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 ARCHIVE: The Moon, my mother, The stars, my brothers...

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ARCHIVE: The Moon, my mother, The stars, my brothers... Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: The Moon, my mother, The stars, my brothers...   ARCHIVE: The Moon, my mother, The stars, my brothers... EmptySun Oct 17, 2010 2:10 pm

By Dreamsend Apr 12 2008 -

I have had this tendency develop for the last year or two, when I look up in the sky and see the Moon, regardless of the phase (especially when it's waxing) I have these strong urges, feelings, tugs of unremembered knowledge. I usually whistle, long high-pitched whistles at the moon face. Sort of, the whistle feels like a call (hello!) and a tribute (my liege!) and a testament (I will love you always!). I have sort of the sense that there is a sentience, a womanly force that is/is within the Moon. Inevitably the feelings arise, when I see it, those of being "descended from" like of an ancestor or of a representational "first" (i.e. Mother or Father of a Nation)

Recently when I see the stars... I feel that I am personally related to spots in the sky. I feel a great alliegence and start to speak with them, greeting the stars and wishing them well, telling them that I miss them, as if they, too were alive. I call them "sisters and brothers." I ask them to tell me how they are. I do this as if it is completely natural. I feel very affectionately for them. I feel so strongly for the Moon, though that it is starting to pain me... I wish I could go... "be with it" or "hug it" somehow, it's very hurtful.

It's strange to me that I see the stars and address them, themselves, and not feel as if I am talking to other planets or people far away, but to the actual sky, alive.

.... I have felt recently very strongly towards thunderstorms that are very strong. I find it hard to contain myself and often find myself drawn to begin chanting, singing or working spirit energy.

.... Unrelated but I am reminded that I find the need to sing single high notes sometimes. I just open my mouth and sing one note and sing that for some minutes.

By Faddewr Apr 14 2008 -

Usually I feel like singing deep notes, like Gregorian Chant or something like that when a wind blows, or it raining and lightning.

Something like


By Ishtahar Apr 14 2008 -

I just love to sing. Sometimes I sing words sometimes I sing music sometimes just a note.

I do feel an affinity with the moon and the stars and I see the stars as more personal than just the light from far off planets. But I dont think I have such a strong connection as you do Dreamsend.

By Dreamsend Apr 15 2008 -

I love to sing so much, too. (It's one of the other only things I enjoy now wink.gif). I feel that when I am really singing, hitting notes on key and on tune I am working magic. I feel that same sort of feeling when the wind blows, Faddewr. It seems to me that a vibration in my body has to be "released" the pressure of the energy I feel, and I have to sing. I can't sing just anything, though, I have to sing on key, one note or a series of long notes. If I can feel my upper forehead and the bridge of the nose vibrate, the energy seems to be relieved ^^.

I think that maybe singing can be used to work magic, in general. I'd like to find out a way to use it (or be used by it, as it goes) to do such.

-- Dreamsend

By Ishtahar Apr 16 2008 -

That would be wonderful. I often feel when I am singing that I am weaving a spell. However I am just a tiny bit too repressed and self conscious to completely let go and just allow the music to flow without conscious thought, jsut letting the words and music create themselves as they come out. I am sure that if I could do that then it would create real magic.

I will let you know if I ever achieve it.
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ARCHIVE: The Moon, my mother, The stars, my brothers...
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