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 ARCHIVE: Strange "dream/medetation", an odd walk in a different world.

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ARCHIVE: Strange "dream/medetation", an odd walk in a different world. Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Strange "dream/medetation", an odd walk in a different world.   ARCHIVE: Strange "dream/medetation", an odd walk in a different world. EmptyTue Nov 23, 2010 9:22 am

By Eidolon Aug 23 2009 -

I have been having a dream about 2 or 3 times a month sometimes 2 or 3 times a week for the past 9 or 10 years. It always repeats itself and during certain "accomplishments" it tends to lengthen. I have no clue what it means yet I believe it to be either prophetic or maybe even an alternate reality?

About 9 or 10 years ago i looked to the sky and said something along the lines of dear great creator please help me to understand you and to follow your words and wisdom.
This i believe started it all within days i was introduced to Judaism, Catholicism Wicca Taoism and Hinduism. i read a little of each and seriously tried to apply what i learned to my life. That was when the dream started.

I begin in the dream by walking in a forest everything is slightly damp and the trees reach to the highest points in the sky. It is slightly darker than normal daylight in the forest due to the large canopy the trees make overhead which gave the forest itself a washed look to it as far as the colors go. it is a dense canopy and hardly any light penetrates the dense foliage to light the well trodden path upon which i walk. The trees are spaced rather far apart and have large trunks few of which are small enough to wrap my arms around. The forest is ancient by my terms of reasoning. I then get a sense that i am being follow and i glance behind me to see a dark robed figure keeping pace with me and notice one also to my left and to my right. They wear monks clothing yet i know they are warriors from a long lineage. i come upon a fork in the path barely perceptible yet i feel as if the "monks" are leading me to it so i continue on my journey and come to this large cavern in a hollow of the woods. the monks gather closer around me forcing me into the cavern.

When i enter the cavern i see a single torch upon a wall many yards ahead of me i go toward the light and it lights a landing at the top of a crumbling spiral stair case there is no banister to prevent one from falling only a great empty abyss. The monks wordlessly motion for me to take the stairs and as i run out of light to see i place my hand upon the wall for guideance. The monks remain at the landing seemingly scared to enter this "sacred place" (note that is what it feels like to me in the dream that it is a special place)

As i continue my trek down the stairs slowly trailing my hand as it goes ever onward and downward i begin to feel lumps in the wall. odd protrusions, holes, and rivulets can be felt along with a very cloying sickening smell of copper. The walls become slippery and tacky and slightly warm as the steps altogether disappear and i discover myself on another landing. I take a few more steps forward and a torch lights the stairwell around me in the walls and skeletons. individuals trapped in thier last moments of life much like the victims of the explosion of Pompeii. They stir to life as i realize my hand is soaked in blood and as it traces over their forms they come to life attempting to grab me. However i am safe a gold green and black aura encircles my body preventing them from touching me.

I sit for a while and debate on returning to the landing above me yet finally decide to continue ever deeper. I finally come to an antechamber where a loan monk sits in front of a pedestal (podium) upon which rests a ancient and rather large volume the first half of the book seems as if it is brand new while the second half appears as if it would crumble to dust at the touch. He calls be by a name (if you need it to help interpret this i will give it to you) he say child of many your name appears in neither the book of the living nor the book of the dead. The time comes near to hand and the dream is becoming a reality while the dreamer is but a dream you control everything with a thought. he points to three different passages and places a gleaming sword in my hand he says i must choose my pathway for the gate is no longer sealed and my duties as a gatekeeper are over now i must go forward to what awaits me however he says whichever path you choose know this there is no turning back and this is the path you choose for eternity.

ok guys if anyone can help me with that part of the dream it will be Greatly appreciated and i will continue this upon another day. the cave and the antechamber were two continuations of the dream as i studied religions i walked the path as i focused upon a new belief one in a single god who talked to all of his children through different means i came to the antechamber.

By Azaz'el Aug 23 2009 -

Greetings and welcome to the forum, Eidolon

I hope you enjoy your time here with us, it's always good to see a new face and to hear about an other's experiences..... it all helps us to put together the peices and create a greater awareness than we have as individuals.

Your dream sounds incredibly vivid and powerful and, of course, very personal to you. As much as many of us may be able to add some insight into what it may mean, the most important position is your own...... so what does it mean to you? Do you see this as a memory of a past life resurfacing through a dream, or does it feel more like a symbolic journey? Or was it a Guiding by this being to begin the awakening process, in which case it was a spiritual journey through your own psyche. Before saying anything about specifics, I personally would need to know your feelings on this.

As you can tell from the posts here in this forum, and perhaps on other forums, we are at the point of awakening for amny individuals. Not only are more and more people realising that they are Kin (Otherkin), but the Barriers that have kept all of the Fallen from incarnating are breaking, allowing us to finally be reborn.

Perhaps this is something your experience alludes to, because of the journey down and the book that you saw.

Welcome to the forum,


By Eidolon Aug 23 2009 -

I prefer to call this a dream because it sounds unlogical to me to be what it might be.

This first started coming to me when I meditated. I felt I was there and could feel the wind and the walls as if they were there. This is just a very very small portion of the entire thing. It has also come to me while I was in the dream world. However unlike my normal dreams I had complete and total control of my every action.

The closest thing that I can find to this is lucid dreaming yet the problem is that I am not sure that I was really dreaming. In one portion of the dream I was burned. When I awoke I had a burn exactly in the dream where I was burned. This is not the first time weird things like this have happened to me. Other things tree sap and sand for example have appeared on on near where I slept and this really really freaks me out.
I have had scratches and bruises appear after these dreams.

I seriously have considered that I must be insane because these things cannot possibly happen. I have even considered the possibility that I might be sleepwalking yet know that is not the case for I have done experiments that allow me yo know this is not the case.

This dream ends in a city. This city is a large city full of gardens and between 2 rivers. It is surrounded by a very large countryside of small bushes and even smaller plants. At least that is the view from inside the city. When I step out of the city and into the surrounding gardens the plants suddenly become trees and small bushes and if I look to where the city was it is gone. Directly ahead in the path that leads from the city is a large tree. As I head to that tree everything living around me turns to dust. Sand drifts in and blankets everything turning a veritable oasis into a dry barren desert.

Now I have turned in one of the dreams and headed back to where the city was and reentered the city. The trees and bushes diminish in size and turn back into bushes and undergrowth. A beautiful garden. So I am assuming there is a veil between the city and the garden that only certain individuals can pass through.

As far as a symbolic journey that is a possibility for events that occur in the real world such as me learning more of myself or accepting certain things to be fact as opposed to fantasy cause the dream to lengthen until I come to another stumbling block in the real world.

My true feelings on this is that the dreams relate to me awakening. It is difficult to express what I feel is truly going on. I believe the part of the dream I have told so far represents me learning of my past. And it helped teach me what I things that allowed me to learn.

The part of the dream I will post soon is what is currently occurring in the world at this time. And the third part I will post will refer to me once I fully awake and accept what and who I am. (which scares the crap out of me)

As far as this being in my own psyche I do not feel this is correct. I feel more as if this is a separate reality or realm of existence. Yet I must learn lessons here in this world in order to be able to advance in that world.

I was talking to a young man the other night and I left out plenty of information from my dreams so that there was no possible way for him to know what I left out. He filled in all of the blank spots I left out with information that he had and he was the one who mentioned to me that I might be otherkin. However he also said something that freaked me out. He said that if what I was referring to him did represent who I was then I would be a being who should not exist for I would be from 2 separate races. Two races that cannot coexist with each other throughout the history whether oral or written. He mentioned a group of hunter and he mentioned two twins that were children of Lilith. I can not find reference to any of the information he gave me but it all rang true.

By Scratch Aug 23 2009 -

Eidolon, you made me weep when I got to the description of the city. Weep! Without tears, but all strength left me, and I would have fallen over if I weren't already reclining. The big gasping sobs lasted several minutes, and I had to cover my face for a while, before I could read the rest.

That was my city! My home, the only one I've ever truly loved. My queendom, although I didn't rule it in that sense. You made me recall, in one terrible whoosh, how much I've longed for it, and how long. It's known in myth as Babylon, but much older; the ruins in Iraq are from an attempt to rebuild, when my city was already a memory turned to legend. It's gone, destroyed so nothing of its kind could ever be supported by the region again. God, I'm crying again...

By Scratch Aug 23 2009 -

Okay. Yes, there was a veil. That's why the gardens were "hanging." It's also the origin of a few vague references to "Asherim" early in the Old Testament of the Bible, although what they were talking about, by that point, is about as close as a crucifix necklace is to the actual cross.

I don't think those are dreams, and that physical evidence is there to help bring your logical mind around to that fact. That journeying I mentioned always begins with some means of going down, which is part of the reason I say so. I think lucid dreaming is journeying while asleep, but you can do it through meditation/inducing trance states. The way I learned was to have a basic rhythm going on for the duration.

I was confused for a long time by a similar question of race, from the sound of it. There's a lot of holes and misinterpretation in known history, and enough pieces were handed to me that it did eventually start to make sense. It's mainly a matter of how far you trace back, at least in my case.

By Eidolon Aug 23 2009 -

The hanging gardens are the veil that separates the city. I do worry that these are not dreams. That I am actually physically there.

I will begin working on typing out the second and third "sections" of the dream though they are not sections and are not pieces. I am currently at a stand still on these dreams/meditations standing yet again in a desert waste land. I have numbers that appear to me and they feel as if they are longitude and latitude points.

One last thing is I turn 30 in November. I have this really bad feeling that I will end up in a desert in my 30th year and that during the next year I will realize my full potential. I don't know how to explain it.

It is like this strong urge to find what needs to be found and become the leader I am supposed to be. I feel as if I should be leading a group of people that aren't people for lack of better words. I know that is is something I must do but fear doing. also in the dream I am presented with an incantation. Part of it says the last Zions cross the fields this truly has me disturbed for I have an idea of the meaning but am not sure as to what it refers exactly to.

By Scratch Aug 23 2009 -

Don't know how to explain it? As far as I'm concerned, you just did.

I can't say what it means, or elaborate yet, but I understand, and all I can say by way of reaction is "ohhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit....!"

By Eidolon Aug 23 2009 -

You will get a higher oh shiiiit feeling I believe when I finish explainging the dream which will assist you in understanding where the griffin comes in,

By Scratch Aug 24 2009 -

Are you @*(#&(!*#$%^(@#$!(&(P serious?!

By Ishtahar Aug 24 2009 -

That explaination of the dream is incredibly vivid. I am almost there with you. It has a feel of a guided meditation in that it is a journye rather than a dream per se.

My 30th birthday was a huge milestone for me as far as spiritual awareness and my journey towards awakening is concerned.

The city is familar..ish but it is the sense of foreboding and longing that is the most familiar.

By Eidolon Aug 24 2009 -

I stand there contemplating my options should I go left, right, or straightforward. All of pathways have a door made of obsidian and they are trimmed out in black onyx. I can not tell what is down any of the paths.

I look at the sword that was given me and it glows with a crimson aura. I see carvings etched on the sword's blade and on its hilt. I know these carving are words and I know by looking at them the basic meaning behind each. The blade says that it can penetrate any barrier even if it is impenetrable. The hilt states that only the bearer of the truth and of balance can wield the sword.

I decide to continue straight forward and as I come to the door the other pathway entrances turn into solid alabaster walls. As I step into the hallway I look around and realize this pathway was "grown" by the elements. The floor was polished as if a lifetime of rivers flowed across the ground. I continue along the pathway and ahead of me I see niches carved into the walls. In each niche is either a crystalline or Terracotta statue.

The statues are of beings and humans from various ages and cultures. The human statues are made from the terracotta (notice that many texts say that man was made from clay and this was one odd thing to me in the dream). The otherworldly statues were the ones made of crystal.

As I walk past the statues they come to life some kneel to me and some attack me.
The ones that kneel to me crumble to dust as I past and when one attacks me my sword is at the ready to block the attack. The swords aura has changed from a crimson to a blackish red color. All of the attackers perish either shattering, bursting into flame, or exploding into a trillion tiny shards. None of their attacks land and I walk through this gauntlet unscathed. I finally reach the end of the path only to discover a dead end.

The path is blocked by an solid wall of a metallic stone. Its structure appears partially organic and partially made of metal. I look around and try to find what I missed and then my sword hand pushes the sword into the wall. As the sword penetrates the wall it turns into a pounding waterfall and I pass through into what appears to be an amphitheater.

There is a bowl shaped structure ahead of me built into the mountain. It looks like half of a stadium but with no seats and where the playing field should be is a raised area. In the center of this "stage" is a Podium and behind that is a large archway built into the stone. Stone blocks whatever path leads from there.

Standing at the podium is what appears to be a young man yet from his eyes I can tell that he has lived eons. He is dressed in a purple flowing robe. This robe is edged with gold. On either side of him are two young boys. These boys are also in robes and each holds a ceremonial dagger on a velvet pillow. The boy on the right wear robes of crimson with a royal blue edging. The boy on the right wears a robe of royal blue with crimson edging.

The man looks down at me and says "The student must now become the teacher and the student the teacher. The guardian must become a warrior and the warriors become the guardian." "Child my time draws near for even immortal beings must return from whence they came. It is now your duty to take my place and my position as high council."

"Who are you and what do you speak of?" I ask.

He looks at me with pain in his eyes and opens his mouth to speak. As soon as his mouth opens the two boys on either side of him have plunged their daggers into his chest and I realize that they are taking the power that was once his.

I destroy both of the boys for their apparent treason and take the skills and strengths from all three beings into myself. As I do this words appear on the archway and I recite them aloud. The archway glows with a brilliant light taking away my sight and I stumble forward into the doorway.

I find myself in a desert. I travel for what seems like day and fleeting shadows let me know that I am not alone in this desert. After a time a creature appears before me. He is part griffin, sphinx, and part lion (not sure on lion will have to look at dream journal when I get home). This being attacks me 3 times and i counter it each time.

On the last strike from this creature it tears a deep gash through my chest yet I grab its arm and draw the creature to me. I know am am mortally wounded but I have wounded him as well. As my life drains from my body it slides down his arm to his wounds.

When my blood touches his wounds it is as if my life or soul rushes out of my body and enters into him. As soon as I enter his body he ceases to exist and I find that I can turn into any aspect of this creature at will. I become one with its thoughts and know what it has known. I pull the image from its mind of a structure. This structure is similar to Stonehenge. I then reclaim my original form and continue my path through the desert.

This is the second and a portion of the third part of the dream I will finish soon with what has happened so far. But I thought this might answer your question in regard to the griffin Scratch.

By Azaz'el Aug 24 2009 -

QUOTE (Eidolon @ Aug 23 2009, 09:57 PM)
"He said that if what I was referring to him did represent who I was then I would be a being who should not exist for I would be from 2 separate races. Two races that cannot coexist with each other throughout the history whether oral or written. He mentioned a group of hunter and he mentioned two twins that were children of Lilith. I can not find reference to any of the information he gave me but it all rang true."

This has me really curious. Did he say what or who these two races were, either their name or their origins?

The group of hunter(s), are they part of the two races? How about the Lilim? I have some knowledge of the ancient races that either existed in the First Times or came into being then, so may be able to help........... or not! LOL


By Ouza Aug 24 2009 -

Dual or duplicate souls or even more on a multidimensional level, coexisting yet separate and unaware of each other that, is until now! Gain insight through directed thinking/visualization by using unlimited perspective/possibilities/probabilities! Think abstract not linear!<--- Hope that's ... not too confusing?


By Ouza Aug 24 2009 -

Don't forget ... past, present and future coexist in the so called continuum of things!


You're picking up on a lot of bleed over from different levels of existence, stand still and center yourself as you are doing now with your writing. It will help you and give you a better outlook as to what just is really going on! The mirrors are here for you if and when you need them!

By Ouza Aug 24 2009 -

Also think along these lines for enigmatic Numerals or Alphabetic representations used in the communication process of the Lucid periods of sleep!


Read this url throughly and see what rings! Also follow the links, just don't stop at one page but also use all the portals given! Any questions feel free to PM me or continue to use this route, whichever, suits you the best! Your choice is yours ... choice wisely!



By Scratch Aug 24 2009 -

Yes Eidolon, that was a much louder and higher pitched version of my previous reaction. When did this happen?

Ouza, that was actually pretty direct of you. wink.gif If you were trying to say what I got from that, there just aren't really words for it, at least in English.

By Eidolon Aug 25 2009 -

the fight in the dream actually first occurred in the dream around the year 2000. As far as when it really took place I have no clue.

By Eidolon Aug 25 2009 -

I should also note that all of the senses are heightened in the dream. The colors either are very dull in places or so vivid that one can not imagine the brightness they let off in this material realm

By Scratch Aug 25 2009 -

I did that journey in 2003 or 2004. Good point.

Even if they're screwy, sounds like you have all your senses. I think that's something that can differentiate dreams from real.

By Ouza Aug 25 2009 -

Precious Scratch and Eidolon

All that peace, quiet and privacy was nice while it lasted, and you needed it -- but you're both on a different page now. You're both ready for some excitement, and even though you know you have to get up tomorrow, you really won't care how late you have to stay up in order to have more excitement. It's a good thing you're well rested, too, because you'll definitely connect with at least one more someone who'll help you find what you're after: with an adrenaline rush!

Ouza wink.gif

p.s. Batten down the hatches and prepare for much much much more to come... "Willy Wonka's factory is now back in business... 24X7"<--- Sorry about that... but had to make a funny... there is too much unhappiness and sadness in this world of ours as it is and we need an equal give and take of fresh air! lol "Stay on the Path of Light to Self Realization!!!"

By Azaz'el Aug 26 2009 -

QUOTE (Ouza @ Aug 25 2009, 02:56 PM)
"there is too much unhappiness and sadness in this world of ours as it is and we need an equal give and take of fresh air!"

You are right with this, the world is filled with a lot of pain, unhappiness, misery and trauma. And whilst it is important that we face it, we also have to laugh, have to see the humour and the lighter side of life.

We were here, in existence, for a purpose and for a reason, but part of that reason bacame one of love, of laughter and of living.... thats why we ended up facing the pain of the past few millennia. So whilst we have to face the past to remember and learn, we also have to laugh and enjoy the life we have.


By Ouza Aug 27 2009 -

So let it be written...

So let it be done...

So that we may live this and other lives to come both wisely and prudently with, a well chosen path to follow... asking only for clear and viable discernment along the way!<--- and always with a lot of true love, always being there to back it up!


We are not alone...
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ARCHIVE: Strange "dream/medetation", an odd walk in a different world.
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