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 ARCHIVE: Memories

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By Faddewr Feb 17 2008 -

Now and then I'll experience what can only be the sensation of "Oh, that's right". As in, memories suddenly pop into existence. I can't explain how or why, I just examine them and they feel that familiar way that memories do.

(2 / 16 / 08) - Three memories from the distant past have become clear to me at this time.

1.) Birth -It all begins in total absence, I am unaware of everything. Even my unawareness. Then suddenly, all I'm aware of is a Big Bang. Light, sound, mass, space; I become aware of all of it. I begin processing these things. And then the coup d'etat: I become aware of my existence.

2.) Morning Star - I'm standing with a group of contemporaries, discussing present matters. Most importantly at the time, the issue of Lucifer's actions against the creation of mankind. Our discussion comes to an end when another entity comes into the scene and talks to us in a commanding tone. He gives a command and the others separate. I stay there, and the figure looks at me and says "You know your orders."

3.) His Name is Adam - I'm walking down a corridor of one of the research facilities in the City of Hope, coming upon a room where one of my contemporaries is examining something. We talk briefly, about the Garden of Eden, and the various properties it had. Then I remember us talking about Adam, how I had encountered him in the Garden. Then suddenly it gets very quiet. I end the conversation by saying "It's done."

By Azaz'el Feb 27 2008 -

I've been trying to figure out where or how I have heard of the City of Hope before, and I cannot think of anything. However, it is so very familiar to me. I suppose it's also one of those "Oh that's right" moments for me too.....

I certainly remember the research facilities in the whole complex, with a stunning view of the Temple complex on the hill..... often made me wonder why they had such a view when they were trying to change creation so much. Yes, I was just a synical then as I ma now!!


By Ishtahar Mar 4 2008 -

I am not familiar with the term City of Hope although there is no reason I would be as I never lived there and my only experience of it was as an outsider.

Also I would not remember the details of what facilities there were in the city as I only ever went there at festival times in a procession which went direct from the gate to the temple and back...oh and once with Shem where I was not exactly sightseeing. It was not the sort of place where we humans were welcome to wander at will.

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ARCHIVE: Memories
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