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 ARCHIVE: Dream States, My studies of the dream world

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ARCHIVE: Dream States, My studies of the dream world Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Dream States, My studies of the dream world   ARCHIVE: Dream States, My studies of the dream world EmptyFri Nov 19, 2010 9:09 am

By EaruAralay Aug 9 2008 -

I have gone very deeply into dream states and studied my own subconscious realms, heres my introduction and explanation to dream states and what they do.

The methods used to attain these states consciously have been meditation, lucid dreaming, and a form of dreaming where you consciously go to sleep from the first second you close your eyes, I will elaborate upon these processes in another thread.

First state:
Eyes shut.
The conscious mind begins to shut down and the subconscious takes over.
This state is usually 5-15 minutes into your sleep, and psychic ability is amplified here.

Second Stage:
The subconscious mind begins to sort thoughts in patterns rational to it's design.
This stage is a prerequisite stage to the third.

Third Stage:
Shallow dream-state.
The subconscious mind's arrangement of experiences for the day is complete, and begins to sort through thoughts. Here is where one encounters Deja-Vu, as the completion part of this stage involves developing what happens for the next day. This is important to people who wish to know the outcome of their next day, or control what happens.

Fourth Stage:
Deep dream-state.
Here lucid dreaming is encountered, or standard dreams where one remembers them the most. Here is where the processes involved in organizing your thoughts, experiences of the previous day are completed and told to the subconscious mind which interprets them, and stores them in memory. Such experiences of consciously remembering these dreams are important in beginning lucid dreaming or conscious exploration of dreams.

Fifth Stage:
Completion stage in the dream-state process, your mind's trip to the subconscious is almost complete and is readying itself to wake up or stay in a process similar to the fourth stage until the person wakes themselves up (Or something else does).
Once someone has completed the fifth stage it is much more difficult to remember dreams and occurrences in the previous stages, as they get sorted into memories that require more complex processes to explore those areas of your mind.

Hope this helps!

By Ellysium Aug 20 2008 -

Thanks for doing that research EaruAralay. It's very interesting, I'm excited to hear what else you've found out through your experience.
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ARCHIVE: Dream States, My studies of the dream world
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