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 A dream in which I couldn't save "her"

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A dream in which I couldn't save "her"  Empty
PostSubject: A dream in which I couldn't save "her"    A dream in which I couldn't save "her"  EmptySun Feb 17, 2013 11:37 pm

This dream in totality was incredibly realistic. During the dream, If I closed my eyes I would wake up in real life. If I close my eyes in my waking life, I’d go back to the dream. Every sound, touch, taste, scent and sight was sharp and true. These two dreams came out of order. The first half I dreamed second and vice versa. So to avoid confuse (especially while I’m typing this lol) I’m just going to order the dreams in the actual sequence of events.

On to the dream: Immediately I was “dropped” into the action. I was inside some strange building and there were these people in various robes and garments, mostly of dark jewel tone colors. They walked about the place, quiet and distant. There were stained glass windows, so could it be a chapel? But there were also warrior looking men and women, so perhaps I was in some fighting compound? I walked around until a woman with tan skin and long curly dark hair came to me.

“We have to find her,” she whispered urgently.

“How?” I asked, though I knew not this woman or the other one needing to be saved. She placed a firm hand on my shoulder. She looked like a warrior, confident, enduring and strong. She seemed like a sister…

“We become like they are” she said and she handed me a new outfit, a deep dark amethyst gown. She wore a dark sapphire gown. We wandered through the hallways for what seemed like an eternity. A strong arm wrapped around my neck and I was thrown into the far east wall. I couldn’t hear the name the woman called me by but I hear the sounds of battle ensuring. Behind me a strong presence gathered. It felt heavy and potent, like electricity making the hair on the back of my neck stand. A man’s voice whispered “Turn right, second leg to the left.”

The woman told me to go on without her. She was capable of taking care of herself. So I ran according to what the voice told me. I’ve never felt such…urgency. I had to find this woman. I have to save her no matter what the cost. She shouldn’t be in this place.

A set of large oak double doors stood before me halfway opened. Someone was in there, breathing heavily, ragged and worn out. A whimper of pain echoed through the dark room. There was nothing but a sliver of moonlight to illuminate the place. This woman had red hair, like wine, and blue eyes. Cuts laced her face, neck and arms. Standing above her was this strange obsidian colored mist person…thing. I can’t really describe it. It looked feminine but it crouched before her like a beast. Its growling was hideous but it didn’t fail to send chills up and down my spine. I ran towards her.

But this is where the dream began to distort. My vision switched from my POV to the beast’s. The closer I got to her, the more frequent the switching was. Either way, I didn’t make it. That thing killed her. I cried and screamed until my voice was raw with anger, hate and utter heartbreak. Someone very strong grabbed me. I struggled to break free from them. I just wanted to be near her. I wanted to tell her I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.

The dream replayed for a couple of nights, as if it were taunting me. Every time I woke up I asked myself silently “Why couldn’t I save her?” but I never got an answer.

Lately I’ve been feeling trapped in my dreams. The only grow stronger night by night. I usually have “spikes” like that every once in a while. I had many dreams this month. This is the worse one so far, because of the fact that I still feel regret even after I wake up.
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A dream in which I couldn't save "her"
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