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 ARCHIVE: My memories, What I have so far

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ARCHIVE: My memories, What I have so far Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: My memories, What I have so far   ARCHIVE: My memories, What I have so far EmptyFri Sep 17, 2010 11:44 am

By Riley Jul 28 2008 -

Well, I'm going to put them here, I don't really put them anywhere else but I can piece things together here as more show up.

This was my first memory, and contains the most strongest energies. It's sadly a still memory, in an endless room of columns, a kinda flaxen colored mist about me that gives me an overwhelming sense of creation and then angelic energies coming from myself.

Another is just me walking down a rather impressive hall with columns at the side, they're marble, giving me the sense of being very large rather than small. There was few energies attached to this, but what I felt previously isn't there anymore.

Another one (as expressed in the poem) is me bound to a blackened wall by chains, feeling an incredible rage and burning sensation in me, struggling to get out of them but can't.

Then there has been flashes of places, mere fragments, yet I will not dismiss anything. Mainly places either with white rooms or great places made of marble.

By Faddewr Jul 28 2008 -

the room of columns, it's very familiar to me. It was in multiple dreams of mine.

By Riley Jul 28 2008 -

It's always about columns, very few memories doesn't include them.

By Faddewr Jul 28 2008 -

I wonder if columns might be symbolic for foundation.

By Riley Jul 29 2008 -

Actually that sounds reasonable to me, I'll put thought into that >->

By Riley Jul 30 2008 -

Here's something new, a dark place like square tunnels filled with water and me walking through it. Also a completely black place with see through curtains (the environment is black but I can see the curtains).

By Ellysium Aug 3 2008 -

In some Hindu traditions, there is the idea of a column of light that, in the body, starts at the base of the spine and travels up to the crown of the head. In "reality" this column is supposed to be eternal, a symbol of the divine. It is also associated with the path of spiritual awakening, enlightenment, and so on.

I think, though I am less familiar with Christianity, that churches have a lot of vertical architecture to symbolize the connection between Earth and God/Heaven. (Don't quote me on this). Columns, obviously, are also quite vertical, so perhaps they have a similar meaning in that sense as well...

Anyway, just some thoughts. Hope it helps.

By Riley Aug 3 2008 -

Thank you for your help ^^ I've been exploring that more, and the other memories as well (in my "out of place" post).

By Ishtahar Aug 4 2008 -

I know this is likely to be way off but I couldnt help but post it as I was talking to a friend about it last night.

The thing that made me thing of this post. with the columns and soft mist, was when I was talking to a friend about The Monkey King who achieved acention and found himself in a hall of columns with a soft mist. He was bursting to go to the toilet and, believing that he would be hidden in the mist he relieved himself against one of the pillars to find that the 'room' was the hands of the Buddah, the 'mist' his breath and the 'pillars' his fingers ohmy.gif biggrin.gif

By Ellysium Aug 17 2008 -

Haha that's kinda funny
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ARCHIVE: My memories, What I have so far
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