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 ARCHIVE: Ascended Humans, Starkin, Masters

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ARCHIVE: Ascended Humans, Starkin, Masters Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Ascended Humans, Starkin, Masters   ARCHIVE: Ascended Humans, Starkin, Masters EmptyFri Apr 16, 2010 5:19 am

From Dreamsend 31 Jul 2008

This section is for all Starkin, Masters and Ascended Humans. Share stories, feelings, knowledge, questions and memories of things that have past here.

Ascended humans typically have ascended towards the Light. They see "beyond the illusion," beyond the veil.

Starkin come *from* the light (literally, as the case may be). They are from other planets or dimensions.

These groups are both here on the planet in increasing numbers. Masters were sent here too, on a mission. You know who you are, and are probably alone. But I assure you that you can come here to gather friendship, to share on equal terms with others, to learn more about who you are, or to share your mission, whatever it may be, in a place of learning and respect for all.

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From Ysolde 5 Aug 2008

A thought:
My experience as someone who has elected to see herself as a human being, is that it is all really here. To see it is a question of realising it. BEING in it, and allowing ourselves more and more to be in it.
Therefore, I like to use the word 'centering' rather than 'ascending'. 'Ascending' indicates an upwards movement, and therefore a kind of linear progressive or 'evolutionary' thought that does not make sense to me when I try to describe how I perceive the unity of everything.

From Azaz'el 5 Aug 2008

That's an intersting concept Ysolde, thanks for sharing that. I think the main reason why ascention is used is based on the old principles of raising the essence of the Soul from the level of physicality and solidity, to a state more like light or energy, less dense and so thought of as a higher vibrational level. I don't think it would have been used to represent a linear progression or movement. However, as has been seen with the very name of Shadow, we all have to use the words that we feel best describes our understanding of the Universe.


From Ishtahar 6 Aug 2008

Isnt it strange how, when one is so familiar with a concept one does not necessarily take time to sonsider the actual words used to describe it?

I have never really thought of the word 'ascended' and when I do I realise that, to me it has nothing at all to do with 'moving upwards' and is therefore probably the wrong word to use.

For me ascending was, and is, more about 'becoming'.....becoming more than what I was before, more understanding, more capable, more knowledgeable, more connected to the Source and....more centred. And it was also about 'being'.

None of this really fits with what definition wise the word 'ascending' actually means. I am not sure that centering would be quite right either althought if one consideres the Source to be the centre of everything and 'ascention' beign about moving closer to the Source and therefore the centre it could well be.

What I am, in my own clumsy fashion trying to say is

1. Sometimes the word given for something which is beyond out comprehension may be not quite right but if there is no word that could be quite right then one wrong one is as good as any other

2. We have to be careful when reading what others write because what they mean by the words they use might not be what everyone else understands by those words

3. It is a really good idea to question what we dont understand because it mgiht be that not only do we get to understand more but we help everyone else to develop their understanding of their own and others' beliefs too.

WOW, tired now.


From Ysolde 6 Aug 2008

Is it a goal to become astral or ethereal and not use the material plane?

From Faddewr 6 Aug 2008

possibly for some, it's my goal as far as I know.

From Ysolde 6 Aug 2008

That is interesting. Can you elaborate on it? Is it an away-from movement, because dirt feel solely inhibiting and wrong to you? Or is it a towards movement, because you are pulled elsewhere? Or a combination?

From Azaz'el 6 Aug 2008

QUOTE (Ysolde @ Aug 6 2008, 08:31 PM)
"Is it a goal to become astral or ethereal and not use the material plane?"

From the point of view of the Fallen Grigori, it wasn't a case of trying to become purely astral and not use the physical plane, but a case of trying to teach Humanity how to alter their vibrational level and so traverse all physical, astral and ethereal realities and so not be limited to the physical, manifest world. In this way, as we travelled all the realities that were open to us as Shadow, so we could take humanity with us. We didn't believe in the concept of having to wait a millennia of lifetimes in order for each soul to possibly evolve to that level of ability.

Once again it is a concept of not seeing something as bad, but of wanting more that was available at the time. Ascention was going to be the level playing field of all races, something that would make us all equal and have the same abilities.


From Dreamsend 8 Aug 2008

To me, all beings are "ascending" all the time. If you are not God/Source/the Universe him/her/itself, then you are struggling to reunite or become equal with that from which you came. Thus, the most "enlightened" beings in every universe still have that same goal. They may be working on "healing"/remembering or growing different aspects than humans but if they are not "God" with all the abilities and etc. they are not there.

This is the idea that I have as of now, at least.

I like the word "ascended" personally because the image I have for God/the Universal Mind/etc. is as "residing" in the great central sun (yes, of the Milky Way Galaxy... but I can only stretch my mind so far outside the boundaries it knows before it hurts). It reminds me of someone who in reaching for that, reaches skywards. So it's not meant, by me at least, literally so much as figuratively. It is alos a useful word because it's pretty widely used across the internet, in books and in rl groups in the context that I mean it, here. So if anyone is wondering "does this apply to me?" well, there's a large base of people all using it for the same definition. happy.gif

-- Angela
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ARCHIVE: Ascended Humans, Starkin, Masters
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