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 A dream of Heka and my Mother

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A dream of Heka and my Mother Empty
PostSubject: A dream of Heka and my Mother   A dream of Heka and my Mother EmptySat Sep 22, 2012 10:19 am

Every night I sleep with a different crystal under my pillow to keep myself balanced and open. Last night I went to sleep with rose quartz under my pillow. This crystal is affiliated with feminine energy, love, the heart chakra, goddesses and kindness.

My dream started off with me being aware of rocking like I was lying on a lilo or a surfboard in the sea. When I opened my eyes I found that I was on a boat in the style of the Ancient Egyptian boats. I sat up and saw that we were travelling down a river (I'm assuming the Nile) and there were no other people that I could see. On the boat was myself, four men on each side to row it and a very beautiful woman sitting on a throne at the far end of the boat. She beconned me to go to her and I did.

"I thought you'd never wake up," she said, smiling. I was confused and said "but this is a dream, how can I wake up if this is a dream?" and she laughed at me. She said that dreams can be important and that I need to pay attention. I finally plucked up the courage to ask who she was and she replied, "I am Heka. The embodiment of magic and speech. I am a Goddess and no Goddess at all".

(Here is a bit on who Heka is: "Magical Speech" Heka is an abstract Name, embodying the concept that there is power in the spoken word - power which can be used for good or ill. While sometimes Heka is simply translated into English as "magic," Heka is more than a "magic word" or a "spell")

The boat stopped and Heka stood up from her throne. She pointed to a far away figure in the distance and I knew that I was to go to it. I thanked her and was helped off the boat into shallow water before running across the desert to the figure. As I got nearer I saw that the figure was a woman, a woman with a lioness head.

(For those unsure about Sekhmet: As a healer, Sekhmet's power to destroy things utterly would be invoked against the invisible "demons" of plague and disease; Sekhmet's strongest attribute, like that of the lioness Her symbol, is that of appropriate action, especially appropriate violence/destruction.)

She too laughed at me and said that they've been waiting years for me to wake up. She told me that I'd been gone long enough already but she wanted to give me something, then I could go home. She put a necklace around my neck. It was an hourglass with tiny crystal/marble balls instead of sand, and these balls were flowing from both ends into the middle before meeting and flowing back again.

Yesterday and today are the days of the festival Mabon which celebrates the Autumn Equinox and the harvest. It's a time of natural celebration and balance. Traditionally on Mabon you should look back at the year and your own life and plan for your future. It's also a time for rest. As with all pagan festivals, the veil is thought to be thinner on these days so the spirits and gods can connect to us.

The Equinox will happen on the 22nd of September 2012 at 15.49GMT
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A dream of Heka and my Mother
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