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 ARCHIVE: The olden times, A look back into Earth's memories

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ARCHIVE: The olden times, A look back into Earth's memories Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: The olden times, A look back into Earth's memories   ARCHIVE: The olden times, A look back into Earth's memories EmptySun Jun 13, 2010 6:12 am

By EaruArulay Jul 15 2008 -

This is a memory of times unspoken, I don't remember the exact time of the event but it is still one that is fresh in my memory.

Walking barefoot upon the forest path, taking my time and being careful to step on each white stone. I feel the leaves and the mosses under my feet, they are both crunchy and soft under my gentle steps. Looking up through the forest canopy I can see the stars and the moon, a gentle light shining through the trees revealing a misty presence around the trees. Lanterns are placed upon the path, I am almost at my home and excited to see her again. I can already feel my heart beating it's notes of love for her, and she can too. As I emerge from the forests trail I arrive at a small but fairly roomy house, just a little cottage to get away from the busy life. I sit down at the pond near the river, and feed the ducks and fish. I look to the waterfall not far away and I see her bathing under it, jokingly she sneaks looks at me so I pretend like I don't notice but she sees my smile. The night is calm and a gentle blueish glow seems to light up the area around our house and the trail through the forest. I first put down my hood and take off my robes to jump into the river. A quick splash and off I go under the fairly cool waters of the river, taking away the warm sticky feeling of the evening. Both Aat-yia and me go under the waterfall and look into each other's eyes, then stepping out of the waterfall revealing ourselves back to the world. Slowly drying off as we walk into the house, we go to sleep holding each other drifting off into the dreamworld..

By Ishtahar Jul 15 2008 -

That is beautiful. Truly beautiful.

By Ellysium Aug 3 2008 -

I miss my soulmate...

Sorry, your memory is just so beautiful and sweet that that's what I thought of.

By Ishtahar Aug 3 2008 -

me too sad.gif

By Ellysium Aug 3 2008 -

Aaws *offers Ishtahar a hug*

By Azaz'el Aug 3 2008 -

Is there room for a group hug here? I, too, miss my soul mate and want him back with me more than anything.

Your memory, EaruAralay, is beautiful and something to be treasured. It has made us all feel very old and touch the deep yearning we have for the times in our life when we were with the one true love of our soul.

I know that they are returning to us.......... but it is taking too long! sad.gif


By Ellysium Aug 17 2008 -

Group hug! smile.gif

By Azaz'el Aug 17 2008 -

Woooo! I'm always up for a group hug when the passing of time seems too slow and I end up feeling sorry for myself! wink.gif


By Dreamsend Aug 19 2008 -

Group hugs are always good ^^
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ARCHIVE: The olden times, A look back into Earth's memories
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