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 A weird and interesting dream

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A weird and interesting dream Empty
PostSubject: A weird and interesting dream   A weird and interesting dream EmptyFri Feb 15, 2013 4:24 am

I was walking into my house at first with my mother. My dead grandmother was there. I was shocked, but my mother acted normally, as though my grandmother hadn't suddenly come back from the dead. Anyway, my grandmother had greeted my mother and I, and my grandmother and I hugged. When my mother went outside to do something (I don't know WHAT), I confronted my grandmother—who was sitting down and looking sadly at the floor and hanging her hands over her knees,—and asked her in Spanish, "Why are you here? You're dead." She remained silent. I repeated the question several more times, becoming increasingly desperate for an answer because it REALLY didn't make sense to me that she was there (especially because I didn't know at first that I was dreaming). Eventually, her head jerked backwards and her mouth opened, and she physically ascended in a pillar of light. Then, quite obviously, she was gone. I am under the impression that my grandmother was visiting me in my dreams again (she's done so in the past) to deliver some sort of cryptic message to me; her messages, or rather, her reasons for visiting have never been clear. It seems as though she always comes to deliver whatever message she has cryptically and leaves me to try to decipher it.

Anyway, my mom and I were at some sort of mall, myself in the form of my current incarnation (though I believe I eventually change to my true form at an indeterminate point in time XP), walking around looking at the clothing. Then at some point, I sit down on the carpeted floor and begin to wonder if maybe I'm dreaming... So since it occurs to me that I very well might be, I shout Shuzari's name. My mother turned around from whatever she was doing to ask me what I said, to which I replied, "Nothing", unsure of whether or not I truly was dreaming.

At some point, I become seperated from my mother, and realize that I AM dreaming, so I call out Shuzari's name again, and another time. Getting no response and remembering how well calling his name in order to find him tends to work out for me (which is to say, it rarely does) I decide to try out a thinking-outside-the-box tactic: I started asking the people around me if they knew where he was. The first two or so people did not know, and I think there was a person who didn't know who he even was, but afterwards, I ran into some people who were able to help me locate him. The first time I managed to find someone who was able to tell me where he was, I could see and hear Shuzari running through the aisles of the store though I couldn't actually see him. So I chased after him, and lost him so I asked another person if he or she had seen Shuzari. They pointed in his direction and urged me to hurry. So I made after him again, and eventually, he hopped up onto one of the shelves, and wasn't in his true form, but rather, had disguised himself in the form of what appeared like it might've been that of a Mayan king or warrior.

If he said anything, I can't remember. However, I think I walked around with him for a short while or something. Then I saw him inside this... completely white, almost glowing room with a floating glass floor and no walls. I felt compelled to walk inside, and as soon as I did, I began to slowly fall into the bottomless chasm, and I expected to just keep falling, but Shuzari either jumped or flew down and grasped at my outstretched hands. At first, he only managed to get my fingers, which quickly slipped out of his grasp, but afterwards, he managed to get a better and tighter grip.

The dream ended soon afterwards and I woke up.

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A weird and interesting dream Empty
PostSubject: Re: A weird and interesting dream   A weird and interesting dream EmptyFri Feb 15, 2013 5:48 am

That almost sounds like something out of Inception how you were trying to figure out if you were awake or dreaming o_o Trippy
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A weird and interesting dream
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