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 ARCHIVE: Memories again

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By Faddewr June 1 2008 -

Fall of the House of the Ushers

It was a sunny day in the City of Hope, and I stood in my study, leaning on the sill of my open circular window, gazing out at the world. At the small city that had built itself around the City of Hope. At the distant horizon in the West, where the sun was in it's late afternoon stage. The clouds were white and grey, there was no sign of blue. And I kept gazing out that window for who knows how long. Until one of my contemporaries entered my study and said that we had to leave, the City was going to be removed.

I was aware of that long before my comrade told me. But I stayed there a minute more, reflecting on what had happened to make it so:

"'Twas a decade before, man and Shadow lived in a small city that surrounded the Shadow compound that was the City of Hope. It was all working well at first, but something happened with the human population. They got displeased somehow, and demanded something.

We were under orders not to give it to them. But there were those of the Shadow who went against protocol and gave it to mankind.

When those who did were reprimanded and removed into the City of Hope, mankind got angry and soon began attacking Shadow that ventured out of the city.

Something happened to make it worse, and it was decided sometime there after that the City was going to removed from the face of the Earth. "

I broke out of my reverie and walked away to the door, leaving with my contemporary.

I remember that the city was removed. And that I remained on Earth afterwards, heading East towards present day India to live in peace.
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ARCHIVE: Memories again
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