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 ARCHIVE: Dragon, cat, man, and lost

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ARCHIVE: Dragon, cat, man, and lost Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Dragon, cat, man, and lost   ARCHIVE: Dragon, cat, man, and lost EmptyFri Nov 19, 2010 9:17 am

By Saeriel Feb 13 2009 -

The dream started in the forest, under the light of a full moon and cloudless sky. I walked the small, tricky path easily not even looking at the ground. Once I reached the end of the tree line, I saw a crystal clear lake surrounding a huge stone castle. I walked slowly into the clearing, wondering how I could enter since there was no entrance.

The thought had no sooner crossed my mind when suddenly, a pathway appeared leading to the huge now open door. I walked into the castle without hesitation. Inside, I saw two paths, one leading up and the second leading down. The first time, this time, I chose up. I reached the top step and appeared back at the entrance. I knew then that I had to go down instead. I reached the end of the stairs and looked into the stone room before me.

There were torches lighting the room in a soft flickering glow. I walked in a little further and then noticed the hand made woven tapestries lining the walls. The first one was so detailed, so perfect, it looked real. Hundreds of men with swords, staves, axes, and bows frozen in a deadly battle. I leaned closer and thought I saw a flicker of movement and suddenly, they burst into battle. Screams of the dying, wails of the wounded, and battle cries of the living filled the room and echoed off the walls. Startled, I stumbled back, almost falling, and then noticed the dragon.

There was a huge, cherry mahogany desk in the far end with a dragon cast of silver with emeralds for eyes. I felt an need to take it. I walked to the desk, checking over my shoulder to make sure I was still alone, and reached for it. As my finger tips brushed the dragon, I heard a soft growl. I looked to my right and froze at the sight of a huge black panther with green eyes to match the dragon. He walked by me and lay before me, his green eyes staring at me. I pulled my hand away, watching the cat.

"He wont hurt you now," a man called from the same door that the cat had entered, that I had not seen before the cat. I backed away against the wall. He was at least six two, shoulder length black hair, green eyes, clean shaven and pale skinned. He wore very old style clothes, a lace up tunic and dark, tight pants with knee high black boots. He carried a wooden staff in his left hand, with a small, clear orb holding a miniture of the castle we stood in inside it which was being bombarded by a lightning storm. He smiled at me. "The dragon, though it calls to you, is not yours. He protects it."

"who are you?" I asked, the only question I could say. He smiled again, this time a sad almost bittersweet one.

"It matters not. I am here to show you, and you must see." He lifted his hand to remove a small leather bag from his neck and gestured me closer. Though I was wary of him, I wanted to know what was in the bag.

I went closer and he opened the bag, pouring the contents into his right palm. There were four stones. A snowflake obsidian, a black onyx, a cats eye, and a fourth stone, a bluish green one that I have never been able to identify. I reached for them and he closed his hand. I looked at his face and again with that so sad smile.

"Not yet. It is not time but soon. Soon the time will come and then you will be ready."

I felt a pull on my body, pulling me towards the door but I fought it. I knew what it meant. It meant that my time was up and I had to leave. I looked back at him, his green eyes full of tears.

"I dont want to go," I whispered, and at that moment, that heartbeat, I meant it. He gave me a small push away from him.

"I do not want you to either but you must. It is too soon. Go."

As soon as he said go, I was pulled out of the castle and back into the green clearing with the now waning moonlight. As I watched, the pathway vanished. The castle quickly followed. I walked to the waters edge and sat, staring into the water. more lonely then I had ever been before or since......
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ARCHIVE: Dragon, cat, man, and lost
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