (let's just say that i am a walk-in) when i walked in, or memories of before I walked in for that matter D: -feels a bit like crawling under a rock-

Edit: Yes, I know about the fact that people change, but my intuition tells me that the person in the pic is not me. It's not saying "That's me back then and I've changed to here", it's telling me that I'm an individual being from that person
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ARCHIVE: walk-ins, just by show of hands
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