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 ARCHIVE: Barakijal's Introduction

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Barakijal's Introduction   ARCHIVE: Barakijal's Introduction EmptyThu May 06, 2010 10:58 am

From Barakijal 29 Nov 2007

Greetings to each of you.

Я обычно не выхожу из моего способа объявить на досках для сообщений, столь извинить меня для моего резервирования. Ich werde jedoch Staat, der ich bin, was ich sage, dass ich bin. � la mia speranza certo, che il nostro discorso sar� qui fruttifero in tutti i rispetti e che nessuno tempo sar� sprecato da qualunque di ci nella nostra carriera del passato ed il nostro reciproco se qualunque scopi in questo tempo. Antecipo audi�ncia de voc�, no entanto, n�o desperdi�a meu tempo se isto � meramente um esfor�o passar tempo e n�o h� nenhuma sinceridade. Obviamente, teremos nossas diferen�as aqui. Isso � ser esperado.

As I have been, and will remain,


From Azaz'el 29 Nov 2007


welcome to the forum! It is good to have another member join this site and contribute to our knowledge and understanding. I can honestly say, in reply to your introduction, that it is with sincerity that this site exists and I hope you wil not view it as a waste of time. We are all here to learn, to share and to remember. Thank you for deciding to be so open on this site, if this is not your usual way.

By the name you use, can I assume that you are one of the Fallen and remember who you are, what you are?

May I ask that you stick to using English please, as not everyone who is a member of this site has full knowledge of German, Italian, Russian, etc etc, and not everyone is Fallen and so has the talents and gifts of this race.

Feel free to join in any of the discussions or start new threads, we will welcome your thoughts and comments.



From Barakijal 1 Dec 2007


Excuse my bravado. I am intrigued by the site, it sparks a curiosity I seldom have the opportunity to express outside a very small circle of intellects. My opinions are not always so popular, however my memories are quite clear. I am, by nature, suspicious and in that light, I am ever guarded concerning my experiences throughout the ages. If one thing holds true, man has no respect for the divine, wether they be divine light or divine shadow. An old friend of mine was perusing the net and called me to see if there was anything pertinent here, and so, I was obliged at that point to do so. Feel free to contact me directly through email. Perhaps there is something beneficial for both of us. If need be, I can arrange travel oversees, currently I am quite comfortable in the States. Very decadent here, and quite amusing.

Until that time,


From Ishtahar 1 Dec 2007

I think we have all felt like that Barakijal, Az and I have certainly both been afraid to reveal too much and had our fingers burned when we have.

That is why we made this place in the first place, we have two objectives really, to make a place where people like us can be free and know that what they say will not be bent back on them or stamped down on and also as a call to the fallen as we feel that it is the time for us to be together, if not physically then at least digitally.

To be perfectly honest neither of us quite know why...we just know biggrin.gif

It has also become clear that others, both kin and human have a part in what is about to happen...be it a war or an awakening and so we are anxious to make this a place for them too.

Anything you contribute will be valued beyond your measure, both to the forum and the site


From Azaz'el 1 Dec 2007

I am pleased this site has sparked your curiosity, it means that we have managed to make a connection, make that link between the path of awakening that we are upon, and the one that you are currently walking.

I can understand your suspicion Barakijal, and only through time and through reading our posts and chatting to us will you come to understand if you feel you can trust us or not. But I can assure you of one thing - this is very real for us. This isn't role play, it's not a way to try and boost our ego or to play with people's emotions. What we say we mean and we believe. But that, in itself, is something you will only come to realise in time. So all any of us can ask is for support, and time.

I know you have not suggested or implied that we aren't taking this seriously, but now is as good a time as any to make sure everyone understands just how we feel about it. So please forgive me for launching into a ramble!!!

I hope we ca all be of help to each other, to chat about life and the universe, to reawaken memories, to laugh about the first times, and to prepare for what is coming.

I hope you enjoy your time in our little forum. It's a small step, but an important one for us and we hope to reconnect to all the Fallen as they awaken.

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ARCHIVE: Barakijal's Introduction
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