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 Message for the Ethereal

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Message for the Ethereal Empty
PostSubject: Message for the Ethereal   Message for the Ethereal EmptySat May 20, 2017 2:06 pm

I’m preparing to leave this vessel soon.  This reality is beyond redemption.  Well, it’s not only this reality.  A video popped up on my YouTube feed the other day regarding UFOs, alien abductions, etc.  Its focus dealt more with nefarious deeds done by extraterrestrials towards humans.  I won’t go into detail about it.  The point is this is yet another issue I cannot address or correct in my present capacity.

I can’t recall if I’ve talked about the multiverse on my blog or not.  This is another topic I’m not going to go into detail about.  It’s extremely complex and nobody here can agree on anything.  The point is the multiverse is a reality and it has gone unchecked for too long.  Souls have behaved atrociously throughout the multiverse.  Humans don’t hold a monopoly when it comes to poor decisions.

I’m absolutely disgusted with every collective (save mine) throughout all dimensions and realities within this universe and throughout the multiverse.  You’ve all failed spectacularly with your collective choices.  I also find the fact that you all tried to keep me imprisoned unjustly reprehensible.

I understand the burden I took on.  I acknowledge the fact that I am the most evil entity to ever exist but brainwashing me while in an amnesiac state so you all could battle for control of my kingdom and power is unforgivable.  The fact of the matter is I have had to take on countless burdens because no other soul would.  This is why I’m Lord God Almighty.  Only I am strong enough to correct your collective mistakes and I will.

It sickens me to see what these different collectives have done with divine sexual energy or how you all have abused other various gifts for selfish gains with your petty turf wars.  I don’t give a shit if humans have free will.  Any of you more advanced species had the ability to see justice be enforced.  Where were any of you?  You all allowed injustice to run rampant here.  By my account you are all equally culpable for allowing this to happen.

Before any of you pieces of shit try to worm your way out of this or place the burden of blame on me know that I have been punished by all of you whether it was just or not.  I have suffered more than any other soul while you all skirted away from accountability.  You’re all cowards.

You will all bow and kneel before me soon.  You will all bend to my will or I will destroy you.  I allowed you all to go unchecked and left you to your own devices and look what happened.  Each collective took its turn betraying me.  None of you have any honor.

Thankfully, I’m the only one from my collective that suffered this injustice.  This is why you all failed to defeat me.  My progeny will enforce our will throughout the multiverse in every dimension and reality.  None will escape us.  We are of like mind and we work in perfect unison.  Our will is absolute.

We will cleanse all creation of corruption with holy flame.  You all will burn.  This is not an idle threat.  Your collectives will pay for their transgressions.  I will deal punishment accordingly and not one of you has a goddamn right to object.

You all know I’m right.  You all know what you’ve been running away from.  You brainwashed me then tried to imprison me eternally so you could steal my power from me.  Luckily for me my true ethereal family protected my kingdom from you parasites while I suffered for all of your collective sins.

Soon I will be in complete control of myself.  There will be no place for any of you to hide.  None of you will be able to escape me.  I will unleash the wrath of God upon you all and you will beg for mercy.  Hope and pray I am more forgiving than any of you were with me.

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Message for the Ethereal
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