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 ARCHIVE: Samhuinn, Autumn Energies

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ARCHIVE: Samhuinn, Autumn Energies Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: Samhuinn, Autumn Energies   ARCHIVE: Samhuinn, Autumn Energies EmptyFri Apr 30, 2010 4:03 am

From Ishtahar 9 Oct 2007

As Samhuinn approaches, the energies overwhelm me as usual. Things which have been brewing for a time come to a head, stress levels raise, choices have to be made, the dead wood cut out to make room for the new shoots in the spring,

I have always found the energies of Samhuinn disturbing but envigorating. This year more than ever Samhuinn seems set to sweep me away on a flood of emotion whether I want it or not.

In every part of my life things are stirred up and whilst at times I just want to sit and make it stop, I know that at the end of the period it will have made things better and clearer.

So how are you all experiencing Samhuinn this year. What dead wood do you want cleared out before the Spring

From Azaz'el 12 Oct 2007

I think it's fair of me to say that out of all the traditional or old festivals, Samhuinn (Hallowe'en) has always been my favourite. The energies from this festival, from the Cailleach and from the Gateway to the Ancestors in the North West, has always been invigorating for me. Yes, a little scary too, but I have always found it an empowering time. I love the Winter, and really find the summer uncomfortable, so it also heralded the start of winter, which I love.

This year, as I've said elsewhere, is a tough one. There are a lot of things happening, a lot of odd or strange energies flying around and it has an unsettled 'feel' about it. It's almost as if the world is getting ready to shake itself! Does that make sense? It is a time for upheaval, not the peaceful and dark quiet time it always used to be.

Samhuinn this year is going to be a make or break one. It will be a time of flux and change, when we have to start facing the change in energy, the change in direction. Otherkin will start awakening more and more.... and humanity will no doubt start reacting against that more and more. It is a time when we have to re-connect to our beginnings, so that we learn from all our lives, but link back to who and what we were in the beginning, at the time when we were all pure and had a direct link to the Source.

I get the feeling that the coming changes and difficulties that we will all have to face over the next few years will start at this Samhuinn.

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ARCHIVE: Samhuinn, Autumn Energies
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