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 ARCHIVE: A new age is upon us, The great cycle comes full circle again

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ARCHIVE: A new age is upon us, The great cycle comes full circle again Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: A new age is upon us, The great cycle comes full circle again   ARCHIVE: A new age is upon us, The great cycle comes full circle again EmptySat Feb 20, 2010 8:42 am

From EaruAralay 8 Aug 2008

Going back on my experiences of mapping out my past lives and cleansing myself I have found that our new age parallels that of the olden times when it first began.
These days it is even more so reflected, as the reflection in the mirror is getting so bright and noticeable that it becomes indistinguishable from the person staring into it. The mirror and the person looking upon themselves is merging into one, seamless, boundless.

Lately my life has had its luck within universal synchronicity (Also called coincidence by the skeptical, and destiny by others. I prefer the term synchronicity as it has no polarizing effects on ones mind.) But back to the subject at hand, through these synchronicities I have found a few new people who are awakened as to their purpose in life, although the feelings that stem from our encounters are more like we've known each other from the past.

Some of these people are soul mates in a sense, ones who will guide each other on their journeys and for some odd reason there is still a feeling in my heart, that I have stumbled across someone more important. Cosmic dramas have been playing out that were the choice of these twin sparks namely the drama of searching for each other, finding each other and pondering on the possibilities of walking the same path together again.

The feelings I have felt pondering on the possibility that I have found that one person is odd.. as there is so much doubt from all the pain encountered in the search. But I see deserts turn to gardens as this story unfolds.

It makes me reminisce upon old times, when we first found each other under circumstances that were not so welcoming, when such love was an idea radical to the norm at that time. I feel as if I embodied Prometheus as he stole the fire from the gods and gave it to humans. I had my knowledge, my wisdom and my powers and I educated her with such subjects.. as I am doing now.
It brought us love and light for so many ages, until we were forced apart under different circumstances, leaving the question unanswered.. Will we ever find each other again? I told her yes, and I have kept true to my answer as did she.
Except this time it is different, there will be no reprimand for this love.. or will there?
A new age is upon us as I have said, the Zep Tepi (First Times/Primordial Times in Egyptian) are playing out their ancient dramas for us to experience once more.
Enter the new age of cosmic unity, for humanity is learning it's lessons and we're readying ourselves for a new level of experience on our planet Earth.

Now I look to the future, it is being made in the now, it already exists.

From Azaz'el 8 Aug 2008

I hope this won't sound too odd when I say it, but I know what you mean and what you speak of here.......and I am pleased to hear it come from the mouth of another person. I have been ranting on for ages now about the cycle having gone full circle and that we are now in the repeat of the first times again. Mostof thse closest to me tend to shut their ears once I start (yes, Ish, you know I include you in this!! tongue.gif ) so it is a pleasure to hear that someone else now knows it to be true.

The future is the past we were meant to have.


From EaruAralay 9 Aug 2008

I agree with you in every sense, Azaz'el.
I get the feeling that we really should talk more often wink.gif
I would love to hear from some of you in chat if possible.

From Universal Traveler 9 Aug 2008

Your story gave me the shivers and at the same time a a-ha feeling!
I have met a twin spark just like you have and the intensity of meeting someone like that is beyond words.
Even when your mind would show you a different direction you still find your way back to your twin spark.
I believe a lot of passing on of information happens on a higher level between twin sparks.
But still many things remain unexplainable as the path joined together can be very rocky and tricky... faith and loyalty are tested to the extreme... even betrayal plays its part ... but the road back to eachother is always present.

I agree with you in every way that the circle is round.
I also believe that the only time is now for the past and the future inhabit the same space.
We have been, we are to be and we are, all at the same time.
Once you realize this at its fullest extend things start to happen, things unfold... and I believe that once we are ready the right persons will show up on your path to help complete what needs to be completed.

But easy it never is, so I do understand Ishtahars reaction, Azazel as I am sure you do too.
Sometimes we just all wish we could run away from it all...

From Azaz'el 9 Aug 2008

There are days when I wish I could run away from it and there have been times when I have tried. BUt we all know the outcome to that.... wasted energy and a wry smile at the end of the day knowing its not possible. And then there is the responsibility of it all..... we need to be here, as a guiding light or energy, to show how we can unite and face an uncertain future. And so we remain, looking ahead with our heads held high and our arms wide open.... wth our hands holding close the friends we have always been surrounded by, friends that no longer live close by or have the same names, but who are all drawn to the same place in order to share their unity.

Or at least thats how I see it. cool.gif

As for talking more, I totally agree.... so lets get started!! LOL I'll check dates and come back very soon with a date for a group chat session.

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ARCHIVE: A new age is upon us, The great cycle comes full circle again
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