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 ARCHIVE: More memories

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: More memories   ARCHIVE: More memories EmptySun Jun 13, 2010 5:51 am

By Faddewr Mar 1 2008 -

I had a memory come back to me in a dream once.

I dreamed I wa part of a colony, who was trying to establish itself in a chaotic void.

I dreamed that I was part of the colony that was trying to build a "Great Machine". A multiple layered, multidimensional machine that was capable of things great and small. I spent ages in that machine, building towers and pyramids, pushing them into place, gliding effortlessly through the layers and dimensions.

Then they came in hordes. A faceless witch, dressed in the chaotic void around us came with hordes of black dogs. I stood against her, alongside of my squadrons of guards and soldiers.

It was a war to defend the machine. She either wanted it for herself, or wanted it destroyed. Either way, my forces and I wouldn't stand for it.

During the battle many losses hit both sides, and it was getting to become a tight spot. So to secure a victory and the safety of the machine, I lead a commando mission behind enemy lines to secure one last component for the machine. I braved the witch's wrath and her dogs, but it was worth it in the end. I secured the final piece and constructed it into the machine.

With the machine complete, and in our possession, it wasn't long before we beat the witch back into her own chaos.

By Ishtahar Mar 4 2008 -

Very interesting. I wonder what the machine was or what it was a metaphor for...hmmm. Keep us up to date if you get any more insight.


By Dreamsend Mar 6 2008 -

I am curious, too. I wonder if it was metal, or perhaps some other substance that doesn't exist around here. Very interesting, indeed.

By Faddewr Mar 8 2008 -

The best way I can describe the machine itself, is both corporeal and incorporeal.

Most of the machine is composed of energy, and to me it was very structured and orderly as little grids of light surrounded me.

The tangible elements were towers, pyramids and other structures that had to be constructed before they could be placed.
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ARCHIVE: More memories
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