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 ARCHIVE: The Duties

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PostSubject: ARCHIVE: The Duties   ARCHIVE: The Duties EmptySat Feb 20, 2010 8:55 am

From Dreamsend 25 Oct 2007

Of the many things that it seems we have been installed here to do, one of the most mysterious concerns the "removal of magic" in this realm, and "The Veil." The Veil could refer to a number of things. It could be the barrier that separates this world from another, equal one, or from another, more hellish one. It could be a "blanket" that seems to surround our minds.

There is the feeling I've gotten for some time that if I just reached out in front of me, I could pierce and tear open some sort of barrier that's always within reach but thus far, never touchable. I wonder if this could have something to do with it as well.

In any case, the Veil, and the absence of real palpable magic, (of the sort that we remember) seem to be somehow connected. There have been so many times that I've looked at something and felt I *should* be able to make it move, but as hard as I try, there is some sort of buffer that makes this impossible. The same goes for other sorts of energy manipulation, like spontaneously creating fire and levitation among others.

Some feel the Veil was consciously created here (but whether it is a barrier between worlds or a barrier over abilities is unknown). Others feel that it manifested itself over a period of time (perhaps one group of people slowly moving away from ideas and/or worlds that they lost interest in).

In any case, one of the things it seems as if we are here to do is reawaken actual, palpable magic. It seems just beyond reach, but it is reachable. Perhaps it is just that not enough people believe. Belief = energy = form reality takes, (yes?). It could also be that we are not quite ready. The impact that sort of thing could have on our world can't be imagined. It would, at least, be chaotic.

From Ishtahar 25 Oct 2007

OMG that is EXACTLY the way that I feel and always have felt. It is almost as if I can REMEMBER how to do things but I just cant.

I can REMEMBER running really really fast and my feet leaving the ground and then flying.

I can REMEMBER reaching out my hand and having something fly into it.

and I KNOW that I can still do that, except that I cant.

And it feels EXACTLY like having a veil around me, or some kind of invisible skin that I just cant break through.

On the other hand I have always had a very very strong feeling that one day magic would flow back again. I have had discussions with fiends many times about how to bring the magic back and I have always said that one day it will just come. One day i will wake up and there will be an unicorn grazing in my front garden and everyone will see the fairies.

I dont know whether that is a pipe dream, an excuse to not actually do anything to bring it back but maybe we are coming to the days when this will actually happen. Maybe in order to break through the gateways altogether to beging the real fight in the comeing war oue enemies have to have that magic and that is why it was put away and that is what will have to happen to bring us to the fight this time,.

Again this is a thought that has only just formed as I am writing it and it will be interesting to see what others will make of it

From Azaz'el 25 Oct 2007

Ah, finally it has been recognised by others!!! I have not mentioned this for a long time, as most people have looked at me as if I have lost the plot.

There is a sense that after the fall and our exile, in one way or another, the reamaining Shadow guided the course of Humanity. But the direct link between all Kin and the Source had been lost. So this loss, together with the change in belief and perception guided by Shadow, it is belived that the 'laws' of physics and the manifest world we live within, changed.

If you stop believing, then it can't happen. So the atmosphere surrounding the manifest world 'thickened' .... the blanket was created. Those of us who are Kin know that magic can happen, did happen... but it's just beyond our reach because the world still disbelieves.

The irony is that to bring magic back we need to get the world to believe in it again....... but in order to show them magic, they need to believe in it first.



From Maahes 5 April 2008

If you don't mind my input. A good friend (and a great Reiki teacher) of mine told me his theory about the Veil once.

That he feels there is no "veil" separation outside of out own minds, but that the planes of existence are all present in the same space, simply on different frequencies, like radio waves. Which could explain why people (including myself) can see the astral plane overlapping the physical plane and such.

However it's just a theory, I think any of the veil theories could be possible.

From Faddewr 6 April 2008

It could be any number of things.

People can do amazing things and are often unaware of them. People can veil themselves from things. Training their "internal-censors" to act upon any instance of offensive material.

It's like the Censors from the game Psychonauts, they're blind to emotion or reason and exist merely to stamp out things that they believe do not belong. It takes time to override them.

From Zurine 6 April 2008

I've never thought of the viel like that honestly.

But I always felt that I could do more, but it was sorta... blocked. : /

From Ishtahar 6 April 2008

I think that it is entirely possible that the veil exists within us. It makes sense that it does. That does not mean that any of the other thories put forward here are wrong though, only that they have taken place on the inside and not the outside.,

I too am feeling very contstrained at the moment. Never mind,....one day biggrin.gif

From Dreamsend 12 April 2008

QUOTE (Maahes @ Apr 5 2008, 10:11 PM)
"If you don't mind my input. A good friend (and a great Reiki teacher) of mine told me his theory about the Veil once.

That he feels there is no "veil" separation outside of out own minds, but that the planes of existence are all present in the same space, simply on different frequencies, like radio waves. Which could explain why people (including myself) can see the astral plane overlapping the physical plane and such.

However it's just a theory, I think any of the veil theories could be possible."

I hold that and several other theories simultaneously to be true, myself. I think that the existences are all present on the same space. I feel that the times I think I can see someone standing in front of me ("a visitor") that is what is occurring... there is all this energy present, and overlapping, and I'm starting to lower my resistance to this being a possibility, allowing myself to "see through".

The similar feeling I have had and often get of being able to reach out in front of me and "pierce" through a wall in the middle of the air directly before me is, I think, the same thing....

I like the explanation about "different frequencies, like radio waves"

From Ellysium 26 April 2008

Oh wow.. the Veil. Haven't heard that since I was part of the Team in highschool. And you describe it in basically the same way we thought about it, Dream.
A lot of those other theories feel at least somewhat true to me too.
I also sometimes get the feeling where I feel as if I could just walk through the air and be somewhere different. Or dive into the ground and be in a different world. And I'm also familiar with the feeling that I should be able to do things, but can't.

An interesting feeling came back to me today and as I read this post, especially when Ish mentioned the war. The dragon Mary (the dragon I thought was me for a while.. maybe I should explain that somewhere...) Anyway, she showed up, in a sense, kindof through me instead of infront of me (if that makes sense). And I got this familiar feeling I used to have from her during highschool when I actually thought about the war and the veil and all of that. And that was the urge to organize people (and some of the dragon friends I'm meeting... I probably won't actually do anything anytime soon...) but anyway to organize, and to lead... possibly into battle. She/I led some astral battles years ago in highschool.
I'm not sure how I feel about this though... because I would like to avoid any sort of violence if possible. But the sort of organizing/battle planning/taking action feeling I get from her is not necessarily for battle and war, i think, but for whatever action may be useful.

And um... what else was I going to say?
Oh.. Some of you talk about being disconnected from the Source, and this may be true.. I'm not Fallen or anything like that as far as I know, so maybe it's different. But I really don't feel like I'm disconnected from the Source, although, I'm certainly not at ONE with it at this point, but I may be eventually. I'm interpreting the Source to be God/Consciousness/The Universe/etc. is that right?

From Azaz'el 26 April 2008

QUOTE (Ellysium @ Apr 26 2008, 05:41 AM)
"I'm interpreting the Source to be God/Consciousness/The Universe/etc. is that right?"

You are right there. The Source is the older or more spiritual name for God. The problem with current names is the association that can often be made to the common names that are used. So as an example, if you talk about Angels many tend to associate with the fluffy radient beings in christian texts, rather than the truth about them......... hence the use of the older name of Shadow.

The same goes for the Source....... we knew it originally as the Source, the cauldron of creation, the point of creation and existence. By referring to it as the Source we are removing any confusion over the concept of God being an old man with a long white beard being kind and granting miracles. The Source is sentient, is alive, is creation, but not in the modern christian sense.

The Source is the point of all creation, is the mind of the universe, is the unity of the God and Goddess etc etc etc.

Hope that helps.


From Seraphyna 28 April 2008

In my opinion...the Veil is a divider on earth between the realm of the physical and the realm of the astral/energy/magic. Earth stands as something of a learning grounds for all the beings on it otherkin and non-kin alike. Thus, if it was subject to magic the same way our home realms are, the lessons would never get learned, for it takes human limitations to learn them. That's why I don't believe the veil will ever fall here.

From Ellysium 28 April 2008

Thanks, Az, that does help.
And it seems to fit perfectly with what I've come to believe, and have experienced about the Source smile.gif

From Raven Wight 20 Dec 2008

No amount of words could ever express my contempt for this veil, I know exactly what you speak of! I feel it in every waking minute, and often while I dream. It's like a restrictive film just beneath the skin, binding me to this form. I have spent the last 22 years of this incarnation, (and likely quite a bit before that) trying to pierce it, at this point given the chance I would gladly rend it altogether, I am aware of the implications should the veil fall, but it feels like a prison, and every time I think of it I cannot help but feel a very old rage come to fore.
sorry had to get that off my chest, lol

From Azaz'el 24 Dec 2008

If you find a way to rend this veil in two and step through be sure that the second person to step through will be me!!! I can understand your anger and contempt.


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ARCHIVE: The Duties
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