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 ARCHIVE: Hello!, An introduction

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Hello!, An introduction   ARCHIVE: Hello!, An introduction EmptyThu Jun 03, 2010 5:47 am

By EaruArulay Jul 12 2008 -

Hello and I am Earu-Aralay, I was born under the light of the morning star during a dualistic annum not long after midsummer's eve.
Sorry I didn't introduce myself any earlier, life can get a bit busy tongue.gif.
I would say I am younger than most who have awakened, but I am just as old as you.
I was born into a civil war in the Balkans and my family was lucky enough to find it's way into North America.
I am well versed in the Occult Sciences, along with that my knowledge covers almost every topic I encounter.
I had dormant abilities such as telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience but they were undeveloped until I went through puberty, that is when I lost all old beliefs that were conditioned upon me and attained something new which was confusing to me at first. I have been awake for about a year and a half now and I have come full circle in my experiences and have been progressing in a new direction, one of unity and love.
I have a soul partner and she is just like me, we were lucky to have met each other at such a young age. We are both named after flowers, we have the same eyes, similar body structure, facial features, our birthdays are four days apart (We are the same astrological sign), along with our aspects being one with each other.
When I look into her eyes I see a love that has existed over millennia and continues to the present day, unwavering to anything physical.
I don't know if I should or am allowed to mention it but I have a tendency to smoke a lot of pot like my soul partner, it doesn't seem to affect my gifts or intelligence but can make me incoherent at times. tongue.gif
I don't exactly know where to begin when it comes to recalling memories because I have so many, my past lives span an almost infinite number. Lucky is the word I would say when I found this forum, because I was looking for ones like you, like me.
It will take a bit of time for me to fully open up, since I have yet to get to know you all. smile.gif

By Ishtahar Jul 13 2008 -

That is entirely understandable. You need to get to know us and to feel safe before you beging to open yourself. I know how uncomfortable that feeling can be,.

Be absolutely assured that you are safe here. No one will abuse you or ridicule you or be disrespectful. If they are we will deal with them.

It is wonderfull to meet you and I look forward to sharing memories, stories and a cyber joint with you on many occasions.


By Universal Traveler Jul 13 2008 -

I really enjoyed reading your introduction!!
Seems to me like you have met someone of your soul family.
Those meetings are very special but also intense...
I would love to read more about what you have to say!
And hear hear when it comes to unity and love.
Unconditional love truly is the way to awakening the self.

Universal Traveler

By Ellysium Jul 13 2008 -

Hello Earu smile.gif
It's nice to meet you. I look forward to getting to know you better.

By Dreamsend Jul 13 2008 -

Welcome Earu and good to meet you!

I have love of Occult as well. It's fortunate that you were able to reawaken the gifts you had. I would be so thankful if I could (fully) do that.

By EaruArulay Jul 15 2008 -

Well Dreamsend my gifts have not fully developed, but they are in their intermediary stages. Mostly what I can achieve these days is telepathy and empathy, especially with my soul mate (The both of us feel what we're feeling all the time, ie: if one gets sick so does the other)> Although that's scratching the surface, I have more but I will have to explain them in more detail, so maybe in a bit wink.gif

*tokes and passes cyber joint to Ishtahar*? hehe
Your prologue, or should I say epilogue of the story on your website was beautiful and I am very excited about the reawakening of the 200 and their kin, we've been kept asleep for too long. Your story really made me reflect upon my own experiences with the feeling of a great sorrow and heartache.. That is an area of myself which I have been very curious but unmotivated to explore, but I'd say I am still reluctant to do so. I remember an experience with a fluorite sphere I came across, seeing visions of a forest made of massive trees with moss over them that was greener than green, being in a white robe, the forest lit and the feeling of was giddiness and playfulness.. playing a game with my kin amongst the great trees.

This is so great getting to know all of you, what a stroke of 'luck' it was to meet you;)
I am glad that we all found a forum like this to share our stories and experiences, thoughts and philosophies and so much more.
We live in a pivotal time, both of great cleansing and celebration. Perhaps a cosmic party? wink.gif

By Ishtahar Jul 16 2008 -

*takes joint and inhales deeply* Aaah yes, that hits a spot. I will have to tell Seri'el he would be gutted to miss a good joint, being Dutch and all.... smile.gif

Thank you for your comments on my story..... it was very hard to write. Both Az and I heartached a lot over what to put and how to put it. As hard as it was it was worth it because it seems to be achieving its desired effect in drawing together some wonderful people.

*Passes around some really nice rose wine*

Okay we have the idea for a party, the drugs, the alcohol so who has the chocolate and who is first on the Karaoke?

By Dreamsend Jul 18 2008 -

*waves* That would be me. *brings the dark, white and milk chocolates with the raspberries, and Rock Band.*

By Ishtahar Jul 18 2008 -

Now this is what I CALL a party.

*Gets rather drunk and makes a fool of herself on the dance floor*

By Faddewr Jul 22 2008 -


By Raven Wight Jan 1 2009 -

Welcome back EaruAralay, it's been far too long. I may not remember much at this point, but I do remember you. I didn't really expect you to return so soon. tell me, do you remember at all what happened at all? or for that matter, what will?
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ARCHIVE: Hello!, An introduction
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