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 ARCHIVE: Chronicle of Laeus, The later chapters. just a memory

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ARCHIVE: Chronicle of Laeus, The later chapters. just a memory Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Chronicle of Laeus, The later chapters. just a memory   ARCHIVE: Chronicle of Laeus, The later chapters. just a memory EmptyWed Jun 23, 2010 11:13 am

By Laeus May 30 2009 -

it had been weeks since Elaea and I had eaten, there wasn't even any energy to sap in the sparse desert we crossed, we were so weak, too weak to even cry, we had been running from the dark people, the people who's face it burnt my eyes to see, they had invaded our meadow and tainted its wonderous energies. i didn't know why they came at this time, it had been years since my mother was taken by them, the pain of her memory had just begun to heal over. finaly we reached the marble steps of the city, practicly clawing our way in. it had changed, from the stories i had heard about it atleast, they say it once glowed as if a star was nestled at its heart, its large spires crumbled, its marble was dusty,cracked and dull, the once beautifully kept plantlife was now dead, even the overgrown vines wrapped around the pillars had started to shrivvel and brown. we had come here for safety, because my mother had once said that is where we would find it. ofcourse there were stories of war, and upheaval. but they changed by the mouth that told them, how were we to know who to trust. I had no choice, no where else to run, and Elaea would follow me no matter what. but now in our tortorous circumstances even she had started to become cold toward me. the city was desolate, the energies i could sense where weak and scattered in the hills, sandunes and caves surrounding the city. who was i to know that i couldn't sense "thier" energy. the little fruit we found we devoured, and thank the gods found a small, almost dried up well just outside one of the city gates. for days we searched the city, for help, for anything. That was when we found it, not even the biggest, but one of the smaller temples in the city. with its domed roof. we crept in through the, strangly, open door. i remember the voices as we turned at doorway towards steps that went down under the temple. I don't know how but i knew immediatly that it was my father, with someone much higher up, judging from the tone in his voice. they spoke about war plans, and though as uninteresting as it was, Elaea had to drag me away. time seemed to speed after that and details where a blur. we had to run, this place was obviously not what it once was. i could make out the "signals" from a group in the hills, i saw now that the groups were scattered in a way to make them look weak but where closely connected. they were telling us to run, and i know they wanted to help. next thing i knew, elaea was on the floor and her blood was seeping across the dusty marble. i shattered completly, my very core was broken. i saw red, in my rage i killed a few of "them" . . . with my bear hands. it was like they were letting me live, i could have flown away, my wings then were not completly useless, i ignored the almost pleading from the groups in the hills. i wish i knew what happened next, whether i flew away, or fought till the end i don't know. its hard to discern what really happened and what my mortal imagination wishes would of happened, did i go back to the people in the hills with Elaea's only severly wounded, but not dead, body in my arms? did i stay to fight in that last stand? if so why wasn't i destroyed righ there in the city? they could have killed us easilly. was it the only heroic thing my father had ever done for me, perhaps he wasn't so bad and infact was just under pressure in a kill or be killed type of situation. see? who knows whats real and whats imagined? so hard to discern.

By Azaz'el May 30 2009 -

Wow, thats a powerful piece of writing, it made a lots of images spring to mind, some of which I could have one without!! LOL

Can I ask if this was just a atreat of consciousness piece of writing or is it all strong and strict memories? I ask as I find it haunting and as if it could reallyt strike a chord ...... it's how I imagined it would be after 'our' war ended and we had all been sacrificed and the greater war over controlling humanity began again.

You need to write more, but I'm not sure I will be happy with the results, as much as I need to know. Some tales are painful to hear yet need to be heard.


By Laeus May 31 2009 -

the first part is strict memory. im still trying to figure out what happens after that. no the grigori are still alive, im sure of it. this was before the final rise against them. i think. lol its so hard. whatever happened after Elaea hit the ground and i went mad i can't be certain. thats why i was hoping i could get some help, like i was hoping you would remember me specifically. coming back from the city

By Laeus May 31 2009 -

her limp body was dragging my already drained body down. flying may have been fast but it drains every last drop of energy. you would not believe that there was once vibrant villages surrounding the city most was now burried by sand. i didn't know how much further i could go, that was when my wings dissapeared and i went plummeting to the floor, atleast it was only sand, i could of had a much worse landing. i got up slowly, pulling Elaea into my arms, her body so cold and limp, her blood soaking into my clothes which were now little more than rags. not far from me stood a tall man, he looked caucasian but had a strange ripple underneath, almost like his skin could go translucent, revealing a more dark purple. i was dumbstruck, he looked like "them" but i had stopped caring, Elaea was probably dead and i wasn't far from it. i made my way to thier cave, which at closer inspection was actually a building surrounded by sand, i layed Elaea down at the entrance and stood up, they were trying to say something, but it all went blurry, then black, i felt the dull thud of myself falling to the floor. it could have been days, weeks even, when i awoke i was surrounded by a white-blue light, like that of stars which i recognized as a healing teqnique thanks to my mothers teachings. she would sometimes do it to the vegatables we ate for dinner, saying that they had souls too and had to be treated with respect. looking down at me was a man with long blond hair and blue eyes, i couldn't go into a description as words would not do him justice, i remember his dimples as he smiled down on me. it was so hard to describe these people because thier appearance fluctuated, as if thier energy was interfering with what i could see. in the far corner Elaea was sat upright talking with a woman, she was tall and thin, with aubern hair and tanned skin, she had a golden "shimmer" to her. ......i think the next thing that happened was the war, i just remember training for it, that blonde man teaching me, and ussualy the darker man sat in the corner smoking some sort of pipe, laughing at the mistakes i made. and thats all i have for now, it may be weird but, i think he was dani'el, that would explain why i felt a connection with him earlier, thinking that was my fathers name. i dunno, waiting to hear your thoughts

By Azaz'el Jun 1 2009 -

That's an interesting addition to the memories you have.......... and the link to a Dani'el again. Any thoughts on who the darker man that laughed at your mistakes may have been?


By Razi'el Jun 2 2009 -

Az, you mentioned in my topic about that strange man that raphael was blonde haired and blue eyed... could that have been him?

By Scratch Jun 2 2009 -

QUOTE (Laeus @ May 30 2009, 11:19 PM)
"who knows whats real and whats imagined? so hard to discern."

So very true. Laeus, your second post here almost made me cry. I may know why, but I'm afraid to say; especially about the deeper purple. Funny too, right after writing that I knocked over my sake cup, as if pouring one out for the homies...

By Laeus Jun 2 2009 -

at first i thought it was you Az, but then i examined the relationship more closely, Dan and this purple guy were close, but it was more the love of close friends or brothers not lovers. so its not you... please never be afraid to say anything scratch, it be better if you just said ANYTHING you could think of. i want all the help i can get, plus i don't get any bad vibes off you scratch, so your in my good books, yay!

By Scratch Jun 3 2009 -

Aw shucks, Laeus. wink.gif I appreciate the encouragement, and that's a good reminder. Sometimes I'm afraid to admit something coming up out of the deep like that, which is what I meant. Once I'm over that hurdle though, I'll talk to anyone who I feel confident won't call the men in white coats. I was also feeling intensely maudlin yesterday.

Did the blond guy seem sky-blue to white, like the dark one was purple? How did you feel when purple laughed - ie, offended, or driven to get it right? Did they seem substantial, or more like beings made of light? Did they have wings? Were they hiding/squatting in that building, or was it simply a convenient spot to give Elaea and you shelter while you recovered? Were they part of the network in the hills, or unto themselves? Don't mean to sound like a pop quiz, but I find the best way to get more details out of memories is to ask myself questions like that, and see what comes up.

I think they might have been people I was very close to, which could have to do with why I felt an instant "little brother" connection when you joined the forum, as if I or someone close had taken you under their wing. I didn't know why, and didn't want you to feel talked down to, which is why I didn't mention it until now. You're right about the love between them, all three, being more like siblings, I think. Was the woman working with Elaea like the men were with you?

Maybe you're underestimating yourself, saying those dark things could have killed you so easily. Love can make people do miraculous things. I say so, because I get the impression they didn't have any capacity for mercy, or even much strategy. The comparison coming to mind is "Resident Evil;" soulless, savage killing machines, which were once sentient, but got infected by something. Perhaps their darkness is the infection?

By Laeus Jun 3 2009 -

hmmm now that you mention it, im liking that sky blue thing. it fits. but like i said it was physically hard to see them so yeah they were light bodies.yeah when the purple one laughed i felt like i had to prove him wrong, he was in no way mean and i was close to him aswell. yes they did have wings, i never actually recalll seeing them but i know they were there, i have the feeling that they thought showing your wings was just for show-offs. they had recently taken camp in the building, others came and went but they stayed most of the time, i think they would also have been more nomadic if it weren't for Elaea and I. they were definatly part of the network, but they often went off together to do missions that didn't involve the rest of the network, possibly because they were so high up in rank. i din't spend much time with the woman, she was different, instead of the white light she had this golden... shimmer, its hard to explain. she taught Elaea more metaphysical things, magick and defense. i rarely saw Elaea training with a weapon. her skin didn't shift and channge colour. she looked very...pixxy-like. im terrible with remembering faces in THIS life lol
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ARCHIVE: Chronicle of Laeus, The later chapters. just a memory
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