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 the most realistic view of what is now and what WE should do

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the most realistic view of what is now and what WE should do  Empty
PostSubject: the most realistic view of what is now and what WE should do    the most realistic view of what is now and what WE should do  EmptyMon Nov 21, 2011 11:06 am

Greetings, let me reintroduce myself, the norse called me Fenrir, the ancient egiptians called me Anubis, greeks, Cerberus, you can call me whatever you want, the essence is what matters.
Not to long ago i started getting the puzzle together and i still have some pieces missing but i have a pretty clear immage of everything.

I will start with a resume of the past. Roughly 2000 ago the earth was ruled by us, the gods, or angels if you wish to name us that way, the world was violent, all humans wanted to thrive, and because OUR (we are humans in our way to) species is egocentric we went to war we conquered and we killed each other, it was survival of the fittest. OUR WORLD NEEDED TO BE CONTROLED.
Enter christianity!!
After Jesus Christ or whoever he was, humans started to see things differently, we saw only one almighty figure that set rules for us ( do not kill, do not steal) and it was a real blessing, the constitution was founded, human rights were set but yet again, people want to thrive, so rules had to be imposed so that people would have a measure of control.
Yet, some people, wanted power and wealth even in detriment of others, so more rules were set and in 2000 years we are at a point were we cannot control humans with laws, because many laws are unfair for self evolution.
The society nowdays wants to keep humans chained, but not with metal chains, with money, with debts, with surveilance etc.
We are at a point were humans need to change again, we have evolved enough to know what the consecuences are for our actions, and we should start getting realistic about it.

I am shure now that what will come will be silent, even if the changes will be big and violent, the actions that WE are going to take are going to be built on chaos theory, we are all assasins so we should act like it, we should start gathering resources of all kinds, especialy information. now with the existance of the internet we have acces to all of this.

The world is split, even if few realise, the sides are set, and if there is going to be a real war, it is going to be a third world war right here on earth, fought by us.

And for you to better understand my view, let`s look at the human body (brain included) as a vessel, we are aware of very litle information that is beeing procesed in our brains, and we can easly acces only the information in this lifetime, but the brain is a powerfull organ, and that`s were our soul is stored, that`s the central command for our vessel (the body), our dreams of falling from the sky with flames as beeings are just dreams, it`s our way of understanding something through our senses, the body has senses, the soul is just information, energy in a sort of way, the astral plane is just a simple vibration, we need our human bodies to be complete, but what makes us gods different from humans. Our soul ofcourse, we are old, and our souls were not born in human bodies, and with lots of practice i think we can control our brains, releasing hormones or chosing not to release certain hormones, maybe we can even create stem cells so we can heal ourselves, i think that if we could acces our brains the way we should we will be the first immortals of this earth, with unimaginable power over ourselfs and our suroundings, yet we will have to keep quiet for a time, we will have to work as assasins.

I don`t know how many of you here on this forum i can realy call brothers and how many are just peeking through a keyhole in the binding of the planes, but as the astral and physical plane become one, we will all awaken.

My plan is to awaken all humans a few at a time, by different means and it can be done, maybe some of you will help me. i don`t know yet but i wait for your replies.

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the most realistic view of what is now and what WE should do
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