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 ARCHIVE: Particle Soul, returning from my long absence

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ARCHIVE: Particle Soul, returning from my long absence Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Particle Soul, returning from my long absence   ARCHIVE: Particle Soul, returning from my long absence EmptySun Oct 17, 2010 4:34 pm

By Faddewr Jan 9 2009 -

Hello all,

The Pardoner here, with a flash in my intellectual pan.

What if the soul was but a particle?

One of the minute, base component of the entire universe. (I believe they are soul and materia)

The atom's atom's atom' atom.

What made me think of this?

Recently I have noticed a trend, it seems that my identity in the way of Kin seems to shift every week. A sort of weekly reincarnation.

Then I began thinking about reincarnation, post mortem cognitive transfer, how is it possible for a consciousness to keep switching from one life in one plain to the next?

Unless a soul is the one thing in common with each of the existences the exist.

A base component.

It would make sense then how a soul can easily jump from one life to the next, since a particle's existence is spent bouncing around the cosmos.

But how would a soul bind to a body?

Do not particles bind to each other by nature?

So it's the soul of a soul to bind to other things.

and if Locard's principe is true, then whenever a soul binds to a living thing, the soul's consciousness picks up the characteristics of what they binded to.

questions? please ask.

By Azaz'el Jan 9 2009 -

I don't have any questions, thanks, but it is a very interesting concept. I certainly do believe that there is avery strong link between the Soul and the shell it is housed within. But personally I believe that it is the Soul that shapes the life and shell, rather than the shell and life that shapes the Soul.

There is the old concept that exists within many of the traditional pagan spiritual systems that exist which states that the soul of an individual can attain Godhead....... that each soul is a small particle of the Source/Creator and in order for the Source/Creator to understand its creation, it must fracture into small particles and incarnate, living through every possible state of existence. Once every aspect of existence on all levels has been understood, the particle will return to Godhead.

The question that then raises its head is what if Kin? Until 'recent' times, we didn't 'evolve'... the only race who was able to evolve and grow and become more than it was originally, was Humanity. All other Kin remained as it was.


By Riley Jan 10 2009 -

I also have that changing happening Fed, but my reasoning is that my soul is trying to get in a comfortable kin. I also have my own soul research, I think I posted it already, but if people can't find it I'll repost it.
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ARCHIVE: Particle Soul, returning from my long absence
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