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 "The gods aren't here right now."

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"The gods aren't here right now." Empty
PostSubject: "The gods aren't here right now."   "The gods aren't here right now." EmptyFri Jul 05, 2013 8:54 pm

One night, I had come across a man and a woman in an open area not far from one of the human establishments near Eden. Not far relatively speaking, but far away enough that no human would know what was happening unless they had come across the two by chance. I walking somewhere nearby, having left Eden and had just left that particular establishment and heard somethig; faint screams. I then rushed in the general direction, as they sounded like the screams of someone in distress though I couldn't really make out any words until I got closer.

"Please! No! For the sake of the gods!" the woman loudly sobbed.

By the time I got close enough to make out any figures, I saw a man there, standing near a woman, removing his clothing. "The gods aren't here right now," he taunted lowly.

The woman looked as though she had been thrown to the ground—her own clothing partially off her shoulder and exposing one of her breasts—and was scrambling backwards until the man kicked her a few times in the side and then pinned her down.

I summoned forth my weapon in its dagger form and, with her in hand, I quietly walked towards them. I vaguely heard her trying to plead and beg her assaulter to not go through with the vilest of acts he was going to commit, to just leave her be. She begged him, sobbing, but I was hardly paying attention to it, beyond angry, somewhere past furious, and only one thing on my mind.

Just as the man was going to continue removing her clothing, I stood behind him and stabbed him once, twice, three times in the back. Not quite deeply enough, or in the right location to kill, but enough to cause enough pain to distract him. I then pulled him off of the woman roughly and onto his back, holding him there by his shoulder. I then cut into his chest—the ribcage area—with my dagger, deep, to the bone. Then I tore off a chunk of flesh as to have access to his ribcage. He screamed, louder than the woman ever had that night, but they were easy to ignore. I started pulling at one of his exposed ribs and he shouted, "Gods, help me!"

"The gods aren't here right now," I snarled, repeating his taunt from before, my hand still wrapped around his rib. He was very clearly in extreme pain, his breath coming hoarse and catching quite a bit.

"Please have mercy!" he panted desperately.

I narrowed my eyes at him. "You weren't going to show mercy to this poor woman just a moment ago, now were you, you damned, dirty bastard?"

He laughed, and I know his laugh would've been louder, cockier, and much less pathetic-sounding had I not been about to pull several ribs out of his chest, devour his lung, puncture his other one, and then leave him to die.

"Why not call me a dog like everyone else?" he asked, obviously with quite a bit of difficultly.

My eyes momentarily widened angrily and I removed my hand from his rib so I could punch him square in the face. I'm pretty sure I either shattered the skull in that area, or at least fractured it severely along with completel destroying his nose. "Because my soulmate is a dog! Calling YOU a dog would be greatest of compliments to you and the greatest of insults to him!" I growled.

I then moved my hand to once more wrap around his rib, but before doing anything, I saw that the woman had yet to leave. "Go!" I said harshly. Then I added, softly and synpathetically, "You don't need to see what I'm going to do to him; you've seen enough already."

She then told me that she wanted to know who I was first.

So I told her, and I even showed her; I didn't lie, but I didn't give her full details either. "I'm a powerful being who has done many, many horrible things, and who will do many, many more." With that, I finally tore out the man's first rib. The woman looked away as soon as she saw me yank, and flinched when she heard the terrible scream that followed. I remained impassive to the man's suffering. "And I have seen just as many horrible things as I have done. Maybe more..." I murmured. "My name is Melari. You'd do well to remember my name." I told her softly before again urging her, "Now go."

She nodded fervently, then scrambled up and back in he direction of the settlement. She didn't thank me, but I didn't think much of it. Though it still made me sad that the humans feared me so, I was used to not being thanked by them or being allowed common courtesies by them (though the overall outright rejection is something one really cannot ever truly get used to). From there, I told the man, albeit more harshly that he would also do well to remember my name even throughout his existence within the Cycle ("the Cycle" being the Cycle of Reincarnation) and then, well... I already said it before. I tore out some more ribs, ate one of his lungs, put a hole in the other, and left him to die in the sand.

This memory came to me while I read an article on BBC News. It's something about a Syrian man who had committed an act of cannibalism in front of a crowd. Part of his story—part of his reasonig for why he did what he did—is eerily similar to what happened that night so long ago.

This is the article in its entirety for those who are interested in taking a look: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-23190533

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"The gods aren't here right now." Empty
PostSubject: Re: "The gods aren't here right now."   "The gods aren't here right now." EmptyMon Jul 15, 2013 5:43 pm

Woah. Intense.
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"The gods aren't here right now." Empty
PostSubject: Re: "The gods aren't here right now."   "The gods aren't here right now." EmptyMon Jul 29, 2013 3:39 am

I still miss you and feel love in my heart for you Melari! the feelings just came up before when I tuned into you. The dagger part reminded me of my drama too. Have you had any more memories about why Lururiel wanted to go with Yahwe? or anything else?
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"The gods aren't here right now." Empty
PostSubject: Re: "The gods aren't here right now."   "The gods aren't here right now." Empty

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"The gods aren't here right now."
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