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 ARCHIVE: my wolf, my friend.

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ARCHIVE: my wolf, my friend. Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: my wolf, my friend.   ARCHIVE: my wolf, my friend. EmptyFri Nov 19, 2010 9:23 am

By Saeriel Feb 13 2009 -

I was in the woods at night. There was a full moon and I was walking with my friend Adam (who I worked with) We were talking about nothing really when the man stepped out of the darkness ahead of us. I stepped between Adam and the man. I asked him what he wanted. He laughed and pulled a silver blade, too long for a dagger too short for a sword. He said to call my wolf. I stared at him, not understanding. I have never seen a wolf I told him.

The man pointed behind me and told me to look. I turned and Adam stood behind me but as a huge black wolf (same as his hair color oddly enough). I didnt think it was him until I saw his eyes. Adam has very distinictive blue eyes and they were his peering out at me. The man ordered me to kill the wolf, to prove my worth.

I looked at the man and refused. He threw the blade at me and I caught it easily. He ordered my again to kill the wolf. I looked at Adam and I heard him tell me to do it too. That it would spare me to kill him. I could not do it. I was his protector not his murderer. I told the man that and he laughed. He rushed me, pushing me aside. He drew another silver blade and ran it through Adam, pinning him to a tree.
Without thinking, guided only by sudden rage, I ran my blade through him. He laughed as he fell to his knees.

"You betrayed your wolf," he said as he stared at me. "He is dead now because of your weakness."

Adam was already dead, his blue eyes so very empty.. the man died as well and I awoke.

By Riley Feb 13 2009 -

This dream has particularly caught my attention, not sure why, but I dont really have anything to say but that.

By Saeriel Feb 14 2009 -

-laughs- oh ok..
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ARCHIVE: my wolf, my friend.
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