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 ARCHIVE: Vampires..., welcome :]

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ARCHIVE:  Vampires..., welcome :] Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Vampires..., welcome :]   ARCHIVE:  Vampires..., welcome :] EmptySun Oct 10, 2010 12:11 pm

By Eryndor Oct 16 2007 -

Welcome vampires.
I may try and aid some of you getting through your awakening and guide you to some good sites :]

By Azaz'el Oct 16 2007 -

Thank you for your help Lythium [note: user changed name to Eryndor - ARCHIVE].

Would you find it helpful to have a seperate section just for Vampyres, so that you can post directly into that? If that would help, just let me know and I'll set up that section for you and all Vampyre Kin.


By Eryndor Oct 17 2007 -

I think for now this is good.
If there is popular demand for a vampires section I'll request a seperate section but for now a thread is good.

By Eryndor Oct 25 2007 -

So... any vamps about?
If your a vamp and read this or are curious about vampiric lifestyle/culture please post biggrin.gif

By Dreamsend Oct 25 2007 -

Yeah... I have a question wink.gif I'm not properly a vamp but have strong vamp tendencies. I found that I've been "feeding/absorbing" on the energies of all the people around me for most of my life, without realizing. I feel that this has contributed to some sticky situations both where friends and family are concerned, and with strangers, who always seem to be repulsed if I'm trying to be friendly but draw closer when I'm trying to be standoffish. Anyway, I started trying to close off those open channels that are always sucking energy off of people but I've run into some roadblocks.

For one, for the first time that I can remember I experienced "the Thirst." As in, since I've made myself stop siphoning off energy from everyone, and favorably anyone, when I'm around a group I feel that intense urge to feed from them without warning. I feel suddenly very tired and "hungry" and as if I've starving myself, when the solution to my need is all around me, waiting to be tapped into. It's been really hard to stop myself. Both for their sakes and mine, as I find an unpleasant side effect of feeding is absorbing the emotional state and thoughts of the person I'm feeding off of. Cutting myself off has been kind of freeing in a way, too.

The second problem I'm having is that even when I'm trying to stop myself from absorbing energy, with a few types of people/energy vibrations, I find it's especially hard to stop myself. I know that they don't *want* to be fed off of, but their energy seems to almost offer itself into me and I can't stop myself from taking it.

Any advice?

-- Angela

By Ishtahar Oct 25 2007 -

I went through a very similar thing when I began awakening a couple of years ago.

At first I was curious about feeding and i wanted to know how to do it. Then I realised that I had been doing it all along and the trick was to stop doing it automatically and learn to only do it when I want to or need to.

In particular I had real problems at funerals because I was automatically taking in a lot of negative energy. I still have problems being selective in the energy I take in.

In some ways it was easier for me because I had built so many shields to protect myself from people's emotions through being a strong empath that they worked as syphons to stop a lot of the stronger emotional energies coming through

Then I hit a problem there because they got to a stage at the beginning of this year when they would not let any emtional energy in or out and I went through a period when I was completely emotionless.

I had to strip everything away and start again being more conscious in my building up of the shields and filters around me.

Through that exercise I realised that it was all about selection and control. First selecting the right source from which to bring in energy. I have often found that the energy of natural forces, such as fast moving water, the sea, heavy rain, storms, thunder etc is more 'pure' than human energy. As far as human energy is concerned I try to take it when there are a lot of people together doing soemthing they enjoy although there is nothing as sweet as sharing my husband when we are being close

Secondly I have learned to carefully control the taking of the energy, I 'taste' it first to make sure it is not 'tainted' with strong emotion and then I bring it in as slowly as I can so that it has a chance to filter through my shields so that it is pure by the time it touches my aura.

I find in that way I do not need to take it as much and it is easier to control the thirst.

I know that this is in many ways differnt to your situation but maybe if you strip down your defences and build some new purpose made ones with specific filters built in then you will find it easier both to feed and not to feed.

I hope that makes sense

By Dreamsend Oct 27 2007 -

It does make sense, I'll try some of what you tried, especially filtering and "tasting" could help too. I love thunderstorms ^^ I didn't realize I was absorbing energy from them until a few months ago; I just always felt invigorated and like dancing when there's a thunderstorm around... same for heavy winds and ocean.



By Azaz'el Oct 27 2007 -

As is obvious, I'm not a Vamp but I can and do absorb energy from the world around me. Thunderstorms are the best, it can be so amazing to walk through the woodland or moorland with the storm raging about you! I love it and usually try to get outdoors whenever there is a storm. Making love in a storm can also be a very energetic thing, as it feels as if not only can you absorb the energy from the storm but also pass it on to your partner at the same time. Just make sure your partner is used to energy work, otherwise they will not be too well for a few days afterwards, as I discovered.


By Laviah May 5 2008 -

I'm Laviah and new here. rolleyes.gif Anyways, I'm a awakening Hybrid Vampyre , and I was wondering...When Azaz'el & Ishtahar and others, mention about something about a battle and how the Shadows were "Feeling" that something Big was about to happen, what do ya'll mean by that? I mean, how will this happen? Does it got to do with nature, or perhaps demons? Angels? What? How will this all occur? I know noyone Really knows for sure what their up against, but, how will ya'll fight them? How will you fight them?

Heh, I'm sorry if I'm nagging on, lol Is that I'm just so confused! laugh.gif Well, to tell the truth, All my life, Well, most of it, I felt there was a great disturbance in nature. Like something really big was about to occur. Like they held a great secret I couldn't identify myself...And that it was even greater than any battle set upon earth. And now, Ugh! Since global warming and other problems with our planet earth is starting to show proof that things an't exactly going all that grand with mankind and their technologies...(if you catch my drift) And that I'm also having these strange dreams about the future. About all of our future, human, fallen, Vamps, otherkin, everyone! It's just I got a bad feeling about what were all in for.... unsure.gif

Yeah....And I'm not trying to scare anyone, because believe me, it scares the shiznit out of me too sometimes when I think about it! lol And also, how are the Vampyres connected in all of this? And the otherkin?


unsure.gif unsure.gif unsure.gif unsure.gif

By Azaz'el May 7 2008 -

QUOTE (Laviah @ May 5 2008, 11:09 PM)
"When Azaz'el & Ishtahar and others, mention about something about a battle and how the Shadows were "Feeling" that something Big was about to happen, what do ya'll mean by that? I mean, how will this happen? Does it got to do with nature, or perhaps demons? Angels? What? How will this all occur? I know noyone Really knows for sure what their up against, but, how will ya'll fight them? How will you fight them?"

The only asnwer that I can give you here is vague and general...... not to withold information from you but because we don't have many specific answers just yet. Some of what we know is based on Prophecy... for whatever that is worth. Some is based on what we 'know' i.e. from what we have been told, from what we are doing and from what others have told us. And some is based upon information given to us from our Guides and Otherworldly / Spiritual sources.

One of the important aspects as you will have seen from the posts and the website is the unification of Shadow. Basically this means that all Gigori Fallen need to be integrated back into the ranks or family of Shadow. The energy and Source of what we are, of what we're about, was changed due to our involvement with humanity - both Ishtahar and Metatron. Since then, of course, the same process has been attempted and completed with other individuals but without such success!!

The problem is that some within the Shadow ranks don't want unification, don't want our Race to become whole again and so regain our direct link to the Source. They will do their best to prevent this, and this is part of the problem we face - the possibility of a civil war. We're currently waiting to see if the Council of Fallen will be invited to meet the Shadow Council and begin 'negotiations.'

The other big issue is the return of an ancient enemy, a race very like the Shadow in ability and understanding, yet who would want to dramatically change the course of the universe. The barrier between them and us is breaking and when it crumbles we, the Shadow and all Otherkin, need to be ready to face them and fight... to unite finally. But many Kin refuse to listen to these tales, many cannot remember the way it used to be, and some simply put it down to fairy tales from our ignorant past.

As for how this war... civil between Shadow or universal against the old enemy .... will manifest is anyones guess. We're expecting it to be spiritual to begin with, fighting for power, for control, but it could break through into the physical, manifest world. If this happens, then we can expect the world to become a much darker place, with more war, more destruction and death and taking us all to the point of extinction.... until the Gods step in and wipe us all out!!! LOL

Perhaps this is a good point for us all to come forward with our knowledge and what we have heard about this coming future, to see what common threads there are and the steps forward we can take to bring about unification and peace?


By Ishtahar May 7 2008 -


By Ellysium May 7 2008 -

I've seen bits and pieces on this topic of the future and the war etc. scattered around the forum. Maybe we could have a subforum thing specifically about this? And would it be possible to organize the scattered information we already have into one place?

By Laviah May 7 2008 -

Yes, that would be best. Not only for us, but for all who are so new to this and seek anwsers such as I have been aching to ask....if we all combine what we know or believe, we could proubly awaken the memories of some of the newly awaken fallen/shadow, etc. And thus, perhaps join a long time question into finally an anwser! I mean, we (or ya'll) can't just sit around typing about bits and peices of the true topic at hand every which way and not expect some confussion poping up with the "I just got here and want to find out alot about this as much as I can! But this is all becoming so wierd and not understandible!" when there ant exactly a "place" we can place the memories or whatever everyone's gonna call it! lol That's just heck-tic! ya kno? lol & not to mention confusing! rolleyes.gif

But anyways, another questions Ive been very eager to ask, if ya'll have mention anywhere about how the otherkin is mixed in this, (and how the vampyres might be too?) please, direct me to it! ^-^ tongue.gif
And another thing, have anyone of ya'll; and I dont know if the humans can feel this too but, have anyone been feeling for quite awhile (like spiritually) a strong or perhaps even faint feeling of, how do I explain this...? err....."excitement?" in the constant energy of nature? I'm sorry, excuse me, heh heh, but like....(example)

You go outside for awhile, and you start to feel like the energy of the sky, the plants, the energy of water, etc, have been giving off a energy of..."uneasy excitement"?
Or even have you've been, perhaps, had dreams of this planet? Like, the future?
And some of it doesn't look good?

I know this might sound strange, or perhaps its still me being part psi-vamp awakening in me and its getting stronger from awakening, but, I really think this world (nature) is hiding something from us....And I dont know if I mention about this in my last reply, but does anyone get that sorta feel?

I also been thinking that part of this is connected with global warming(hmmm)...and the bigger stonger hurricanes? I mean, now that I think of it, is anyone here heard or is fimiliar with "The Indigo Child"? Well what Ive heard is that there is becoming more since 1992. And that their here (as many has believed) to save us, or something like that? Hmm...does that give anyone ideas?

I hope I was a help, or even atleast a little....

[ahem] and sorry for not chatting with ya Eryndor, I know this topic is for vampyres, So everytime I come on this topic, I'll ask you a question involving with the topic...sounds good? tongue.gif laugh.gif

>what other ways can I control my constant hunger at sch**l when Im around really yummy lookin, slender delicate....(drool) AHHH!!!! Cant think about this!!!! See what I mean? well, anyways, can you catch my drift? Oh, and I havent feed yet sooo....yeah<

*Peace and Love*

By Ellysium May 8 2008 -

QUOTE (Laviah @ May 7 2008, 08:34 PM)

"And another thing, have anyone of ya'll; and I dont know if the humans can feel this too but, have anyone been feeling for quite awhile (like spiritually) a strong or perhaps even faint feeling of, how do I explain this...? err....."excitement?" in the constant energy of nature? I'm sorry, excuse me, heh heh, but like....(example)"

I can't say that I've noticed any sort of uneasy excitement coming from nature, per se.
Though, I have been feeling fairly uneasy myself over the past 6 months or so. I thought this was just me going through stuff, but it seems other people are feeling it too.

In the past 6 months I've emerged from a slump of doubt and disbelief (I get those now and then), re-awakened to my otherkin nature, dealt with a lot of things that came up from the past, been more stressed out than I've ever been with classes even though I would be able to handle them other terms (withdrew from the class), been having frequent panic attacks, figuring out what I'm doing after graduating at the end of May, feeling less social, sometimes I just feel uneasy/anxious in general, and other things like that. It's been fun smile.gif I haven't been thinking/feeling too much about the future though, beyond what to do with my own life in the next few months.

By Laviah May 8 2008 -

Good for you!
I hope you get everything figured out. And same here...I only got a couple more years to go, and Im also planning on where I'll go from there, wherever the wind drops me, ya kno? cool.gif

I'm also glad that I'm not the ONLy One (phew) having these "feelings" (if that's what's the best term here is) But I dont know about the six months...To tell the truth, I have only felt such feelings since I could remeber, and only become more aware of them since now....and how theve gotten stronger since then. And now that you think about it...about how nature has been acting lately....Oh! And have you've heard of the "Cyclone" their now calling it? And ever since hurricane katrina? And holy goth! I was in Louisianna when that happened! And eating army food for some good weeks while taking a short bath in the creek down the road doesnt really sound all that appealing when it happens to yourself! lol But....it was a little nice, I got to get closer with my family in the process(no internet or otherstuff that needs electricity)

And the really weird thing was when we were all going into the church (myself and family-and before it happened) for shelter, everyone was ofcoarse scared! But I kept feeling how big it was going to be! You could stand outside and feel ALL that energy almost choke you it was so strong! I knew deep down it was going to be pretty bad, but, I knew we were going to be alright. And the funny thing was...when we went outside the next morning, almost all the big trees had falled beside the building (and the church was slightly small) instead of falling on us! Wow, huh? lol

But anyways, yeah the weather is becoming pretty bad....and if its not only me and a couple of ppl feeling this, then I think there should be some kind of meeting to where everyone: otherkin, vampyres, fallen, etc. should discuss about this. I mean, we got to do atleast something! I mean, most of us are going to be having children someday, and what kinf of blind world will we be bringing them into? I think about that sometimes. And I hope everyone gives it a thought, too.

lol I just hope we dont have a Daja'vu with "The day after tomarrow"! Agree?

*peace & love*

By Laviah May 8 2008 -

Oh shiz-Nit!
I almost forgot! ........ Oh wait! You still havent anwsered my question! So I dont Have't to ask a Q's! Mwahahahaha! tongue.gif


By Ishtahar May 9 2008 -

Just to let you know Leviah, I deleted one of your duplicate posts because as cool as it was I didnt think it needed repeating. smile.gif

I think you are absolutely right and that is kind of part of the reason we made this site.....I mean to try and bring people togehter and create unity between all the races

We are not getting very far with that sad.gif

Ecept of course among the people who are here who are all talking plenty of sense

By Laviah May 10 2008 -

And what part did you delete? Im sorry...sleep.gif* If I repeated something, I didnt mean to. Everything seems to be here as I posted. Your proubly talking about the post I thought I had already posted? But instead i made a copy. Eh, oh well! lol

But yeah, you got a good point. I just wish we could all get along! Jeez, this hating & ignorance is really getting old!


By Dreamsend May 14 2008 -

Hi Laviah, my name is Angela/Dream's End. I haven't been here while you've been posting on this topic, but I can put in my contribution at this point.

I wanted to elaborate to the earlier question of the things I "know"/think about the battle to come, the antagonists and etc. The short answer is "not much." But I'll try to remember and put in what I can. And if you have questions or comments please do... I seem to work better that way.

The knowledge I seem to have seems to consistently come from what I term my "Other" that higher voice that seems to come from me w/o my knowing I was about to say anything to that degree. I've written about "him" elsewhere on the site. I will usually have an experience of something being said about the events to come, and the "Other" responding to those thoughts through me. Such as saying the barriers are being broken and they are finding the way through... comes from my Other, not me, I can't consciously understand the context in which I'm saying that, but that part of me does, completely. It shares its "feelings" of knowingness with me, so nothing about the events that are revealed really surprise me, other than I learn something consciously that I did not know before.

I feel, consciously, that Otherkin, and Vampires and Shadow and Fallen, and Indigos, and Lightworkers and well all of us are important to the struggle.

*thinks* I can also say how I used to feel about this, which I don't anymore I guess because I feel "finished" and merely moving forward each day. Several years ago, a little after becoming involved with the Otherkin community I heard from the Guides I have (which I have also written about elsewhere on the site) that I had to "prepare". I felt desperately that I had to prepare for something big, imminent, some threat that I had to confront, a challenge, like leading or fighting in some complex battle. It was about 2004/5 and I had a few people of likemind around me... they focused on "training" in fighting and psychically. I felt a little differently than them, that I had to prepare full circle, I had to become smarter, and better at manipulating energy, and I was taking martial arts at the time anyway so I felt I had to improve my physical and energetic body (it was Chinese Internal martial arts with a focus on internal energy instead of external force... which I felt was what I needed), eat healthy, get healthier, learn how to think quicker and become more "powerful" psychically. So for a year or two I focused everyday on this training and then I was done. I just felt done. I just had to wait for whatever was going to happen.

As an aside, some of the psychics (human i.e. "not kin", psychics...) around me had also been having feelings that matched mine. It was only a few years since all the panic of 99, 2000 and 2001, but many earnestly felt the need to strengthen their bodies and will/minds to some great struggle to come. One man told me that he had fed his daughter so well to "prepare her for all the years of struggle to come".

I vaguely feel, to try to more directly anser the question, as if whatever will happen will lend to the grouping of many of like mind, like us, together physically and struggle of the kind that taxes our will and minds more than our "ability" to live will ensue. I.E. I don't feel that homes, lands will be physically threatened, as of now, by war of those kinds but that humans of all kinds will still feel scared and in need of defense from threats they had barely considered.

-- Angela

By Laviah May 14 2008 -

Thank-you dreamsend! wink.gif
You made it quite clearer for me to understand. Yes, I'm quite certain now that there is a battle to come....And a very big one. I don't know....I one time, had this strange dream, that I was in the future(like year 3000 or something) And I looked awfully diffrent. Though I wasn't ugly or anything rolleyes.gif lol But anyways,

A couple of times I had dreams of the future....Or so I believe! lol Like, the year 3000 or something! Some I was flying in...(heheheh, dont ask rolleyes.gif ) and it was just really peaceful....there was hardly any crime, alot of open-minded ppl, and boundaries broken. (nature wise....I guess flying, alien contact, etc) I mean, I guess we all were in contact with "beings" outside from earth! And some were (humans) dating or married to them! And I guess these aliens were human like, too. Or perhaps....like us? Ummm....yeah, I dont know how I know...But, Like I said....there is a war being born....but I think there is going to be peace amoung everyone in our future, after the battle. And not to mention more high-tech stuff! Whoo-Hoo! tongue.gif

Yeah...I cant wait....I just hope its all true. Oh! And did I mention there will be nomore war agaisnt countries? I think that will be made sure of too. And also, I believe our planet will be much more respected than it is right now. Which is really good.

And again...these are only dreams and visions I've had that has only grew a little more stronger, Im still trying to make out what is what within them. Cause some are still really blurry. Like the flying thing. I still cant believe that kind of stuff. (me always think scientifically and all) But then again, it could become possible with our fellow friends the Aliens on our planet, ya kno? lol


By Ellysium May 14 2008 -

Your vision of the future sounds lovely, Laviah smile.gif

By Dreamsend May 15 2008 -

I hope for a peaceful and positive outcome like that, too.

By Laviah May 17 2008 -

Yeah, I hope so too.
But to me, I've been through alot in my life, so...I pretty much have always heard the saying, "If it sounds too good, it most likely is..." I know it sounds depressing, But thats all I've really known throughout my life. And to have now these strange "visions" and dreams are just sooo unlike me! unsure.gif

And now that I think about it...has anyone ever heard of someyone, or yourself, that would think about something happening...then it does? Well...what I mean is, ok for example: Lets say since you were little, ever since you could remember, it seems as though you had this awfully strange pyschic power(thats what I call it...) that you would think about this t.v show you haven't seen in about...err, 10 years or so, than the next day it pops up either on the channels, or somewhere in stores?!? I know, just coincidence, right? No! Try having that happen 3 or 5 times a month! (now it seems its happening more since Im getting older)

Isn't really strange? I mean...I can understand things you would see about what people are about to do and all...but to see whats about to come on air after years of being in the shadows and forgotten? :shivers: That's just too weird for confort! But get this, since its been happening more, I have felt like everytime I think of a show Ive always wanted to watch (that I have watched years before) I'll start to watch it when it comes on. Then for no apparent reason, I'll start to thank who's ever there! As if they had given me a gift! And that is what it always feels like...as if somebody (or something) is letting watch something Ive been craving to see! blink.gif

lol It's almost funny! And sometimes....when I think of a show...and than have it come on air, I do whatever I can to miss it and and look around, as if that "thing" or that "somebody" is kinda mad about it! laugh.gif It's just too funny! As much as if it is all too weird and scary! lol :wipes tears: It is as if I can also feel their glares and "that little brat..." kind of feeling towards me when I "disobey" them, or something like that.

Oh and I got a question....about the awakening for Vampyre's, you see, I'm having someproublems with my stupid computer....well, pretty much every computer! You see, since I'm a hybrid vamp and all, Everytime I want to get on the internet from my computer (or from any computer!) it takes them sooo long just to connect, because I feel as if Im disturbing their connection, So I have't to step back and think of something entirelly (because when I think and fear it not going to connect, which resolves me in restarting it all over agian!) And when I walk back...it has foze, or it has worked....or sometimes, it wont connect at all! Ugh!!! And it drives me nuts that I cant even be around computers when they try to connect with it just to freeze or something when I AM around! And my mom been asking me what in the world am I always doing? lol I just look at her and say, "Err...I'm got bad luck?" Than she will stare at me with confussion and suspicion, and shake her head saying, "I have a weird child..." lol
I just dont know what to do with my...heck! I dont know what I am even doing to cause it to act like that! Can ya help?


By Ishtahar May 18 2008 -

Yes, I know the feeling. The one that says .... if it seems too good to be true it probably is...and the feeling of knowing something is going to happen before it does.

TV shows, old friends contacting out of the blue, telephone calls, things happening at work, seeing names, messages all sorts written on the sides of lorries in trafic or in whited out windows, even on billboards.

I cant beging to describe the strangeness.

As far as the electrical interference is concerned Seri'el is your man. He went through a similar thing with computers and just about everything electrical.

By Laviah May 27 2008 -

Ah! Thank you Ishtahar!
I will try to get in contact with him about the eletrical thing. I just cant wait until I figure this stuff out. It's like, to me, all computers and all that eletric stuff hates me! ugh! (It's driving me completly insane.) And even the scanners at stores! Not so cool....sleep.gif* (if you know wat I mean lol) But anyways, I am glad there are other ppl such as me in the this weird "predicament" as me. tongue.gif


By Laviah Oct 20 2008 -

A question to my fellow elder vampyre's.

Considering since Im an empath, I wonder sometimes if it is also possible to control what they do or feel, as well as think? Just a simple thought.
And another thing, I want to find out which side of my family I got my "gifts" from, (considering I heard its genectic) Like how I could ask. It would be hard, since I am no longer in contact with either of my grandparents, but have people who I can ask that would know how they were back then, or even now. Is there any way to find out?


By Riley Oct 20 2008 -

QUOTE (Laviah @ Oct 20 2008, 06:26 PM)
"A question to my fellow elder vampyre's.

Considering since Im an empath, I wonder sometimes if it is also possible to control what they do or feel, as well as think? Just a simple thought.
And another thing, I want to find out which side of my family I got my "gifts" from, (considering I heard its genectic) Like how I could ask. It would be hard, since I am no longer in contact with either of my grandparents, but have people who I can ask that would know how they were back then, or even now. Is there any way to find out?


Do you mean controlling others thoughts and emotions?
And finding that out is most likely best accomplished through exploration of the family itself, or perhaps scanning your family members.

By Ishtahar Oct 26 2008 -

I am certain that it would be possible to control others though energy / empathy. I am not so sure that it would be ethical to even try to do so.

To control someone else, even if it is for what we consider to be a good reason is to take away their free will, their choice. I don't think that is a good thing for them or for us.

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