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 ARCHIVE: weird dream

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: weird dream   ARCHIVE: weird dream EmptyWed Mar 10, 2010 2:06 am

From Elaea 6 July 2009

so last night i was laying in bed, struggling to fall asleep eventually when i actually managed to fall asleep i had a weird dream i say weird because to be honest i dont dream, and when i do they are really weird.

there were 3 men in my dream, speaking some odd language i remember one guy saying "koere detoe siabiar ef" (sorry but im not sure if that's the correct spelling) i have no clue what it means. They came up to me, but i was afraid to even look at them let alone talk to them. they continued speaking that language to me and all i said was i dont understand, constantly and they didnt leave me alone.

after a few "go away!!" shouting from me, a tall, blonde blue-eyed woman walked in and told me...give me you hand its time. And thats where my dream ended.

Laeus 6 July 2009

is it that same woman that trained you, was she pale, and glowing? and her eyes, did they constantly change colour, blue, red, orange, yellow, green, indigo, violet. i dunn maybe i am thinking of a different woman

From Elaea 7 July 2009

in my post "they wanted me dead" i mention a woman who trained me after she died, the woman who you are mentioning here became my new trainer. So to answer your question yes she was pale, she did glow and yes her eyes did change colour.
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ARCHIVE: weird dream
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