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 ARCHIVE: A Hollywood View

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: A Hollywood View   ARCHIVE: A Hollywood View EmptyTue Nov 23, 2010 9:48 am

By Azaz'el Feb 3 2009 -


we know it would only be a matter of time......... have a look at this:

2012 [user posted link at http://www.sonypictures.com/movies/2012/ - ARCHIVE]


By Dreamsend Feb 3 2009 -

I love the smell of propaganda in the morning.... panic, doom, gloom = great tools.

There was such promise for a movie about 2012.... it also seems very unimaginative ("the day after tomorrow" did, it looks like, the exact same thing, with global warming the culprit of the end of the world).

Hopefully it won't be as bad as all that.... [/critical]

-- A

By Seraphyna Feb 4 2009 -

I liked The Day After Tomorrow...this one just looks like a bunch of hooha...good special effects though.

By Shemyaza Feb 4 2009 -

Oh dear, mind you, what do you really expect from Hollywood, pure escapism, if only they knew, mind you, probably a good thing that they dont!

By Ishtahar Feb 4 2009 -


By Lauri'el Feb 5 2009 -

Oh, end of the world... I wouldn't mind though. ph34r.gif

By Ishtahar Feb 5 2009 -

I thought that way not so long ago. Now I am... curious. Bring it on.

By Azaz'el Feb 5 2009 -

I'm sure someone recently mentioned organising a large party to celebrate the end of the world in 2012......... tongue.gif

I'll be there!


By Ishtahar Feb 5 2009 -

Yeah, that was Seri'el

Hey Sed....SEEEEDD!!!

By Sari'el Feb 9 2009 -

Wooo hooooo end of the world party 2012! Ice sculptures shaped like maya temples and fire breathing guys and and free drinks for Grigori!

By Ishtahar Feb 9 2009 -


By Sari'el Feb 9 2009 -

And you Ish. And anyone else who can make an addition to the ... ensemble. It will give the great races of ancient times a way to be together, and look to the future on such a memorable occasion.

By Ishtahar Feb 9 2009 -


By Shemyaza Feb 10 2009 -

If you are taking requests, stock up on that mead please smile.gif

By Azaz'el Jun 19 2009 -

A new trailer for this movie has just been released.......... I have to admit that it looks good. But hey, I'm easily pleased where destroying a planet is concerned!


By Azaz'el Dec 2 2009 -

Well, I went to see the movie today and have to admit that I enjoyed sitting watching it and munching on chocolate.

As suspected, the movie has nothing to do with any great change or spiritual battle......... and only to do with plate techtonics etc etc. So, it was a disaster movie in the send of all the old great disaster movies. The story was generally weak, but with such a strong theme and a lot of action, there wasn't much room for a complex story.

The special affects were fantastic, I thought they were very realistic, something that should be seen on a large screen....... so to me it was worth the money just for that. However, I also have to say that I went with no expectations, and so just enjoyed the epic journey of disaster.

Has anyone else seen it?

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ARCHIVE: A Hollywood View
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