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 ARCHIVE: Welcome Back, Some have seemed to return

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ARCHIVE: Welcome Back, Some have seemed to return Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Welcome Back, Some have seemed to return   ARCHIVE: Welcome Back, Some have seemed to return EmptyMon Mar 21, 2011 11:53 am

By Aislinne 12 Jan 2009 -

Welcome back. after a few months of checking the pages every so often for something new it seems many of you are returning to post again. I missed being able to talk. I'm glad I am not alone any more.

By Azaz'el 13 Jan 2009 -


I must apologise that even though I am one of the owners and founders of this forum, I was also one of those who was "away" for a while. I hadn't gone anywhere, just dealing with all the stresses and hassles that life was throwing at me.

Now, I'm pleased to say, I'm back and I hope I have a clearer understanding and fresh eyes to guide my path over the coming months.

Hopefully we can all return to posting more, sharing the pains and insights we have experienced and move forward to attracting more members and being a vibrant forum for all Kin.


By Aislinne 14 Jan 2009 -

well I'm glad people are back. things are starting to get a bit out of wack so it's nice to be around people that don't think I'm crazy.

By Azaz'el 16 Jan 2009 -

Who said we didn't think you were crazy?

LOL biggrin.gif

I can undersatnd what you mean and I think you summed it up perfectly by saying things are getting out of wack. Anything we can help you with?


By Faddewr 17 Jan 2009 -

Well I just had my first semester of college, where I've been dealing with psychiatry, classes, the occult, and other issues which may have caused me to drop off the face of the earth.

But I'm back, so I'll be hanging around and possibly posting more as I go into my next semester.
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ARCHIVE: Welcome Back, Some have seemed to return
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