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 ARCHIVE: Adventure Today!, (not affiliated with the Aquabats)

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ARCHIVE: Adventure Today!, (not affiliated with the Aquabats) Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Adventure Today!, (not affiliated with the Aquabats)   ARCHIVE: Adventure Today!, (not affiliated with the Aquabats) EmptySun Nov 14, 2010 4:15 pm

By Faddewr Jun 7 2008 -

It all begins with a trip to a seminar.

Millions of people were there.

But I was naked, and holding a bar of green soap and using it to write things in glass and metal:

"Listen to me"

"I can't help you, I can only reccomend therapy."

"Help me."

twas weird. Especially when I hit everything I wrote with a hose to wash it away.

Then the seminar building began to be overrun with trees and foliage.

I was still naked and it turned into a house.

A clown appeared, he was wearing white spats and was bald except for two poofy hair pieces on the side of his head. His makeup was messed up, like he had been under great pressure and was sweating considerably.

I got some information on him the moment I saw him. Something about people sitting in a corner with a cloth over their heads can see him. We talked for a moment, he hired me briefly. Before the world began to shake violently. He ushered me to a corner and threw a cloth over my face. I felt the wall and then I fell through the wall and fell into the ocean.

I walked onto a sandbar, and there was a woman with me. Around my age.

It was from a similar dream that took place into a stormy atoll in shark-infested waters.

The waters were still shark infested.

Regardless, we (the woman and I) swam for shore.

When I got to shore, I was in some sort of village. Looked Tuscan. I came ashore by a university of sorts.

What followed was rather a non-sequitr.

Some sort of murderous psychopath.

I woke up.

Three hours later went back to sleep.

Had a dream about a psychic training program.
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ARCHIVE: Adventure Today!, (not affiliated with the Aquabats)
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