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 ARCHIVE: Alastria and dragons

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Alastria and dragons   ARCHIVE: Alastria and dragons EmptyMon Oct 11, 2010 11:55 am

By Ellysium Apr 14 2008 -

I was recently reminded of a place called Alastria. I found out about it years ago through short flashes of vision. All I can see of it is what looks like a clump of blue stars, or simply deep blue light. It seems to be a good, happy, peaceful place full of energy. It may have some sort of city there, but I'm not sure... Someone I know once had the feeling that it is a heaven for dragons. I don't know. However, I feel like I've been there a few times (the number three comes to mind), but I never wanted to (or was able to? dunno) stay for long. Too many other places to explore wink.gif
Does Alastria seem familiar to anyone else?

As far as dragons go, I can only speak for myself. There are simply too many kinds of dragons from too many places, all with their own stories and histories.

Even through my own awakening, I went through several different forms, each with their own stories (these were probably some past lives of mine). Eventually it settled with a white dragon named Mary. For years I thought she and I were the same, but then it turned out it wasn't the case, I got mad at her, she left, and I was left lost, confused, and doubtful for quite a while. (I do still talk to her on occasion, but it has never gone back to the way it was). I have some memories and knowledge about some things from when she was around all the time, but I'm not sure if they're mine or if they're hers and she was just showing me things (I'm thinking it's mostly the latter).

Less than half a year ago I had a vision about a dragon waking up and walking out of a cave. And thus started my re-awakening. I do not know much about this part of myself, except that I am, at least in some aspect, a dragon. At times the dragon will come forward and I find that my senses change slightly, and I tend to growl, and act and feel a bit like a dragon lol.

I say that the dragon is just one aspect of myself because I have felt myself to be other things as well, like angelic (or something similar), and sometimes I feel myself to be almost inseparable from certain gods, or say, the feminine aspect of the universe *shrugs* I'm not claiming to be any sort of god, but sometimes I have experiences that make it feel somewhat like that... But in general my soul feels formless and not limited to space and time, and the dragon, the angel and my current life are just aspects of that, and they seem to exist on different planes, or frequencies ?*shrug*. Although I have also sometimes felt that I am an angel in the form of a dragon o.O That was a while ago though, and I'm re-figuring things out.

Anyways, um.. that was a slightly longer stream of thought than I meant to go in to. Just wondering if there are other dragons here, or if Alastria seems familiar to anyone. Also, feel free to comment or ask about anything else I've said, of course.

By Ishtahar Apr 14 2008 -

Isnt it strange how sometimes we start off intending to say something fairly short and straightforward and then suddenly we find we have written loads.

I am not familiar with the place you speak of but it sounds wonderful.

I have been privileged to speak to dragons on only one or two brief occasions and each time I was enormously impressed and comforted.

Dragons and gods are not so very much different in my mind.

By Ellysium Apr 15 2008 -

I'm glad to hear that you've had such pleasant experiences with other dragons smile.gif

By Ishtahar Apr 16 2008 -

Yes, I did and I felt incredibly privileged. The mind of a dragon is an awsome thing to touch even if only very fleetingly. The heart of a dragon is boundless and the soul of a dragon is so far beyond my understanding as to be meaningless.

Dragons are and always have been guardians and they do it for nothing other than love. Because of it they have been hunted and destroyed, demonised and driven away and yet they endure and they continue to protect us without recognition or thanks or even the courtesy of belief.

I think Dragons are marvellous

By Ellysium Apr 28 2008 -


May I ask you about your experience with dragons? I understand if you don't want to go into detail for whatever reason. I'm just curious.

By Ishtahar Apr 28 2008 -

No worries at all Ellysium.

There are two occasions, that I remember, when I have had contact with a dragon.

The first one was when I was on Glastonbury Tor, I was about to lead a ritual and I was really nervous. As usual I didnt think I was up to it, that there were many others there more experienced than me, more important than me ...yada yada yada. I had gone into the tower to centre and calm myself and I became aware of something touching my mind. It was only a brief touch but it was enormous. I had the impression of an enormous dragon curled up under a mountain, whether it was under the Tor or somewhere else I dont know. I had a fleeting impression of inestimable age and intelligence, great sadness and loss but also hope and love. Over all there was an overwhelming feeling of being so small and so inimportant in the great scheme of things that I was no more small and insignificant than anyone else. It might not seem like that but it really helped.

The second time I was astrally travelling with someone who was very very important to me...still is but that is another story. We plunged into a lake, which in physicality is near where I live, I became aware that the lake was a gateway and that it was guarded by a silvery blue dragon. Again I felt the touch on my mind and it felt very similar. I got the same impression of age and intelligence and patience etc etc. This time it was judging me and it must have judged ok because it let me pass.

I have passed the lake many times and I have the impression of the dragon still there but it has never touched me again.

There was so much more in that brief touch than I could possibly express here, but I do feel that I gained some little understanding if not of the dragon itself (I have a feelign that would be impossible for my tiny monkey brain) then at least of the way they react with humanity.

I felt honoured and blessed and I still do. It makes me feel warm and safe to think about it


By Ellysium Apr 30 2008 -

Thanks for sharing, Ishtahar smile.gif

I know what you mean by that feeling. I've felt it as well. And it reminds me of a specific experience I had recently.

I was on the bus a few weeks ago, just looking out the window, zoning out, and thinking about things, when a dragon appeared to me in my mind's eye/spiritually. It looked as if it were made of condensed white light. When I saw it, I ran and hugged it around the neck and felt like I was coming Home. And I got the same feeling from it that you got from the dragons that have touched you. Especially a sense of sadness, longing, hope, and love. We just stood there together with that feeling until eventually it disappeared, and I'm not entirely sure why it was there.

By Ishtahar Apr 30 2008 -

Perhaps the dragon was just reminding you that they are still there. That no matter what happens they endure and they are there for us...for us all, although I doubt that the vast majority of those who exist in fleshly bodies will ever feel their touch.

By Aislinne Sep 18 2008 -

Does Alastria seem familiar to anyone else?

*This place... this name seems VERY familiar to me.

I say that the dragon is just one aspect of myself because I have felt myself to be other things as well, like angelic (or something similar), and sometimes I feel myself to be almost inseparable from certain gods, or say, the feminine aspect of the universe *shrugs* I'm not claiming to be any sort of god, but sometimes I have experiences that make it feel somewhat like that...

*Seraph mentioned something to me today... there are a particular kind of angels that are called "Fiery Serpents" in the bible... Might explain the angelic feeling. *

By Ellysium Sep 18 2008 -

It does seem familiar to you, Aislinne? Do you have any feelings about it?

Hmm, interesting about the "fiery serpents". Does Seraph know anything more specific about them?

By Aislinne Sep 18 2008 -

Honestly... I hear that name in my head and I want to see the place... It seems as tho my heart and mind know it but I do not. as for the angelic figures... I had asked Seraphyna about someone who used a name similar to hers and thus I was interested in the origin of the name... this is the reply I got.

"Well Seraphina (sometimes spelled Serafina) was a saint. As for the name itself, it comes from greek (the exact root word is something of debate) stemming from seraphim...the choir of angels with 6 wings. Thus the name means something along the lines of "burning ones" or "fiery ones"."

And in my post on another thread, she used the term "fiery serpent"
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PostSubject: the home of the dragons   ARCHIVE: Alastria and dragons EmptySat Feb 25, 2012 12:02 pm

I know of the place you speak it is the home of the dragons on the astral plane it is where we live when not inhabiting human bodies or watching and protecting on earth in spiritual forms. I am glad someone could actually remember its name it has been bugging me for a while because me the son of the dragon lord of fire Fafnir is something i cannot ever forget my mother a great white dragon though i know not her name so yes even us demi gods get out of kelter in our minds. As most of our memories are blocked out by the human portions of the mind and yes i have been there a few times during astral travels i am still growing in my true powers and abilities. I will offer any knowledge i can about my home on the astral plane where my father lives.

over and out Drakon Knightsier
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ARCHIVE: Alastria and dragons
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