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 ARCHIVE: A Prayer of Hope!

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: A Prayer of Hope!   ARCHIVE: A Prayer of Hope! EmptyWed Mar 10, 2010 2:02 am

From Ouza 4 July 2009

"To All of gods and men,
Givers of strength and wisdom,
They Who walk upon the Earth,
They Who move upon the sea,
They Who ride the sky;
Masters of Runes,
Masters of Magic,
They Who hold all power between their hands,
They Who dwell in all the realms of being:
Meet now your children,
You who give to us
As the brightest of mead
The flowing truths
The divine trust of thought.
Grant us the strength
To keep to the pathways of Light
And the wisdom to recognize them.
Grant us the Need
To work for the resurgence of our race,
To heal the wounded Earth,
To fulfill the great destiny of our people.
Grant us the power
To find our own True Will,
That we may fight for you in this World,
Fight beside you at the end times,
And build the new Golden Age that comes after.
That we may fight for you in this World,
Fight beside you and build a new Golden Age that shall shine forever"

This is an abridgment of something, I found of most import!



From Azaz'el 4 July 2009

Thank you for sharing that with us, I personally would like to see the unabridged version too, as I think its wonderful,

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ARCHIVE: A Prayer of Hope!
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