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 ARCHIVE: My Memories, ...And dreams.

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ARCHIVE: My Memories, ...And dreams. Empty
PostSubject: ARCHIVE: My Memories, ...And dreams.   ARCHIVE: My Memories, ...And dreams. EmptySun Jun 13, 2010 6:01 am

By Zurine Mar 22 2008 -

Okay. Maybe a little more then memories and dreams.


The Buildings: The buidlings were huge and beautiful. They were tall with cascading stairwells, stacked high on each other. The floors were mostly made of a very very interesting bronze-golden marble looking stone. I also remember these really beautiful set of pillars that lined an outdoor coverfed hallway lading to an important room. I remember the buildings had a lot of meetings. I have no clue what the meetings were about but the rooms where the meetings were held reminded me of old courthouses.

The Fight: [Dream] I was a man with bronze-ish armor and really big wings... [well compared to mine now]. I was in a troop, and we were heading torawrds a small cliff which was about four feet taller then me. We were wading through a creek when we were ambushed by arrows. We went to fall back but we were followed. I got an arrow lodged in my shoulder and my leader/ captain was killed.

My guide: I sorta wanted to share, because I tend to talk about him and it'd be convienant if you knew who he was. Dan has been with me since I went through my awakening in France. ;o He's kinda like my older brother. He's tough but understanding. He's looks about 30[ish] with brown hair. We get a long great most of the time. He's taught me a lot. I met him in a dream where I was standing in this extremely birght area with two men standing on either side of me. the were laughing and when they noticed I was sorta - concious- they patted my back and said :"This is where the real work begins". The next night Dan was there, the man who was on my right.

Visions of Ik: There was a time a little while back where I'd randomly start to see everything turn into ruins. The air would become orange, dusty, rank smelling and windy as houses collapsed on themselves and cars rusted to mechaical skeletons. People would turn into dust as well. D: I have no clue what it was- but it stopped.

By Ishtahar Mar 22 2008 -

Thank you Zurine. You describe things very well. I remember the houses being tall, but then everything in the city was tall to me as I was so small in those days. smile.gif

I cant say that any of the rest rings any bells for me but I did not live in the city and there were only certain areas I ever visited so that is not surprising.

Thank you for sharing.


By Ellysium Apr 21 2008 -

One of my guides is named Dan too! He seems like mid-late 20's maybe. Brown hair, and he likes to wear top hats smile.gif I like him a lot, though I don't notice him around that often. And he sometimes feels kind of like a loving and protective older brother.

Hm... the visions don't seem like they were fun. Haven't had anything quite like that. Though sometimes I imagine what the earth would look like if all the humans had gone somewhere else.
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ARCHIVE: My Memories, ...And dreams.
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