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 ARCHIVE: Out of Place Memories

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Out of Place Memories   ARCHIVE: Out of Place Memories EmptyFri Sep 17, 2010 11:37 am

By Riley Aug 1 2008 -

Alright, here's a few memories that seems.... out of place from the rest, and they're all involving stars and mostly Nebula's (Nebula's being the most major). Only one memory is actually moving through a Nebula (And it's with all those colors you see in NASA's pictures. what's strange is those colors are through multiple lenses so I'm not sure how they get the color). I'm not sure if this may be connected to starkin or stuff like that, I'm just curious to what you guys think.

By Ellysium Aug 3 2008 -

That's interesting. Could be anything from starkin, to just having had lives on other planets, maybe with a race that had advanced technology and space ships. I don't know. What feels right to you?

By Riley Aug 3 2008 -

None of those feel like they fit perfectly, I feel like I've just... been there, nothing really more than that, but the problem is how to connect it to what I may be.

By Ellysium Aug 3 2008 -

I understand that feeling of just having "been there" with no real connection to anything else, especially anything that would describe what you are...
It's like... I don't know... you were just /there/... and it makes sense to me somehow, I just.. really can't explain it at the moment.. Unless you were just some sort of spiritual being that could go anywhere.. I don't know

By Riley Aug 3 2008 -

Well I bet that angels were capable of going anywhere if they weren't bound to anything else.

By Ishtahar Aug 4 2008 -

As far as I can work it out from what I have seen and been told...and understood myself... was that Shadow were a race of beings who were able to very easily manipulate the frequency of their eseential bodies.... so that they could be more or less physical, vibrate at a faster or slower speed as they wished. This meant that they could pass easily through matter very quicklyand, when in their pure enery for could expand and flow in an energy stream so could move about, even between planets and stars very quickly and because they could manipulate their degree of physical existence as it were, they could tolerate many different atmospheres, temperatures etc. This was especially true as you move up the scale with Grigori being the most physical and others less so.

I will leave it to the Shadow to expand on that..... or tell me I am completely on the wrong track.


By Azaz'el Aug 4 2008 -

You're on the right track Ish, you remembered well!!!

In a nutshell you have it spot on.......... the "higher" the rank the more easily they could shift their essence from a purely energetic/spiritual one, to a more condensed and physical one. The lower the rank, the lowest being us Grigori, were almost always physical and would become beings of energy only at certain times. On a strange note, many of those at the 'top' of the ranks couldn't actually become physical at all in this realm.

So, as a being of energy, all it would take is a thought and you could easily travel through the universe, although the Gateways were generally used to travel between far distant realms and different planes of existence.


By Riley Aug 4 2008 -

That's an interesting concept, I'll put thought into that and such.

By EaruArulay Aug 5 2008 -

Ishtahar you have come across something very significant, and such knowledge is elaborated upon in practices of magick/witchcraft. (Please note that magick/witchcraft is not the stereotypical magic, but is more like something that uses thoughts/intentions to create, transform, destroy etc.

By Ishtahar Aug 5 2008 -

To me everything comes down to energy. From the true essence of the Creator to magic, magick. empathy, emotion. soul.

I just wish I had paid more attention to Physics at school. It is worrying that Physics as a school subject and as a disciplinne is disappearing.

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ARCHIVE: Out of Place Memories
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